Metallica - Garage, Inc.

℗ 1998 Blackened Recordings

Garage, Inc. Tracklist:


Got to succeed if not it's Satan"s Fall!


One of my favorite all time covers

brady r creasy

Definitely my favorite covers album of all time

Anthony Scaramucci

I’m not a huge fan of early Metallica but the 90s stuff to me at least is far away their best stuff. That jerry Garcia cover especially stands out


It’s fun to look up all of these songs and compare. Metallica wins all of them except the Mötorhead songs.


metallica garage inc is an awesome album


Metallica rules


Absolute garbage


This song,way better than the original.


For cover songs they really set a new bar!

Metallica 4 Life Man

It takes some of their best work and covers all in one album but iTunes needs to let's people buy Mercyful Fate without buying the whole album


is it douchey to say I have this album

Nice change of pace

"Turn the Page" from Seger has just been made into an epic "hard edge, haunting ballad that is a masterpiece. Great song made 2x better with a great "wrapsy voice" rock injection. "Whiskey in the Jar" is a great follow...


There's probably enough good songs in here for one decent album with around 12-15 songs in it. Merciful Fate is awesome, along with breadfan, am I evil? Blitzkrieg, overkill and killing time.


I don't think there is any other band out their that can do covers live Metallica does. This whole album is worth $15, and every penny. The music is great and Metallica still plays some of their covers to this day. Just pure class!!


So you do not know who Thin Lizzy is? Yes it is an Irish folk song and yes Metellica is amazing, but so was Thin Lizzy, maybe you should check them out. Your hero's Metallica did and you know why? Because Thin Lizzy rocked their world so they are paying tribute. Kids today, put your cell phone down, pull your head out of your backside and discover some more music.

Warhead '45

I'm addicted to this song and the rest of disk 2!!!

Si4 94

Great quality...


Wow, blitzkrieg blows my mind, it was originally on Kill 'Em All. I love it. Metallica is the best band in the planet. If you don't agree, then why are you even reading the reviews? Let alone looking at their music.


This album proves that Metallica can make pretty much any song sound good. Well, they did make many good songs even better, but now, probably not as much. So pretty much almost every song on this album is a huge improvement. Songs like Whiskey in the Jar, Turn the Page, and Tuesdays Gone are all major improvements from the original songs. I really enjoyed some of the others like Stone Cold Crazy, which was a nice one, and Am I Evil was one of their best covers. The best part about the album is that it being completely different from the other albums, because it is made entirely of covers. The biggest improvement will have to go to Sabbra Cadabra. The Black Sabbath version wasn't the best, but Metallica made even that song, a huge masterpiece. Whiskey In the Jar, Tuesdays Gone, and Turn The Page were also improvements. I'd say my favorite track on this album has to go to Whiskey in the Jar, and right when I first heard it, It was extremely good. My least favorite has to be So What due to it having a very inappropriate word. I heard probably the most inappropriate swear word in is song, so do not download this song. If you buy the entire album, do not listen to this song. In Conclusion, Metallica can make pretty much any song sound great, but now, the band is not that good. Garage Inc. is the last good album made by the band, because Death Magnetic was not that great. I actually like Load better than that, but this was the best album after '91. Load was good too, but this was the best one.


i bought the album and the iTunes store says I've purchased it………. but only 5 of the songs are in my music …. and it won't give me the option to redownload the album


The guitars shred. The drums pound. James sounds pretty darn good, but not as good (to me) as he sounded on Master of Puppets and And Justice for All. If you are a Metallica fan, you will like this album. No question. Even if you are not a Metallica, you will like this album.


This is by far one of the best albums I've heard. Their versions of whisky in the jar, sabbra caddabra, and turn the page are outstanding! And better then the originals.


Blitzkrieg sounds like an Kill 'em All song :o

goats rule

Metallica did a awesome job with this songs! The songs are so heavy!


aint no one better than METALLICA at covering other famous bands songs, METALLICA RULLZZZ!!!

Christian Metalhead\m/



I was born in 2000 I was a fan since I was 6 I would wear my dads master of puppets shirts this ain't bad but they've had better like kill em all , ride the lightning master of puppets and justice for all


This has to be one of the best remakes!! Incredible song!!


Metallica can make any song sound good.


I was born in 2000, and became a fan at about the age of 7/8, and i LOVE mercyful fate by metallica. Im not a big satan fan, but i love the song

Kirk Hammit

What The Poo Poo Metallica What Is This Album For


Just great rock music. Have listened to this album for many years!


Better than load and reload for sure


Their cover of Turn the Page and Whiskey in the Jar are MORE than enough reason to purchase this whole album...but regardless of that fact, this is an unreal rock album by one of the all time best bands to ever live. Whether you think they have gotten soft or gone off their original road or not, this album isn't new and it's one of their more raw and amazing albums. Get this, you will NOT be disappointed.

Spartin honeydew

Instant classic hate anybody who doesn't love metallica




Been a Metallica fan since 1988! Metallica is the best at covering anyone. What's even better is when Metallica cover a song it becomes a Metallica song. No one can pull it off quite the same. You don't agree? Just listen to Mercyful fate ... Seamless think its just one song if you didn't ever hear the originals by none other than Mecyful fate. Whiskey in the jar! Great song . Complete twist on Bob Seger.

123 guys

Simply Metallica


It's an Irish folk song, not metal. This cover basically kills the song.

Pushead rocks

Been a fan since Kill em All on vinyl. The 5.98 EP is still one of my favorite albums of all time. METALLICA!!!