Metallica - S&M (Live)

℗ 1999 Blackened Recordings

S&M (Live) Tracklist:


just a german

Should use for whom the bell tolls for video game bosses


Ever. Amongst all genres. I’m seeing S&M2 tomorrow night.


The best Metallica ever. I listen to this when I’m working out and I feel like I can conquer the world (and I’m a woman in my 40’s). The symphony in the background enhances every song to an amazing level.


Admittedly there are some songs on this that don’t fit alongside the Symphony but, for the most part it is an amazing concert album. One is epic as well as No Leaf Clover. Favorite track has to be For Whom the Bell Tolls. It’s just awesome with the symphony.

brady r creasy

This is one of the best symphonies of songs ever it’s really amazing and mesmerizing to hear how all the instruments and Metallica blend together


Just amazing... noooooooo other words. 5 stars or get the hell off the review page!


When I listen to this I just wish I was there. The music is amazing!

integra chic



I've only gotten into metallica for the past 6+ years (no regrets), what really got me into them was playing their gh game (which was amazing and it Top 2 for best GH game hands down to me) and no leaf clover was the song that got me really into them! Amazing live album all the way, legends dare to do the unthinkable. Metal & Orchestra is a truly beautiful thing, Metallica’s strongest album since Black in 1991. My advice to any Metal-Head: listen to it, enjoy it and love it 😃


metallica s&m live is an awesome album


Most people when they get pregnant crave ice cream. For some bizarre reason I craved Metallica! I had to hear them on a daily basis, so initially I just liked the double CD idea so I could have more songs all at once. But then the added orchestral sounds with the Metallica genius was such a mind blowing experience I couldn't get enough!!


Sorry There DaBird1. This album was only live. “No leaf clover” has not been in any album (yet). Also “Human” has not been released yet. They are “S&M” exclusive. So so sorry DaBird1. (I’m not a moderator)


Masterpiece. It brings a depth that music tends to lack nowadays.


No Leaf Clover is my Fave. Great album with a mix of classical and metal.


Apparently the people at Apple are not true MetallicA fans. If they were, they would know that the song is "- Human" as in "Minus Human". The minus symbol is on the cd album booklet and back cover on the set list sheet image. Plain as day. Figure it out Apple!!

U know the name

This is a true musical masterpiece. Every song was well thought out and implemented perfectly. Only Metallica could think of something like this. Buy it. You won't be disappointed


I am not a die hard Metallica fan but this album is just something fantastic


This actually worked out. No one could pull this off but Metallica. This was cool as hell.


This is by far one of my favorite Metallica albums.


Played it all 100x. Always something new to hear.

Si4 94

This is one of their best concerts...


I just listened to this album for the first time in a few years recently and it blew my mind. It was blowing my mind the whole time but when I got to The Outlaw Torn, I nearly died from the awesomeness. In my opinion, this is easily the best live album ever. It's also my favorite Metallica album and one of my favorite albums of all time. My favorites on here are probably The Call of Ktulu, Master of Puppets, Bleeding Me, and The Outlaw Torn. They are all great though and I highly recommend buying this album.


Get it. The 2 tracks "No Lead Clover" and "-Human" are must buys. Everything else especially "The Call of Ktulu" are masterpieces with the orchestra sounds provided by Micheal Kamen.


Best album ever. Masterpiece.

goats rule

There are some great songs on this album!


Can't say it's my favorite Metallica album, but I can't say it isn't my favorite either. It's just amazing how powerful the orchestra adds to each song. Wish they would have had more original songs specifically written from the ground up for the pairing, but I'm not complaining. I love what they did here.


Metallica and an orchestra? Can't get much better than that


First off, this album is %100 perfect in every way. Good sound quality (which can be difficult live), good song choice, and, most importantly, the orchestra is fully utilized. It sounds great, and honestly, every version of the songs on here are my favorite versions of said songs. I'm really impressed altogether... BUT... No Fade to Black? Really? Come on! If any song deserved an orchestral accompaniment, it's Fade to Black!


Ive only listened to the demos and I'm loving every second of it, Sanfransisco orchestra with metallica, what could be better!


This is a great album. I'm loving the orchestra. It's a whole more experience. Love it!!

The one and only $tevo

This is by far the best live album I have ever heard!


I love this album! I am so happy that Symphony and Metallica joined forces and created AWESOMENESS! Best song is EVERYTHING! Great idea and amazing turnout!

Nymeras Nightmare

Coming from someone who is a fan of both metal and classical, I felt this blend was perfect. They did it just right. Maybe they could've emphasized a bit more on the symphony bits, but it was done tremendously. Things like this could be handled terribly and in the end sound less than appealing, but here it worked out so well. Not to mention its a unique idea.


When thay build time machines I'm going to this concert. METALLICA!


At first, I wasn't sure what this would be like. When I thought of symphony I thought of stuff like the four seasons and beethoven. i couldn't imagine how that would pair with metallica's fast loud beats. But then I listened to this album, and loved it! It's a perfect match. The symphony compliments the music so perfectly; when I go back and listen to the original, I imagine the symphony part going with it. Great Album


Amazing blend of rock and classical


this is by far one of the most interesting and amazing collaborations ever created.

Kane in CT

Not your typical "Metallica" but this album goes just as hard. I felt like lived under a rock for only now being aware of this.


S&M should have been so much more. I will always believe that they didn't emphasize the unique aspect of the Orchestra enough into the pieces - instead they turned an entire Symphony into background noise. The song choices were clearly geared towards their current albums (Load and ReLoad), while the albums that would have benefited the most from a symphonic version were the Big 3 of Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and ...And Justice For all.


This album is not only a bold work for Metallica but a seminal, singular work on it's own. Within we find a dynamic contrast between the blistering ferocity of Metallica and the eloquent sweeping orchestration of Michael Kamen. What makes this piece stand out from every other rock w/ symphony album is Kamen's unique score crafted around the straightforward metal. What this collison makes is an intricately layered masterpiece. The Outlaw Torn, Hero of the Day, and Bleeding Me stand out. Quite simply it's Metallica's Magnum Opus.


Metallica + orchestra= masterpiece

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This is an amazing sounding album. If you don't have it yet, you should buy it now! My only complaint is that there are to many Load & Reload songs. If you listen to AJfA and think about how cool a lot of those songs would have sounded with the orchestra, it would have sounded amazing.


I had this album when it came out in the 90's and lost it somewhere along the way. Wow, how did I go this long without it? I'm not a huge Metallica fan, but I am a huge fan of this LP. The orchestra adds such a different and great dimension to some great songs. Hero of the day brings a tear now that I'm a father. I liked the song before but never really got it until now.


What a great combination of metal and orchestra! Brings a new perspective and breaths life into the songs you've heard many times before.


The orchestra in the background ruins it for me.

Isra Sharyufi

One of the best live concerts i've ever heard!


muy bueno


No leaf clover is a awesome song