Michael Jackson - Immortal (Music from the Cirque du Soleil Show)

℗ 2011 MJJ Productions

Immortal (Music from the Cirque du Soleil Show) Tracklist:



Trust and Us



While I have never seen the Cirque du Soleil show at all, I would like to know something. Since obviously all over the Internet I’ve been trying to find a sub for quite some time. Who is responsible for the guitar solo on beat it? I know in the original version it’s been Eddie Van Halen. Is it the case on this recording or is the guitarist solo over tub and play by two other folks? I was very curious about this. I can’t find liner notes anywhere. If anyone could answer this I would be greatly appreciated. In my opinion this album is better than the Michael album that was released in 2010 a year after his death. What I think they should have done was actually taken some of those songs released from Michael that were truly his voice and put them on his album and included them in the Cirque du Soleil show. Unfortunately they didn’t.

MJ dancing fan

It feels like I’m listening to a story because of the way the songs shift from one to another


I have lived his music for 5 yrs now and it’s still the best! If I hadn’t listened to him, I would never have really tried much music! It’s why I fashioned my YouTube name after him. Long live the KING OF POP!


It’s a great


In my opinion I would rather listen to the original songs and have the original song, but this album is not bad

lexi nom nom



I did not think Michael Jackson songs could ever get better!! But I was sooo wrong! This album is AAAAMMMMAAAAZZZZIIIINNNGGG!


He was such a good guy :(❤️❤️❤️❤️love you mj

Awsome but add more.

I don't mean to be rude but,The album was ok they could've added more hard work into it but they did a splendid job. Great work Cirque.


I love Michael so much long live the king !


Rip we all miss you


Wow! This album is straight fire. The remixes are awesome! And the song selection is on point.




If you want the best remixes ever, buy this album and the Blood On The Dance Floor album by MJ.

Neg!t!ve 88

I love this album!!!! It's like his entire career into one album!!!! 💜


This sounds great. It felt like listening to a new MJ album. I know a lot of haters will run this into the ground, but fans will love it nonetheless. I do.


Awesome album. A must have if your an MJ fan. Respect for not deviating to the original. Everything is fresh and exactly as MJ would like it. However, when I play it in the Apple TV, every track has Justin Timberlake's name on it. Weird. I mean JT wasn't even conceived when most of these songs were made. Did he produce ALL the remastered tracks? Does Apple have a crush on JT? Not an issue. Just something I noticed.


Went to the immortal tour last week in Lafayette Louisiana. It was great. I believe that Michael was with us that night. Michael will live forever. R. I. P.


Michael Jackson is very talented no two ways about it!!! I went to see Cirque du Soleil: Michael Jackson’s Immortal Tour a couple days ago when it came to my area and it was a fantastic!!! This is a great album to commemorate seeing this event inspired my Michael Jackson’s Music.


MJ's music doesn't need all the extra beats and prolonged intros. Just play his music!


the only good song on here is Ben and you have it Album only. that's not fair! i wish you would have included it for purchase oh well, I guess that's iTunes for you. Not wanting to put all the good songs available for purchase.


This album would get the approval of the genius due to the fact that it is only an enhancement. Nothing in this album takes away from the genius himself. Great job

Kavaughn jackson

I L micheal he will always King OF POP Cause he's The Best singer

Graceful EG

I was crazy for watching the Immortal Cirque Du Soleil at San Diego on Tour. The music is still very catchy as it is remixed like in the show. That's the are of Cirque, every music needs a static of remixing. I'm looking forward to watch the New Michael Jackson "ONE" show at Mandalay Bay Casino. Let's hope they keep all the songs in the new album and I wonder ONE might surpass this soundtrack. It's going to sound a lot more different. :)


OMG when I got this i never stopped playing this




I love this album. So very fresh!


You really have to see the Cirque du Soleil show "Immortal" to really appreciate this album, it was amazing.

dudeeee weres my car

I highly recommend getting this album and when you have the chance see this live worth every penny


It's the king of course it's amazing!💜 r.i.p. Michael, 👼❤


Bottom line, He's the "man". Those footsteps are set in stone. Forever imitated, never duplicated.


He lives on through his fans.  As for the review, I was totally blown away by this album! In a good way!  This is perfect for the die-hard fan who knows the normal versions of MJ's songs word for word (like myself).  I'm really not a fan of remixes, but this is the exception. They're different, but they still have that unmistakeable MJ feel. Immortal is brilliant!!!  PS: Check out the megamix!

eminem rocks2323


gustavo sarachini

This is called immortal? And he died? How ironic? Lol… sorry for the star… it wasn't meant to be there…


I saw the Cirque du Soleil Austin Immortal show. It was so much too take in. This collection captures the genius, life, childhood and L.O.V.E. of Michael Jackson. "Gone too soon"... The album is a true depiction of the show. The remix, (at first), was strange. But keep listening. His-story is here in this time capsule. I could see that his family had much loving and sad involvement in the show. Behind each song is love... from little Michael to his adult creativity. I already have all of these songs and more of MJ. However, this collection is MJ as you have never heard him before. A must have and not to have is a true miss out.

Rey Santos

The show was amazing an these remixes are fabulous. Great album to remember the MJ Imortal experience.


I love MJ so much, and this album is a marker that will let MJ be immortal.


Love these mixes of some of my MJ fans - the show itself was incredible and a touching salute to a showman, musician and artist. It had the audience in tears at time and cheering on their feet in others. I can't wait to see it again!


This album is perhaps the best Soundtrack/Remix Michael Jackson album out there. All the songs are AMAZING and re-imagined in a way that I'm sure Michael Jackson himself would have approved! Please note: *This is not a studio album this is the soundtrack to the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour.* If your looking for an album with unreleased material then look for "Michael" released in 2010.


You know, I'm dissappointed with some of these reviews... the very negative comments like "Michael would never approve", "His songs should forever be untouched", & so on are dispicable in my opinion. If that was the case, than why would Michael have released "Blood On The Dance Floor"? It was an album of REMIXES. Ya'll are crazy. And how would YOU know that Michael wouldn't approve? Do you even know what Cirque De Soleil is?! Knowing what we all know about Michael being all about fantasy and living YOUNG forever would suggest that he would have LOVED his music at Cirque. At any rate, on to my review of this album. I. LOVE. IT. That's really all to say. What I love the most is that they brought up the volume of his voice, as Michael normally had the music louder than him... so you can CLEARLY hear him and hear the true talent he actually was! This music is incredible. THE END. :-) RIP, KING OF POP!!

B the DJ

I've seen the show, and loved every minute of it. Cirque did an extraordinary job and I'm so glad everyone was able to be a part of the production; Greg Philliganes, Jamie King, Jonathan Moffit… such a fantastic group of individuals, as are the crew that pulled the show together. I wasn't able to fully appreciate these Immortal Mixes until seeing the show. Now, I understand their full power and plan on buying them right away.


I don't usually write reviews, however in this case I decided to share my opinion. I have always loved Michael, and have a truly unique connection to most of his work. Its such a shame the world tragically lost his magic, and I have still not gotten over this fact. I didn't expect to enjoy this album as I don't usually like anything that has been modified, but decided to give it a try anyways. I must say, that my head is bangin', and I am really enjoying this! Admittedly I still think the originals are the best, I can't help liking this fresh, not over done sound. Enough so that I plan to attend the Cirque Du Soleil show in a few weeks. If you're an actual Michael Jackson fan, you will enjoy this.

Eliza Bee

Usually do not like remixes of songs but this album surpassed expectations. Beats and joining of several songs into one are incredible. You can appreciate it even if you have not seen the actual cirque du soleil show (which I 100% recommend by the way you'll be amazed!) Love n miss you MJ!


This album is based on the shows numbers. I watched the show at the staples center and it was incredible w live band. Loved it. As I love this album.


WOW i turned on thriller and it was like the cover picture came alive ITS SOOO INTENSE I <3 U MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


However, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Even though it is suppose to be a remix album, it is more like a really interesting greatest hits album.


Went to see Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour, and bought this album there for $25!!! iTunes has it for $15!!! LOL, oh well... Great album tho! MJ is the BEST!!!


Michael we all love you as long as we live ! It's as simple as that ! No one can ever replace the magic you brought this world !


This is the best remix you can do without MIchael's help.

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