Metallica - Death Magnetic

℗ 2008 Blackened Recordings

Death Magnetic Tracklist:


The production is, in my opinion, quite bad. This is just my opinion, but I think this is easily and by far the worst sounding Metallica album. The music itself is generally very unremarkable. I recall the first two or three songs being the best, and I think they were only slightly better than average. I know a fair amount of people really like The Day That Never Comes, but I think that one is actually pretty embarrassingly not good. Overall, I would consider Death Magnetic to be my least favorite Metallica album, but there’s no reason not to give it a shot and see if you end up liking it more than me.


Years pass by, but I still keep it in my top 10 charts!

Godsmack rules always

This album is one of there best!!!the guitar solos and riffs are amazing!!

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I would love to see the people who write negitive comments go out start a band,WRITE,co-produce for 30+ years,on top of that tour for years.I am frankly amazed that Lars can still play at this level.Ya know people you should really be greatfulful Good or Bad that they are still making music.Metallica is arguably one of the most breaking barrier bands ever.Before Metallica you were basicaly listing to top 40 crap 24/7 on the radio.Hearing Ozzy on the radio,yea right!! not a chance in He!!.Metallica basically forced stations to start playing heavier music because of the demand.If you like even 1 song on an entire album thats good.Why?because look how many bands out there are fly by night 1 hit wonders never to be heard from again.Plus you cant listin to a song just once.Sometimes that song you dont care for can grow on you,and even become possibly one of your favorites.Its happened to me.


Composition wise, these songs are killer. The vocal harmonics and solos are second to few, and the rifs are like nothing since the black album. unfortunately i cannot rate this at 5 stars because of the production, especially in the drums. the drumps sound as if your speakers were blown out. The timbre of the drums is fine, i just think some mixer somewhere slipped up. it does get bad sometimes, especially at the end of "The Day that Never Comes".


I heard a lot of people dog on this album, but I always enjoyed it.


I love both sequels to the Unforgiven, this one is absolutely amazing. Oh, and the rest of the albums is really good.


Grew up on "The Black Album" and spent years learning & playing all the early albums up through that. They're still my go-to when I want to feel like I can play guitar decently & not get depressed by failing at Marty Friedman solos ... I had to swear off new Metallica after St. Anger though (god, that was awful), Load & Reload. They were all pretty terrible. After hearing some of the newest tracks from Hardwired I started looking into their newer stuff. How did I miss this album?? Lots of interesting rhythms & riffs, and even some unexpected tonal shifts & melodic choices - heavy, fast, fun to play & listen to. ... I didn't know what people were complaining about w/the mastering, but after streaming the "old" version on Amazon Prime, I agree the newly remastered/ "Mastered for iTunes" version here is MUCH better. It's much less distorted, the instruments & vocals are clearer & better separated. You can actually hear some bass lines & harmony parts, and it's not nearly as much of a muddy mess. Hammett still leans too much on his wah-wah & it's kind of a joke to say he "shines" on this (the only decent solo I've heard so far is Hetfield's), and I don't think there are any super stand-out classics yet, but it's good overall. I might actually bother to learn to play some new songs.


Songs are ok... St Anger had the unlistenable “tinny” snare, this album is plagued by buzzy ( and boring ) guitar riffs. Honestly this album is only for die hard Met fans who will listen to anything the band puts out.


I had no idea who Metallica was when this album came out, and many years later, I had no idea it would be this good. This is like Justice Part 2. You have songs that are really long, change, and don’t really follow a verse-chorus structure. Over the course of the seventy four minutes, you get ten amazing tracks, but a way to make it even better is to have the first half, then the Unforgiven 3, then Just A Bullet Away from Beyond Magnetic, the Judas Kiss, then Rebel Of Babylon (Also from Beyond Magnetic), then closing with Suicide and Redemption, a ten minute instrumental track.


I love every song on this album. It’s too bad a lot of you are saying you don’t like Unforgiven III. It’s my favorite one! \m/


All I can say is AWESOME

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My second favorite Metallica album right after Ride The Lightning. This album turned me into a Metallica fan. Saw the tour in 2008 and was blown away by every song on this album. Highly recommend. Didn’t even buy Hardwired to Self Destruct because the songs I heard couldn’t hold a candle to anything on Death Magnetic.


This album really marked the return of Metallica. And I'm happy to call this my favorite Metallica album of all time


Metallica could use some work.But I like:All nightmare,broken,beat,and scarred, the unforgiven 3


It took a while to like it. Played it over and over and it finally clicked. Sound quality is a lot better when I purchased it from iTunes. 🤘🏻

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The awesome sounds and songs mix perfectly

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I feel this is a very underrated album but it is probably my 2nd favorite besides Reload. I feel the songs on this album are some of the best by Metallica such as Cyanide and The day that never comes. Pure greatness by Metallica!!


I don't think the production is as bad as other people say it is. It is not cheesy and it has good vocals. The lyrics are not very good, but that is common for heavy metal. I think it is actually better than their 80s stuff.


Brings back that old school flavor and much needed . Sounds like a black album and injustice for all mix . A good metallica record and much needed. This album really grows on you . Great riffs great songs . Get past the bad production and take it for what it is .


Death Magnetic is their best and strongest album since The Black Album. Metallica return back to the classic style that made them famous in the '80s. This album is very reminiscent of ...And Justice for All, because of its progressive thrash sound. Great album! 🤘🎸 That Was Just Your Life: 5/5 The End of the Line: 4.5/5 Broken, Beat, & Scarred: 5/5 The Day That Never Comes: 4/5 All Nightmare Long: 5/5 Cyanide: 4.5/5 The Unforgiven III: 4/5 The Judas Kiss: 4.5/5 Suicide & Redemption: 4/5 My Apocalypse: 5/5 Albums gets a 8.5/10 rating


This album is amazing. All the songs are great, especially: The Day That Never Comes, The Unforgiven III, All Nightmare Long, and Cyanide. The only problem I have with this album is the production. If you just ignore how overly-compressed the album is and focus on the great guitar riffs, solos, and singing/lyrics you'll be enjoying one awesome metal album!

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Load a revolver with one bullet, every review of this album that says the album is too loud, you put the gun up to your head and pull the trigger. Have fun! :^)

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Thank goodness for the Mastered for iTunes" label? I haven't noticed any compression issues with this album as long as I've had it. This is a great album with great songs.


5 star metal!!!


Amazing songs, but the production is abysmal. You'd think a band like Metallica would get someone good to mix the songs but it's agony to listen to the awful production


Metallica had Kill Em All, RTL, MOP, Justice, then The Black album, which were all great albums, and then came Load, ReLoad, and St. Anger, which were all not really good albums. And now we get this great album, the production isn't amazing but it has really good writing, good guitar solos, etc. Good job Metallica.


Very enjoyable album, mad props to all members of the band. The guitar riffs are sick, James' voice is very good and the drums are tight and really "pop". The Judas Kiss, Unforgiven III and My Apocalypse are three of my all time favorite Metallica songs, they are very strong efforts though that isn't to say the rest of the album isn't great, only that those three are spectacular. The only criticism I have is the songs do go on a bit too long in places; only one song is below 5 minutes long as opposed to older albums that had several shorter and then several longer songs. There is dross that should have been cut in other words. Another small criticism is the lack of concept for the album as a whole; MOP had being helpless to another force's control, AJFA had political corruption and the Black Album had the idea of self (it's even self-titled 'Metallica') but Death Magnetic is more just several individual tracks strung together in order. This doesn't really damage the album that much but does keep it from being a 5-star masterpiece like MOP.


The rest of the album is good but they ruined unforgiven

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This version of the album sounds much better than the CD version. It fixes the issue of the sound on the original CD, which was over compressed, way too loud and had audible “clipping". This version is still loud, but the sound people did it right this time and it’s enjoyable. It should have been mixed like this on the original cd. (For those interested, the CD has a Dynamic Range (DR) value of 3 and this iTunes version has a DR value of 7.)


There are some cool guitar riffs but nothing too memorable. And then the album is also too compressed or something. It doesn't sound very good at points.

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This is truly a very, very solid metal album. I like every song thats on here. The only problem was that it was mixed very poorly and the audio quality isnt that great. Buying the CD version and downloading the album into your library by using apple lossless format sort of helps. (sounds better with every album)


Lars james kirk rob !!! Hell yeah metallica again !!!!


Granted, the production quality does leave something to be desired (It would be great if they would release a remastered version). That aside, this is a VASTLY better album than St. Anger. This is not just 80’s Metallica. This is a Metallica that has adapted all of the various styles from their previous albums into one awesome album. Of course, you hear the old thrash metal style from the 80’s but you also hear elements from the Black Album and Load on this album as well. Although every song on this album is enjoyable, my personal favorites are That Was Just Your Life, The Day That Never Comes, Broken, Beat and Scarred and The Unforgiven III. I really don’t understand the hate that Unforgiven III has received. This song is a different song; it’s supposed to sound different than the other Unforgiven songs. I say get this album and enjoy a good old-fashioned rock-out session with Metallica, one of the best metal bands ever! It really does feel like the good ol’ days!


I had hope, little but it was there. Its a shame but the magic is gone, has been for years. Megadeth just schooled you. Not a huge Mega fan but they released what you should have.


This album certainly doesn't rank among Metallica's best albums (KEA, Lightning, Puppets) or even among their tolerable ones (Justice, black album), this waste of time is proof they just go through the motions in order to keep making money off gullible fans. So who's to blame for this discombobulated pile of crap? A. James and Lars who believe their own press clippings and are convinced they can do no wrong. Unfortunately this disaster of an album is proof of what happens when musicians get lazy, complacent, and take their fans for granted. Metallica lost their touch in 1991 and have put out one pathetic album after another ever since then and this one is no exception.


Rocks. Plain and simple.


This is an awesome record with some really intense instrumental work and solid vocals!


This is at least top 5. All of the songs are great, and as the good people of iTunes say, Kirk Hammett is the MVP. He has some of the best solos ever in Cyanide, The Judas Kiss, and That Was Just Your Life. The Judas Kiss is the best song here, followed closely by Cyanide and my apocalypse the overall rating of each of the songs is: That was Just your life:5/5 Broken beat and scarred:5/5 End of the line:4.5/5 The day that never comes: 5/5 All nightmare long:4.5/5 Cyanide: 5/5 The Unforgiven 3: 4/5 ( not sure why we needed this over any of the songs in the beyond magnetic ep, but still ok) Suicide and redemption : 4.5/5 My Apocalypse:5/5 Overall rating of Metallica: Death Magnetic: 5/5 After you buy this complete it by getting the beyond magnetic ep, it really completes this album. Keep it up Metallica


Once again, Metallica are able to put together another fantastic album. Some of the band's best riffs and harmonies come off of this record. "That Was Just Your Life", "All Nightmare Long", and the instrumental "Suicide & Redemption" stand out in this regard. Aside from the excellent guitar work, James Hetfield is able to prove he's still got writing talent after the admittedly poor lyrics from some of the band's previous albums. "The Day That Never Comes" and "The End of the Line" come to mind here. To end with a bang Metallica are able to capture a very raw, aggressive sound in the finale, "My Apocalypse." This album certainly isn't for everyone, though. A majority of the songs clock in at nearly eight minutes, with "Suicide & Redemption" being a hefty 9:57. Additionally, the sound quality is, quite frankly, appalling. Rick Rubin, the producer, seemed to have cranked all volume knobs to "11" and ripped them out of the socket on this album. Overall, this album is very enjoyable, as the sound quality doesn't seem to be too big of an issue, and the lengthy songs are crafted in such a way that keeps listeners from getting bored, which is a quite difficult thing to do in this era of three-minute pop songs. Overall rating is 92/100.


They really think they can sound EXACTLY how they did in the 80s!?! After spending a long time on Load, Reload, and St. Anger, they've lost their talent, and this has got to be bad. The Production is also just terrible, because they only cared about being the "Loudest" band. Well, they were loud, but it sounded just plain bad. The best way to enjoy the album is listening to the GUITAR HERO versions of all the songs. That Was Just Your Life 9/10 The End of the Line 9.5/10 Broken, Beat & Scarred 9.5/10 The Day That Never Comes 10/10 All Nightmare Long 10/10 Cyanide 9.5/10 The Unforgiven III 8.5/10 The Judas Kiss 9/10 Suicide & Redemption 10/10 My Apocalypse 9/10 Ok, so The Day That Never Comes, All Nightmare Long, and Suicide & Redemption were all great songs, but the album as whole sounds more like Lulu without Lou Reed than 80s thrash.


Music production today is not meant for ear buds that come with an iPod or iPhone. The speakers inside a studio where albums are mixed cover all the nuances. People who say this album has poor production just need to learn to adjust their settings to satisfy their ears. I hear plenty of bass and low end when I turn my bass up to where I want. It also drowns out some of Lars' snare. This album is incredible. Kirk is back with a vengeance! So is Metallica. Listen 3-5 times before reviewing and use quality speakers or headphones.

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I like pretty much everything Metallica put out, but this is truly a return to the true power Metallica has.


I love every one of these songs! Metallica has been in a hole since Load (there are a couple good songs like Unforgiven II and Fuel), but this album is amazing!!! I went to the june 6 show in Austin Texas and they played Cyanide and it was freaking awesome! Ohh its sooooo heavyyyyy!!


this album is something Metallica needed dearly after st. Anger, st. anger was an underrated album but it wasn't good (for Metallica) Metallica is one of the greatest bands in history because of their ability to put out great quality albums, after the black album things went slightly down hill but it didn't hit rock bottom and this album definitely brought them back up

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Much better than their previous album, St. Anger I mean...


The original version sounded so bad I rarely listen to it. It's finally fixed but unfortunately I had to shell out more cash for it.


As much as i hate re-buying an album this was a worthwhile endeavor. You can finally hear some of the details on bass and other intricacies you miss out on with the standard retail version of the past due to how brick walled and loud it was. It's still compressed but it's not 12x louder than Kill em All so playing in shuffle is no longer a game of roulette for my ears.

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The new 2015 Mastered for iTunes version finally makes this album sound like it should have when it was originally released in 2008. Loudness, audible clipping, and distortion are all gone. The bass lines are also now much more prominent. In sum, a %1000 improvement over previous iTunes and other retail releases. Highly recommended.


Such a shame. Very potentially great music but they ruined the recordings and mastering. Unlistenable. I'm now cautious about any Metallica album after "And Justice for All". They should remaster them from original source with explicit mention of correcting the compression and eliminating the clipping. Glad I didn't buy this.