Mike Posner - 31 Minutes to Takeoff

℗ 2010 J Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

31 Minutes to Takeoff Tracklist:

Trust and Us


lkkhukvh legit yes?

Honestly, I just purchased it because of the elementary school nostalgia.

Mine craft 10253

I should of cheated on you!!!!!!


This is so amazing!

Two blanket

Mike is a amazing song writer, love his original work.

Hello I’m Garrett

Mike Posner's debut album is different from his mixtapes in that he experiments with other styles instead of just the hip hop inspired R&B he begun with. Lyrically, he still is about the same material stuff he was about on his mixtapes, though he gets a little intro-perspective on some tracks. Overall, his music sounds better, but his singing style is still cringeworthy at times, and this kind of ruins some moments that had potential to be really nice, so because of that my rating would be closer to 3.5 stars. My favorites from this effort are "Please Don't Go", "Do U Wanna?" (again, a nice sound but not the best vocals), "Save Your Goodbye" (a song that's actually about his depression and not a lover) and "XO" (a limited bonus track in other territories).

Jesse Rechkemmer

This sing is awesome!

Instagrams the new Facebook

Love it sooo much!!


I love this song. It totally fits me.


I don't really like any other songs of his but the one is good. I am still an Adam lambert fan to the max. You gotta love him because even though he likes guys he is a hotty + good singer. If you haven't herd of him you should look him up.


Mike Posner is the best ❤️

john Ullrich

I love him


keep it up your greet love bryan an sarah


I saw Mike Posner in concert and he was a lot different and better than I thought he was going to be. I'm a fan now and I can't wait 4 his nxt album :)


But how cool is he?


For some reason, this guys style & music reminds me of justin timberlake. Amazing!

Gianna C !!!!!!!! 😘



Mike Poisner did an amazing job! I love his music. It will never get old




My new best song ever you should see the music video


The album as a whole is a masterpiece. So excited or Skyfall.


I love all the songs:):):):):):):):)!!!!


That song is the sh💱t

Sweet yay

I like cooler than me and please don't go


Love his music


I love the song cooler than me it's amazing


I like the songs Bow chicka wow wow Cooler then me And Cheated. Cooler then me gets a lil annoying but I still luv it. I haven't heard the other songs but I really like these three Rock on!

chandler sims

I love this album!

love me or do not

i love iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt


Probably the worst crap in the world


Well I love the songs bow chicka wow wow and baby, please don't go and cooler than me. I thought he did a great job.


It's not for everyone but I think its good!!!

The Tater Tots

My little sister thinks he's HOT but me the older sister and her friend don't like him. But we think he has a good voice,better than Bieber. But my lil sis things bieber is SESSY. And I HATE him ok well bye


cooler than me is his only good song


He's ok i guess. could do better. all his songs are about women. he's obsessed with them.


Love it speech less


I purchased the whole album thinking that with the LP access i would be able to hear the rest of the song 31 minutes to take off. How can you only have a 53 second song!!! so i wasted $10 for access that i didn't need

m @.

Another great, kid friendly album designed for the dance genre. Very electronic and yet still modern. A great idea for if you would like these song types and/or styles. To figure that out, follow these instructions. Here's some advice while looking around at songs. 1. Pick songs that express how you feel. 2. Listen to that song's preview a couple of times to see if you will get bored and/or annoyed because of listening to the song more than once. 3. Make your selection when you are guaranteed that those songs are what you would like. 4. Purchase your song selections. 5. Have Fun!

Country girl 02

Omg this album was so lame who agrees with me


Cooler than me is really annoying. His voice is too high.


This is the coolest song EVER!!!!


Look Mike has a lot of talent..... But I have to agree with some of u that his voice is kind of weak and really raspy here!! And why is it so expensive? Idc about the price but, mike you can do better than this....


This is a great album fit anyone who likes r&b or pop

Kyle Mullen

Mike has really outdone himself this time. This album is so boss I cant stop listening to it ever since I downloaded it. My favorite song has to be please dont go. It has a great beat and lyrics. All I can say is keep the music coming.




its ok..i like about 3 or 4 songs..the rest aint that great..maybe he'll get better?

Just Lonely Me...

Just another lazy "artist" who should go back to Mcdonalds.


I love mike Posner music ever since he came out with ( cooler then me) which rocks!!


some may say sexy,sure its raspy,but very very weak. nothing special, mediocre

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