MGMT - Oracular Spectacular


Oracular Spectacular Tracklist:

Meredyth Wilson

Not a single skip on this album


Classic album that defined a generation of pop music


Kids, Electric Feel, Time To Pretend, all great, other greats in album include: Weekend Wars, Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters, and The Youth. Great indie sound, relevant band!


That is such a drinking song 🍻🍺🍺🍺🍺

Thee Zodiac

This album ignites the fire in your day, and you need it. Thank yourself for purchasing it.


Kids is stellar, and Time To Pretend is amazing.


‘Nuff said


After downloading this disaster I wondered why I thought it sounded good. Perfect example of horrible engineering. Initially i thought my headphones were messed up but then I realized it was just this song. I imagine the sound mixer was seeing all the meters pegged in red. The bass and percussion is especially overdriven. This song might not sound so bad if it wasn't such a massive s#*! of a job on the mix down. I can believe anyone with decent hearing would think this sounds good to their ears.


Literally one of the best albums I've ever laid ears on


Absolutely incredible. Some of the the greatest music I’ve heard. Looped electric feel and kids for weeks before downloading the entire album. Fell in love


Been going around buying songs suggested by the Grumps. Probably gonna run out of money sooner than later.


Some good bud

Maril Bailey

My favorite album!!

The Space Monkey

I don't think I'm exagerrating. Before Oracular: alternative was harder and angrier. And mostly guitar based. And emo. After: synths went mainstream, lyrics got stranger and sounds got more experimental. Eventually pop music absorbed the sound, and it's all over the radio today. Even in R&B. See the WKND. Starngely enough, as influential as this album is, MGMT never became a household name. But dozens of artists that cribbed their sound have.

Kenzi 😜

2k16 and still awesome


I love this album best I've ever heard! I've seen mgmt live 2 times and there were amazing! Should definitely buy this album!!

Boss face beast

This album is one of my favorites, mgmt's musical composing is amazing. It makes me so happy they are featured, this album is very deserving of that.


My first review after listening to this over and over I thought I should watch the music video even for amazing now I want to try acid.


Well This is a really good song/album I recommend you guys spending the 10 dollars. Really happy with MGMT

Marshall Knotts

Simply amazing. This album is still ahead of its time. Every single song melds together perfectly and it only gets better with every listen. So much love for this band and the experiences I had while listening to all their jams on this album!


I love them


I'm trying to find this song played a lil bit faster and with Kanye west/Luke fiasco singing in it. It kills the original version!!


This is the BEST album in the universe ! Every song is like being transported in a new world in which the music is sooo much better than the stuff artists are making now:) i am so proud of listening to mgmt ! Like some people arent even worthy if this awesomeness


Kids came on my pandora station once and ever since I've been obsessed with MGMT this album may be my all time favourite.


Electric feel, which I love, kids, which I might even love more electric feel, are all written by MGMT. This band is definitely one of the best that I've ever heard play. Shout out to my friend Andrew who showed me the song kids. What will MGMT come up with next?


The only song on the album that I REALLY loved was Kids. Electric Feel is popular, but not really to my liking. Solid overall album. Can't wait to hear more from these guys!


This is a album that I will never get rid of. The videos are a bit weird but the songs are amazing Kids, weekend wars and time to pretend are my favorite Great job MGMT and I really hope you make another album


the beST


This is one of my favorite albums made by MGMT. `All the songs have a good beat and most have good lyrics. Kids, Electric Feel, and The Handshake are my favorites. Keep up the good work! :-)


I heard the song 'kids' my freshman year of high school at the beginning of the year. It was really catchy, I never knew what song it was( I didn't know any of the lyrics and didn't have shazam.) finally today I heard a cover piano version on pandora and looked it up! I can now l relax and finally can buy the song at the end of my junior year! It took me long enough!


this is truly one of the greatest alternative albums ever... it reinvented alternative music and made it more modern. It has all the popular ones that doesnt just please alternative fans, but fans from any genre (Time to Pretend, Kids, Eletric Feel). Then it has the ones that alternative fans crave (The Handshake, The Youth, Weekend Wars, Pieces of What). Lastly, in my opinion...Of Birds, Moons, and Monsters is one of the most underrated songs of all time. This songs was underplayed due to the heavy chart hitters of this album, but if you listen to the whole song you find out this is a complex song with many different parts... not a macrobeat is wasted in this song, it is a masterpiece. Overall, MGMT are just a couple of friends who like to jam out, and while they jam out they make one of the best albums ever!!!!


They has such an amazing album ❤️👍


I play the flute and there's a part where there playing the flute that's why I downloaded the song


Just over 6 years later and this album still gets me through the day. I bonded with my family over MGMT and still listen to Electric Feel often. Weird to think a song can really change a person's life. Thank you!


3 words ~ buy the album


MGMT has made some good stuff, but by far this one is the best. You can listen to it as an album, it's amazing. You can listen to individual songs it's amazing. The problem I have with their newer albums (there's only two) is that as an album their great, but you can't just listen to any one song. It just won't sound quite as good.


I still love them and there music is Perfection ❤


All I can listen to. Sophomore album Congratulations as well. I try to listen to other music but I'm always left Unsatisfied and I end up coming right back to MGMT.


I love all of their songs, but why does this version of "Kids" sound worse than the 2005 version? Am I the only one that thinks so?


Best album ever. Thats a fact.


MGMT will not disappoint you. Purchase this album and tell me it ain't so. Electric Feel, can I say more.


Download electric feel, u won't regret!


This is the only album which I love every song. These guys are great.


This could not be better❤❤❤


LOVE this album! Favorite track is definitely Electric Feel. Such a good groove.

<3<3:-) lolz

I love the background music! I love the lyrics!! I love everything about this album!!!!

Dart frog girl

This is a stupid song I hate it so so much the other people like icona pop is much better


Not a song I don't like :)


I like two songs on the cd and even those songs annoy me after hearing them 4 or 5 times. The music/synth is all over the place and rarely anywhere worth hearing. The lyrics are pathetic, either trying way too hard without success or stumbling through to find an end. The overall package isn't worth the price. If you listen to a song like electric feel and love it, you might be an alien. Or just tone deaf. If this is what passes for inspired music in the 21st century, we are as shallow as our parents claim.


I love MGMT and this album! Electric Feel is my favorite.