Metallica - Hardwired…To Self-Destruct (Deluxe)

℗ 2016 Blackened Recordings

Hardwired…To Self-Destruct (Deluxe) Tracklist:


I preordered this back when it was coming out, but for some reason was only just able to download it four years later. Still five stars cuz Metallica is 🔥


Back at it

Noble, King

Love it <3

Boise is full

This is one of my favorite Metallica albums it has some of my favorite content in it my favorite song is Atlas rise and Moth into the flame thank you Metallica for making this album


Very very good!


If you have their first 4 and this one. Your all set!


Love it!

Box Car Al

Loving this album, the old school Thrash is to die for. Metallica does it again, long live the metal kings. 👑


Really bad. Second and third songs are ok. The rest are not much more than a bunch of riffs strung together. No energy or creativity. Same old same old. Buy the second and third songs and save your money by skipping the rest.


This album came out more than two years ago and I'm still listening to "Halo on Fire" and "Spit out the Bone" at least several times a week. Overall, the Album was fun, and had some dirgy weak spots, but mostly fun. To anyone who says "This isnt my Metallica... waaaa waaa waaaa" (seriously, this is what you sound like to the rest of us) shut up and play "Spit Out the Bone" until you remember what ROCK is. That song is legendary. Period. There is no further discussion needed. Spit out the $%#[email protected] BONE is a masterpiece.


Thank you Metallica for not sounding the same for almost 40 years. Great Album!


I love it! Sounds like some of their old school stuff. Reminds me of a time when I was filled with all the teenage angst. That was before I grew up and realized what angst really was!!!

Iron maiden fan 4 ever!!!!

they have to do a live album in minnesota worldwired


After almost 2 years, wow where does time go, I still think this is one of the best Metallica albums ever, it’s at least in the top 5 for sure.


A definite improvement over DM, and reaching back to what made this band a living legend. Still buzzy, annoying guitar tones.

Meamye Celphandigh

What's with having this album on 2 discs? You mean to tell me that they can't fit 12 songs on 1 disc? Of course if you got the deluxe edition you get 3 discs and here's where they show how stupid they are, so they can fit 79 minutes on 1 disc which would be disc 3 but they can't fit 77 minutes on 1 disc? So they have to use 2 discs for 12 songs,! Really? Just a good thing I didn't buy this on cd


St. Anger was alright, but this sounds more like the Black album than the other one does. My favorite is Moth Into Flame, and this album announces the return of Metallica and probably the best album after 1993’s load. Reload was not all that great, but this is great for modern Metal. AND WELCOME BACK!!!!

Some dude who played cp when 9

Great album, I have the CD format and their best work since ReLoad.

Music Heals...



Metallica is back and they are strong and confident. Musically these guys are sounding great. SPIT OUT THE BONE is the best track on this album hands down. If you are a skeptical Metallica fan that’s worried their days were over please listen to this beauty. My favorite tracks off this album are: Hardwired, Altas Rise, Spit out the Bone, Halo on Fire, Am I Savage?, Moth into Flame, Confusion, Now That We're Dead and Here Comes Revenge. Overall the Hardwired to Self-Destruct sounds like Justice/Kill'Em All/Ride and a splash of the Load/Reload era. Yes I know, people hate the mention of Load or Reload, but we have to face the facts: James’s voice changed after he threw his vocals out in 91. The songs that most feel like Load/Reload are: Dream No More, Murder One, and ManUNKind. I'm not hating on these songs, they just took longer for me to get into them. They have their great moments too, but they are slower songs and a bit lackluster compared to the rest of the album. The only reason I feel this way about those tracks is because most of this album is such an awesome fast kick in the face I wasn’t ready for any slowdowns. Do I love this album yes!! I think this is a great Metallica Album, happy they are making Fast Heavy Metal. This is a must own album for tallica fans.


This is their best album since Jason Newsted left. The crown jewel of this set is 'Spit Out The Bone'. It can stand toe to toe with ANY track in Metallica's mythic back catalog. I've been listening to Metallica almost as long as they've been around -- 30 years, and that track beats anything that's come before it. 7 minutes of MONSTER riffs, drums and vocals. Intense the entire way through.


I like all of Metallica but finally back to their roots where they need to be the past few albums were ok to change a bit but good to be back to be back at their roots


This is a really good album. It’s weird to look back to when they started with Kill Em All where it was a fast thrash metal and it evolved into this. Their writing will always be great, the songs bring me back to Ride The Lightning. Dream No More has a more Badmotorfinger sound to it, I like that. Can’t wait for their next album.


Don’t understand why some people don’t like it. All bands experiment a bit. Metallica is trying out thrash metal, a switch from their usual Heavy metal. I like it.


Metallica hast is not even considered metal anymore.




This is not a return to the sound of Master of Puppets or other albums of their classic era. No band should sound the same on album after album. That is the path to irrelevance. On the other hand, no band should totally change their sound on every album that they do. That is the path to alienating their audience. This is what they should sound like now. You can hear elements of their thrash metal days in the songs. You can hear elements of their AOR radio friendly days too. But at the same time, it is not a rehashing of any of those things. The more that I have listened to this album, the more that I have liked it. J


Good stuff here Maynard! Check it out love the bonus material


Here's a quick little timeline of Metallica. Kill em all, ride the lightning, and master of puppets were legendary. Then and justice for all was very ok. Then the black album was a beauty. Followed by 3 mediocre albums. Metallica then brings metal back to where it was with death Magnetic and hard wired. Truly this is as good if not better than the 80's Metallica. It's worth buying


What is this music?


One of the best albums in years. My favorite Metallica album since Master of Puppets, definitly a step up from Death Magnetic....I just hope we do not have to wait 8-10 years for another album!


I like the title track Hardwired, but other than that I really can't get into any of the other songs. Big drop from Death Magentic which I loved.

Kori degner


Noes lord

Better than anything released after the black album


Very great album


Enjoy every song, Metallica really put some great songs on Hardwired :)




This is awful. Why can't they make albums like Ride the Lightning, Kill Em All and Master of Puppets anymore? Those were masterpieces. Shocking how people can like this trash. One of the most influential bands of all time reduced to making garbage. Truly a shame.


This album rocks! Metallica still got it!


I am still jamming this like it just came out. Great stuff guys. Can't believe after all these years you guys can still crank out a gem like this. Thank you!!


It sounds like every other Metallica album (minus Load/Reload). Lars ripped Dave Mustaine for Cryptic Writings years ago saying it sounded like every other Megadeth album. Funny, this is by far the most bland, by the numbers Metallica album yet. Maybe I am just getting old and have listened to way too much heavy metal in my life; but this album made me feel nothing. One or two "ok" songs, but no way is this on par with early Metallica (Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, And Justice..). Very boring, very lame album. Time to retire Metallica, time to retire....


great album thanks metallica for this great album five stars for my faviote band huge fan love the bouns songs to thanks guys


Metallica is the only band of which I've bought an album; this being #10. As stated in my subject matter, I have found myself listening to the 3rd CD more so than the other two. This isn't to say that the first 2 are bad (far from it) but the 3rd CD has some awesome material. My least favorite track on the record is Am I Savage. Too slow & repetitive for my liking that gets boring & annoying the longer I listen to it. However my favorite track is Spit Out the Bone. Mix of old Metallica with new that is simply unrelenting. Love this album and hope Metallica keeps rolling for #11. Their music has single handedly changed my life. Rock on, friends 🤘🏻


This is a great album


I was all excited when I heard the first song hardwired , then they released another and another , then I was like uh oh , this isn't sounding like old school Metallica anymore . I don't understand why they can't get to that level of heavy anymore. It's not a terrible album It's just not what I expected


All you haters that still haven't gotten over feeling butt hurt about the Black Album 25 years ago (which was awesome, BTW) ... LET. IT. GO. Obviously, you're still checking them out if you're still writing reviews after 25 years. (On an album you won't listen to for fear you might like it) Move on. Seriously.


Metallica's best album since TBA. Moth into Flame, Halo on Fire, Here Comes Revenge, and Spit Out The Bone are highlights on the album.


I'll hunt you down all nightmare long haters. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Metallica


Metallica is FINALLY going back to their roots! i LOVE this album!