Metallica - Load

℗ 1996 Blackened Recordings

Load Tracklist:

music guy 85

The song that really got me into metallica as a kid not knowing them was from the "hero of the day single." It was a medley of hit the lights, the four horsemen, phantom lord, one of the other first cd songs and 2 from ride the lightning including fight fire with fire... PLEASE PUT THEIR SINGLES UP FOR PURCHASE STARTING HERE! thank you

Jayy vines

Come on people this wasn’t a platinum by any means but it was fun as all heck with songs such as fuel


Metallica doesn't get enough credit for going creative with this and Reload. I understand why people think that their early work is better, but changing their style of music a little bit isn't wrong or bad.


Sorry to rock for me. “ That’s when Metallica was a rock band” - Kerry King

4S fan

Change is good...Good change is better...


I have to admit I hated this Metallica-lite when it came out, and their redeeming follow-up, Load, didn't fare much better. But, listening to King Nothing over 20 years later, I got struck by nostalgia, similar to other Metallica singles like those in the Black Album. I think Metallica should revisit this direction as the band's original fans are in their 40s and some even in their 50s. Hey kids, it's safe to listen to this.


This album was made by any other band, it would've been a huge success. I think that the people complaining about this album are crazy. And that bears itself out in these reviews, which aren't 20 years old like the album. Look, I don't particularly care for Lars, but he said it best – yeah they sold out, every venue they play, every time they play.


I understand the malevolence for this album by those who only want another version of Master of Puppets, but this has some of James musicianship on display. So many great songs which showcase James talents beyond speed picking.


First off, I really love this album. Sure, it may not be the best album ever made, but it is better than most pop trash. Load by Metallica features 14 songs, in a running time of 79 minutes. Released to the world in June of 1996, the album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. It received a mixed reaction, but was still very successful, selling around five million copies. It was fewer than the Black Album, but still a massive success. Many fans were disappointed in the shift in direction, as they set speed aside, and became a hard rock band with the image of alternative rock. The album raised more eyebrows when the band headlined the usually alternative Lollapalooza. They cut their hair, wore makeup, and became somewhat abstract. The album cover is blood and sperm mixed together, which sometimes grosses me out when I look at it. This is like trying a new food. You have to eat it a few times before you develop a taste for it. With rockers like Until It Sleeps, Hero Of The Day, King Nothing, The Outlaw Torn, The House Jack Built and Bleeding Me, you will have a good Metallica album. I give it a 5/5 because it’s different, and I like it when bands experiment with their sound. If you don’t like the album at all, get Until it Sleeps and you’re set for this album. However, I highly recommend you buy it, because if you like something different, you will like this.


King Nothing is one of my favorite songs by Metallica


Sleeps is awesome


This album doesn't get enough love. Sure, it isn't the black album or kill em all, but it's still great. This album took a more slow metal/90's Grunge approach that while it wasn't as good as the speedmetal that Metallica is known for, it still works.


I would say that this album is proof that Metallica could change music styles without completely messing it up. Unlike a lot of bands who couldn't change musically and were stuck in the past.

Smythe 69

I like the different approach they took with both Load and Reload. I can understand how some fans dislike both these albums because there isn't any thrash, but for me I like the variety in their sound. I still like their older stuff but I like how it's slow metal and still sounds like Metallica. If you're a metal fan who likes a little variety I think Load is a good album for you.


Great album!

Jeff Noz

At the time of release the shock of their image change and different sounds alienated their close minded, one dimensional metal audience. This album was a departure from thrash and welcomed blues and hard rock influences into the fold. Over time many people who once dismissed this album have grown to love it, and it withstands the rest of time even better than some of their seminal work.


This is one of Metallica's most underrated albums. It may not be Master Of Puppets or Ride The Lightning but I still consider it to be a good album. My favorite tracks: 2 X 4, The House Jack Built, Until It Sleeps, King Nothing, Hero Of The Day, Bleeding Me, Ronnie, and The Outlaw Torn.


This album was a big step for Metallica considering it's a hard rock album and not their usual heavy thrash, and it's a really good album. It took some time for it to grow on me but these songs really are truly amazing. 🤘🏻🤘🏻


Amazing album


load is a great album.


This album is actually a fantastic rock album. I love it! But it's a terrible Metallica album. Unfortunately for Metallica, people had high expectations and this is not what the long time fans wanted to hear when they popped in a Metallica cd. If you can get passed that you will find yourself enjoying one hell of a rock album.


I listen to the album it had so much potential. A big disappointment Metallica .


If you think this album is horrible, you aren't a true Metallica fan. This album shows the creativity James has with his lyrics and riffs. Kirk has some highlights in this album such as Outlaw Torn. That solo gave me goosebumps. Take your bunched up panties and stop hating on an experiment Metallica took the risk to do.


I hate, hate, hate this album. I grew up on Kill, Lightening, Puppets, Justice, & Black. The afore mentioned titles were masterpieces that belong in the Louvre, this album however lacks soul, heart, & dignity and should be expunged from the bands record.


This album received a lot of backlash when it was released because it didn't have the same style as the Black album or Master of Puppets. This was released 5 years after the Black album and the band was in a different state of mind and wanted to experiment. It's a little experimental with the sound. Still delivers riffs but with a bit of a blues flare and the speed is more mid-tempo. Some have accused the band of trying to be more 'alternative' but really it doesn't sound like grunge music or even the alternative rock that was happening, but it was definitely different than the Metallica people came to know and love. Give this album another listen with an open mind (I was one of those that didn't like the album). Some of my favorite all time Metallica tracks are on this album: Until It Sleeps, Bleeding Me, The Outlaw Torn. Finely crafted tunes with a unique sound. The band has since returned to more of a metal sound but I kind of wish they continued to move in the direction this album was heading. Recommended listening.


So this was Metallica going from Heavy Metal to Hard rock. The evolution of Metallica is from thrash (Kill' em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets) to Heavy Metal (...And Justice for All, Black album) to Hard Rock (Load, Reload). I didnt care. As long as I got an album from Metallica, all was well. I loved it reardless of the sound and differences and I could tell even as young as I was. I listened to it constantly. I did not like the haircuts straight up. I still have not adapted to it and probobly never will. However, that didnt affect their ability to write great music and I still try to see them if they ever come around. Which is every blue moon. Either way, I wil always ove this one. Its part of my travel music, as I never take a trip without it.

Robby Swabby arg(I'm a pirate)

Let me just start by saying Metallica is truly my favorite band of all time, and there the best a what they do. But I have to be honest. This album was really hard to listen too. The only reason I own it is so I have every record they've ever made. But this and reload are really sub par records. I love the black album, and when they started going in a more commercial direction, I thought wow, the black album is still super heavy. But then they went off the deep end with this and reload. And for that matter Saint anger as well. I mean has anyone seen the until it sleeps video? After seeing that for the first time I thought, oh my god... My favorite band has lost their minds. Thank the creator for death magnetic.


Good Experimental Metal Album. Its a must have in your Metallica collection


I became a Metallica fan around the time that this album came out. Even after being exposed to their earlier work, which is awesome, I’ve found that this album is very good in its own right. You just have to think of this in terms of good rock music and not have the expectation that Metallica will always have the same thrash sound throughout all their albums. And as I said in the title, this is much much better than St. Anger, which is rubbish.


Not Thrash, Not Metallica.


This album is a great example of the “new sound” of Metallica. They stepped out of the average thrash record and recorded a completely different take on the concept. I love this album. It opens with head banger “Ain’t my Bitch”. Mixed with up-beat head banging pieces, there are dark heavy meaningful songs such as “Until it Sleeps”. This album steps out of the average Metallica album and explores the new sound that the band choose to pursue. If you’re an old Metallica fan and are not open to a new sound in their records, I would not purchase this album. If you’re up to the change, GO FOR IT!!!


I bought this album a few years ago. I listened to it once and I honestly didn't hate it, but everyone else did so I pretended to also. I recently got back into Metallica after listening to S&M. That is an amazing album. My two favorites from it were Bleeding Me and Outlaw Torn. Since I liked those two so much, I decided to order a new copy of Load (since my old copy wouldn't play Outlaw Torn all the way through). It was pretty good, but not great. A few days ago I decided to listen to it again for the first time since a few months ago and it was awesome. It's now one of my favorite Metallica albums. It truly is a great album. It's a shame Metallica "fans" hate on everything after Master of Puppets/...And Justice for All. Bleeding Me is one of their best songs in my opinion.

Si4 94

I die for Metallica...


Between this & ReLoad, my favorite 2 albums by these Legends!!!!


How sad that the summer of '96 was spent worrying about image and artistic direction instead of enjoying World Class song writing, musicianship and production. It would never be this tight and honest again - everything since has been flawed in some way. This can only now be seen in the light it should have 20 years ago.


Metallica underwent a huge change in the five years between The Black Album and Load (1991-1996). As the iTunes review says, the music scene had gone and changed from thrash to grunge, and bands like Metallica were considered obsolete by 1996; to top it all off, they (Metallica) went and cut off their hair! Load, in its own right, proves Metallica can be eclectic in their sound, which, in my opinion, pays off well! The first half of the album is the better half, and while the second half has its highlights, I'll always take this album as a great one! Blues and southern rock influences make the album great, and my dad got me hooked on the album when I was young!


15 years after the formation of Metallica, they decide to go from Thrash metal, to a new, slower kind of music, which contained some blues music. We already had five great Thrash metal albums, and every band needs to move on. Imagine if Metallica kept on playing hardcore punk thrash metal, then they probably wouldn't of had many good songs. It is really great that Metallica's music is constantly evolving, and this is the point where it gets slow. This is also the starting point of when Metallica goes downhill, and this was their last good studio album (not counting Garage Inc., because that was even better). While Kill Em' All, Ride The Lightning, and Master of Puppets were all masterpieces, and ...And Justice For All, and The Black Album had its great songs, this is when things get worse. Then your stuck with the crappiness of Reload, St. Anger, Death Magnetic, and LULU. I REALLY HATE LULU, SO LOOK AT MY REVIEW FOR THAT ALBUM!!! So this album has its good and bad songs. Three recommended songs you should listen to would be "Until It Sleeps", "King Nothing", and "Hero of the Day". This album is better than Reload, mainly because the songs in Reload are much worse. Worst song in that album is "Fixxxer". So basically, while Load isn't my favorite album, it had the biggest change from the albums before. I know St. Anger and Death Magnetic changed, but Death Magnetic is a modern crappier version of Master of Puppets, and St. Anger is a crap mix of ...And Justice For All, and horrible vocals. It was more unique than the first five, and while it is the last good STUDIO album, it isn't my favorite. Albums Better than this: All albums before, and Garage Inc. Albums worse than this: All studio albums after, including Lulu.


i like it. not thrash, not by a long shot, but it's still a cool sound. good songs if you look at it as not metallica's "true" sound


This album is decent, but it doesn't hold up to the speed metal standard of the pre black album material.


I think this is a very underrated album because it was the black albums follow up and to me it's way better than the black album


As an album, and musically, Load is as good as it's predecessors. To appreciate it, one must be able enjoy a wide variety of music. To early, die-hard Metallica fans, I understand why this album sounds like crap. Personally though, I love the variation. It shows Metallica's growth as a band and the members' growth as musicians.


I like it cause it's a little heavy but soft for some songs it's not every single thing already made! Love it

goats rule

There are some great songs on this album!

Mr. Erbalicious

Talk about bold!! Not afraid to take any risk and it turned out great!! Obviously different from their previous albums, but still have great songs to jam out to!!


This was obviously a blatant attempt to expand musically into some country and alt influences that James and Co. were into at the time. It’s not really fair to compare it to their first 4 albums. Not every song here is perfect either, but for what it is, this album actually feels pretty genuine. Looking back now in 2014, with that god awful st. anger, and the somewhat middle of the road attempt of death magnetic, it seems like they should have just stuck to this direction and became a different band. Yes hardcore fans would be mad, and god forbid Metallica would suffer from kings of leon syndrome. Songs like until it sleeps, hero of the day, mamma said, and outlaw torn show some actual growth and maturity, but maybe that would be best left for a james hetfield solo outing. The only problem with this album is it probably indirectly lead to nickleback.

adorable deer

Best way to change one of the best bands of all time. They didn't sell out, they needed to adapt or perish in the music industry. And guess what? They didn't just adapt, they thrived with this sound. Top tracks are Outlaw Torn, Until It Sleeps, Bleeding Me, and Thorn Within (Most Underrated Metallica Song Ever). Everything else is great too!


Idk, I like this album but I see a few don't like it at all


Stepping out of your norm is hard, but Metallica did and it's amazing. Most don't realize what loaf and reload are or why they are this way. Love all their music!


Load is one of my favorite Metallica albums just because of how different it is. This album brings in a hard alternative rock style with some blues and country undertones. Many of Metallica's fans retaliated against it when it came out, but it's actually a really amazing album. This album's sound is more akin to a band like Alice in Chains rather than their earlier thrash metal sound. If you're an open minded person looking for a good hard rock album then check this out.


Song for song and lyrically it's a pretty good album with a great sound. This album shows why Metallica is still around today, because they could adapt to the changes of the 1990's unlike 95% of the bands of the 80's.