Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts (Apple Music Backyard Sessions Edition)

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Plastic Hearts (Apple Music Backyard Sessions Edition) Tracklist:




I have never written a review on any music purchase. EVER!!! I always thought she was very talented (and always loved her voice) but seriously, this album is the epitome of great music.

Yo 262784

I’ve been a fan since the beginning and liked all of her music until her “SHE IS COMING” EP. and I didn’t care for her song “Slide away”. I thought there wouldn’t be another good Miley album but this album is good! “Angel like you” is probably the best song and the title track is a close second.


I love the creative license with some of the covers. This album pulls me in and resonates with me. She is constantly reinventing and making herself better. This album is a culmination of everything so far. Love love love...


I love this album so much. It’s definitely one of my favorite albums by her so far. She is one my favorite singers because she makes good music.


This album has no skips , this is the Miley I love and adore 🥰 great album man 🔥🔥

polo g's son

Not bad

shawn is better than you

miley cyrus is REVOLTING

stella 873679297637

Oh my lord! She has put out such a good album this year! I can just imagine the concert, I can’t wait! These songs are so amazing, and I love them.

blackpink cookie126873💖

I love you Mylie your the best❤️😘

elahe saghafi

Amaaazinggg , i love it , congratulations queen

Bella Cullen 1245

Rock on Miley! Music that she was born to do and has been a long time coming. Full of rock hits that will leave you jamming for days!


Pure garbage


Album was pure perfection from start to finish. Miley is a rock star!


Miley’s was meant to sing rock!!! this album is so good, no bad songs


This is by far her best album! I love every song. I am not a huge fan of slow music but she some how nails it!! Those beat drops in the slow songs makes it so much better! Congrats Miley, I can’t wait to see what’s next for you


Every song is so good! Love this album

7 arianators



When you can listen to an album all the way through and then want to listen again and again, you know it’s a great album.

confuse boy

I guess she abandon her shale and transform into a butterfly This album is way more than my expectations


Excellent album. Literally saved my 2020. Not one skip exists here.

Thane A Grove

I really like this album. Its got a good sound and thoughtful lyrics. The artists Miley duets with are great and the 2 covers she does are fantastic. I do recommend this album. ... Now the rest of this review is directly meant for Ms. Cyrus. I’d like to says that your lyrics suggest you’re trying to prove something to some certain people in your life which most likely you feel resentment towards. What I get is that you’re currently working with, aligned yourself with, different people that probably forward that you act in this resentful way. I’d be willing to bet these current people act like they’re your friends and that they’re helping you. I don’t think you need to prove yourself to anybody. You are a fabulous artist and you could do well in keeping your own counsel. Many of these current friends are probably just leaches living off your true positive energy as they don’t have any to supply for themselves. There’s a small booklet you can read online called The Cause Of Suppression that could teach you how to spot these vampire personalities in your life and root them out. Try it, you’ll probably think it’s cool. ... Sorry if I’m being to forward or bold, but I just really want to communicate this to you . I hope that you understand what I mean. Best, Thane

elle najarian

Miley’s best work to date - inspired by disco/rock with influences from billy idol and stevie nicks who are both featured on the record. absolutely would recommend it’s a no skip record

Dog dodging

Best album yet on repeat


She does a killer rendition of Dolly Parton’s song.


perfect vibe and perfect sound for miley!


Miley I’m 65 years old girl and I just love this album!! You’re such a force. Every song is perfect. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. During these covid times we all need something to take us away, this does it for me.


My fav Miley album yet

Migos R&

I love it


this album is so amazing and really shows off Miley's amazing voice. this genre works so well with her voice and I just love her and this album so much.


This album speaks to my soul. Keep doing what you do!


Her second best album I love it it’s so good and bad karma is SO GOOD


The only song of hers prior to this album that I truly loved was “Mother’s Daughter.” But this album... slaps


But this albums is really fun and is making me reconsider 😄


new favorite Miley album

Eerie mortal

This is so good, I was not expecting this at all. It so raw.


She just keeps evolving and growing as an artist! She’s found her sweet spot! Fantastic vocals and sounds!! Hot!!! So talented!!

Jumble mumble 214

I’m not usually one to leave reviews but Miley blew this one out of the water! Every song is amazing!!!


truly amazing

Nik Toni

Her voice is a rich as honey and whisky. Perfect.


Probably her best work to date.

Mc bam

Really love this album! Did really good on it


Go get Sipeo - I’m Dead!


I will forever jam to this album. Thank you for being you




Never was a Miley fan when she came out. But she has really gotten me to like her more and more with her recent music. She’s not trying to be anyone but Miley paying homage to music that has influenced her. I respect any one who recognizes good music from the past.


This album is a hybrid sound of 80’s Rock scene that is being forced into the future by the only artist who can truly appreciate the music for what it is and bring it to life. This music is the kind of Miley Cyrus that I love to hear and love to see her expand in. She is the start of the next big era of rock n’ roll.

Harry potter123

Love every single song!


This is the best sound yet from Miley Cyrus, Love it!!👍🥰

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