Metallica - Kill 'Em All (Remastered)

℗ 1983 Blackened Recordings

Kill 'Em All (Remastered) Tracklist:


Dope album


Aside from that, it’s an all around great album. 👍🏻

the blodining

Metalicas firs album all the way throught the enter sand man album we’re the best ones also Metallica we’re going to name them selves phantom lord but they Disney and also Dave mustan from megadeth was a part of Metallica but they kicked him and I’m 11 years old

Some Peanuts

Good stuff, I’m 13


Hit the lights!


The small amount of people that knew who Metallica was at this time spoke about them in hushed whispers. Those that had been fortunate enough to see them live at L’amour in Brooklyn with “Pig Vomit” opening, had come away with hearing loss and a new religion. Play this loud.

Album cover says it all!

this first album is the best album

kid who likes metallica

My parents don’t like it but I do, this is the third best Metallica album. Whiplash and the four horsemen are the beat song


Seek and Destroy was their most famous loved the 3 pt. solo of it. But my personal favorite was Whiplash it was literally about them! Metallica really “Killed Em’ All” with this album 😉


metallica kill,em all is an awesome album


This album is the best album ever and motorbreath is the best song.


This is the best album (in my opinion) I’m a guitarist and Bassist, my favorite songs to play come from this album. The four horsemen and seek and destroy are to this day my favorite Metallica songs. Other than Orion... love Orion...


Generally, artists first album’s are weaker than their successors, this was the case with Metallica’s first album. I really like The Four Horsemen and No Remorse.

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Metallica in its purest form. Pure energy. Exceptional power. Highlights? Whiplash, Hit the Lights, and Metal Militia.


Their best album is a tie between Kill em All, And Justice for All, and Ride the Lightning. The raw feel of this album plus the break-neck speed of the riffs and the solos is what makes this album. 5/5

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Dave Mustaine is The Godfather of thrash metal and this excellent album proves his prowess!


This high energy, powerful message of the 80's is by far metallica's best album and always will be. BUY IT!!!


Other than kill em all


What can I say the one that started it all.

Homie the man900000

This album is good and cool


Metallica's best has and always will be the first four albums I love the Black Album but it can't beat those four albums. This one just isn't as good as ...And Justice For All, Ride The Lightning and the perfection that is Master Of Puppets. However this album is still absolutely amazing and is a must buy for any Metallica fan or metalhead even if you don't like this album give it a listen because it's one of the most important metal albums to ever come out.


Don't get me wrong! Metallica is still one amazing band and is still putting out killer tunes aplenty. Those first 3 albums will always be special to me. To me personally, I feel this album, along with Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets are arguably their best work. Key tracks: Hit The Lights Seek & Destroy Anesthesia ( Pulling Teeth ) The Four Horsemen Jump in the Fire Just to name a few. This is one killer album. Download now. Feel the ferocity, speed, passion, and power of one of the best metal bands on earth in their prime!!!!

This is missing two songs

Am I Evil and Blitzkrieg should be on this.


This is what started it all,the best album ever of thrash metal. It's pure and RAW!!!!🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻




Johnny Ramone meets Tony Iommi. And they ripped off a song title from a stooges song and a riff in a sabbath song called children of the grave. And metal is forever saved from the likes of motley crue, van halen, and poison. This album rocks like no other. buy it now.

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This being their first album, it was an awesome way to start off their long reign of being the true kings of thrash metal!


Fast, raw, loud and angry. Are you kidding me, Phantom Lord?! This album has more in common with Suicidal Tendencies and TSOL than Metallica itself circa Master.


Unarguably one of the best debut albums of the '80s, one of their best and the one that started it all! The only downside is that iTunes put "remastered" in the title of the album and every song title. I don't care if it's remastered but don't put the word "remastered" in the album name and every song title, it just ruins it.


Summer 1989 is when I was introduced to Metallica by my cousin. I had been into Motley Crue & Skid Row, and then I heard Kill 'Em All & never looked back. Whiplash was freakin' awesome, Phantom Lord had a darker sound, & Metal Militia was the fastest song I had ever heard up to that point. Hard to believe that by the time I had first heard this album, it was considered 'old hat', but that was 27 years ago, and I recommend this as a must-have for any fans of thrash metal.

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Great album, but if you want am I evil or blitzkrieg, it's on the deluxe remastered version of ride the lightning. You can thank me later.

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... Because I was head banging so hard!🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻


I bought both remasters today, this one and Ride the Lightning. I think this one is the most improved. I here things I didn’t hear before. Weird sound effects tracks and things. I heard them on my crappy old burned copy, but never clear enough to know what they were. Screams and things. Excellent job Metallica! It must not have been easy to get all the old reel to reels to sync up. I am mightily impressed. Hey I have an idea for the box set for ...And Justice for All. Include a picture disk with Jason Newstead on it, and turn the whole band down to an almost inaudible level except for the bass. Turn the bass up to 10! Call it …And Justice for Jason. You guys rule. You’ve probably already thought of it. Great job on the remasters. Thanks again.


Fantastic album from a fantastic band. With tracks like The Four Horsemen, Metal Melitia, Motorbreath, and Phantom Lord Mustaine's influence is clearly demonstrated. Metallica wouldn't be anything if not for Dave Mustaine. His riffs paved the way for their success. (He wrote the title track for the second album, which arrived on the scene YEARS after his, unfit, departure from the band.) Up the Iro... I mean, Metallica! (Megadeth is better. See any of their albums since 1988. Listen to anything Metallica past 1992. Shock and Awe.)


Metallica's first album, so epic as it introduces thrash metal and gives Metallica their name!


Great album by Dave Mustaine!!! 10/10


Metallica Forever

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Great album this work of art was originally written by the former member of Metallica Dave Mustaine who later formed the great band Megadeth


If you think about when this album came out it is mind blowing . Enjoy Metallica from the Start and hit the lights !!!


They "killed us all" with their riffs. Hit the Lights, Phantom Lord, Seek and Destroy, and Whiplash were my favorites. I'm a little upset Am I Evil? and Blitzkrieg weren't on the album but this album did what the name of it says


They have a few incredibly great albums but this one by far is their best the "four Horsemen" the greatest song ever👍❗️


The 2nd Metallica cassette I ever owned, and at times it is my favorite album (bouncing back and forth between ...And Justice for All). Of the 2 remasters that I own currently (this and Justice) this one has clear improvements from the opening notes. Hit the Lights sounds so good, especially now that a lot of the rhythm guitar is more just seems to cut through the mix better. The other thing is, along with the other remaster I own, the EQ has been rebalanced not only for Apple devices, but it sounds much better when sending it through any AUX jack. If you are a diehard Metallica fan, don't think about buying this....just do it.


Their first album, their third best (behind Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets), was full of great songs and No Remorse. Yup, there is 9 great songs, and No Remorse, because No Remorse is a horrible song, compared to the others. I don't even care about No Remorse, and it is so stupid. Please buy every song on here, and then Delete No Remorse, Its much cheaper than buying all the songs except for No Remorse.

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There’s so much energy in this excellent album.


am i evil and blitzkrieg were realeased on the creeping death single after ride the lightning album came out if those two songs belonged anywhere it should be on RTL

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This is by far the heaviest and thrashiest. Gotta Love to bang the head that doesnt bang.

Blake Loman

Love it, usually the debut albums ate always the best, and i think its safe to say that that could be no further from the truth. This album Rocks, i want it soo badly. My thums are up on this one!


There is no song on this album that isn't truly impeccable. This is Metallica at its finest and has the best thrash metal sound anyone could want. Between Hit the Lights, The Four Horsemen, Motorbreath, and everything in-between, this album truly is thrash metal at its finest.