Pink Floyd - More (Original Film Soundtrack)

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More (Original Film Soundtrack) Tracklist:


Huge fan of Pink Floyd. This is My favorite Floyd album. Piper At the Gates of Dawn, Darkside, Animals, Wish You Were Here get a lot more fanfare, but this will always be my favorite one.


I really like the tone/genre Pink Floyd represents on this album. It helps me think about life


After the departure of Syd Barrett and at the tail end of the 60's, Pink Floyd was a band looking for a musical direction. This middle period I prefer to call their psychedelic folk period when they were trying a lot of different styles. It was not a polished or focused as their later albums would be but it yields a lot of very interesting tracks that never get their due or are ever included in the endless "greatest hits" cash grabs which just collect the same tracks over and over. More is the first soundtrack they did and did it in a rather short period of time. It has a ragged feel to it as songs do not so much flow together as clash. It is a mixed bag of musical tastes but contain some of their most beautiful songs. Those casual listeners who are only familiar with Floyd from Dark Side onward will be surprised by the songs in More and wonder if it is in fact the same band. Of late I have had a renewed appreciation of this period and beautiful gems like Cirrus Minor, Crying Song, Cymbaline, and the stunning Green Is the Colour. For something a little harder try The Nile Song or Ibiza Bar. It's a neglected classic from Pink Floyd.

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