Marc Anthony - Mended

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Mended Tracklist:


I like the video version of the song Tragedy better then this version. If I could buy the original version I would if I could find it

Angle canna

You are so sweet Marc I love you and your music


the itunes version is missing two tracks. don't buy it.

Nazli D

Lovely .... Love every word on this song ... Ohhhh


i love him and his voice :)


The good Lord blessed this man with the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in my life. No one will surpass him. He sings from the heart and with such passion. He feels what he is singing. He puts you in the mood of whatever the song is. You can feel it in your heart and mind. Get this CD as well as the one before called "Marc Anthony". You won't regret it. I hope he comes out with another English CD.


Excellent.. Marc Anthony is the Best... Is the only artist who sing from the heart. Record or Live Concert is always High Quality... Kudos for Him... I'm so proud of him... God bless him always


According to other sources that show the list of songs on this album, there are supposed to be 2 bonus tracks, including "Me Haces Falta". iTunes, why don't we get these bonus tracks when we purchase the album??? How are we supposed to get these extra songs?? They aren't on any other albums. DO you or DON'T you want us to use iTunes as our main source of music??? If so, then don't gyp us on something we would get by going out and buying the actual CD.


Elegant and romantic...


A few good songs but not as strong as his last english album


Pure love and loss album. Maybe very different from prior work, but very nice lyrics in his love songs. Great songs for a romantic evening.