Mickey Guyton - Bridges - EP

A Capitol Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Bridges - EP Tracklist:


Another artist trying to use victim status to sell music, this is so tired


Love all the songs! What a beautiful voice!

J. Martin

More pop country garbage! :(


I love the lyrics! Sounds like a feel good album. Nothing racists about her music. People who say that are too arrogant and sheltered to step out of their shoes and into another person who is different from them. Yes, everyone can have a hard life. .But imagine that hard life PLUS a skin color that you cannot change that comes with its own problems. People seem to not understand anything outside of themselves and are extremely shortsighted and selfish these days. But back to the artist and her music- great music overall


I’m so tired of people complaining about our great country! They think just because they’re a one color or another that somehow the whole country is against them. But there are a lot of people of all colors that face hard times and come out on top without complaining. I wish people would quit complaining and start just trying to better themselves.


So glad to see another EP from Mickey finally! She’s is a great artist and deserves a long career in country music 😍


Love all the songs but i feel like salt and rosé dont fit in with the rest of the songs on the ep.


Never heard of this artist, tripped into this and was pleasantly surprised. Smooth voice, good beat and lovely lyrics. Pretty sweet.


Art is political.


I wish these songs were being played on country music radio stations. I love everything about the songs on this EP, the vocals, the writing, the music, it's all so good!


Wow. Just wow. I especially loved Heaven Down Here, Bridges and Black Like Me. So powerful and beautiful. Her voice is amazing and her beautiful spirit shines through. Love it!


*see subject line


I’ve been waiting for new music from Mickey and she did not disappoint!


Amplify Black Voices. Nice EP Mickey! Ignorance will always be profound yet keep stomping it down like the devil under your feet. Your Voice & Your Life Matters!! Black Female Country


She shouldn't be whinning about having a hard life and blaming it on the color of her skin. Lots of people have it hard.


love ur voice


I saw her open at the Ryman in Nashville a couple of years ago. She received multiple standing ovations. She is the REAL DEAL!!! #FutureLegend


She's not living in the" land of the free" according to her song yet she is bringing in a seven figure recording contract. Give me a [email protected]#$% break


Music isn’t music anymore. She’s got a wonderful voice but every song has some sort of woke topic. Music shouldn’t be preachy. Art should unite people of all backgrounds and not shove things down your throat.


Country needs more artists like Mickey, and they need to start giving Mickey her dues.

Preston Mack

What a great breakout EP!!!! I enjoyed Mickey's voice on every track!!!

J Barclay

What a great EP. Thank you Mickey. "Black Like Me" is a much needed song for these times. And "What are you Gonna tell her" is great. I'm a fan! Thank you.


Great messages of pain and hope for our time! She truly begs us to be better and build bridges so we can share a little heaven down here.


It’s better than I anticipated!


Pretty voice but she’s over singing, it’s too much 😬


Her voice and presence is definitely something to be felt in the music industry.


Pure joy! Thank you!


We love to see it.


This EP is what I needed to hear this year. It’s vulnerable, authentic, and speaks to what is happening right now. There is more than a touch of the divine in the music. I will have it on repeat.


Another favorite Mickey Guyton EP!!!!! Every time I hear Mickey; I want to hear more of Mickey!! Took the opportunity to listen to all you have if her and all are awesome!! I’m my opinion her music should be on everyone’s Playlists!! Won’t disappoint.❤️❤️One finally word- “ America “ needs to listen to “Bridges”. 🇺🇸