Melanie Martinez - Copy Cat (feat. Tierra Whack)

℗ 2020 Atlantic Recording Corporation

Copy Cat (feat. Tierra Whack) - Single Tracklist:

the greatest showman 1#fan

I heard about song from a friend. Now I’m obsessed! 😍🤩


I love it tehe

tou have to love songs

Please make a music video 🙏

Lost car

This is really good. I didn’t like it when I first heard it but then I listened to it more and it is great. I love the meaning.


I know I’m being extra but this song is amazing I love you and yea but when is fire drill coming out I need to know it’s my favorite song

Squak Squak

It kinda sounds like a recycled version of Nurses Office not gonna lie.. BUT DANG SHE SNAPPED!!!!


Song was the same as all her others, except for Tierra Wack’s part. Love TW.


I’m so exited for fire drill and the EP (after school) k-12 and cry baby we’re AWSOME and this was even better!...10/10!


This song is amazing! I love the lyrics and the meows. The rap wasn't my favorite, but if that's what you're into, you do you. I'm so excited for After School!



what uuuuuup

wow, she rly thinks copying billie eilish is a great idea

s u n s h i n e s

Melanie is the reason why I love black, white and pink lol😂


Sounds like all her other songs 🤦🏽‍♀️

Have A Good Day🦧

I’m a HUGE Melanie Martinez fan and I didn’t expect her to come out with a new song so soon! Love her music, and the song’s pretty good too Overall, 9.5/10

Min ion girl

I flipped when I heard that this came out and this song gave me chills when I first listened to it and it still does. 🥰🥰🥰🥰


So most likely Melanie is amazing people have been leaving hate here but idc ITS STILL SO GOOD👸🏻


I love Mel. Loved crybaby. K-12 was great, but this just sounds the same as everything she’s ever put out. Where’s the evolution? Sounds so... uninspired...?


first song i ever reviewer and dear god it’s horrible. seriously horrible. no discernible hook, the rap lyrics are horrible and the rapper is atrocious, melanie sounds like she took seven xannies before drinking vodka. that’s the level of energy she has. bad bad had

lonely B•E•A•N

I LOVE this song and I’m super excited for “After School”!! Keep up the amazing work!


I love literally every song of this artist. And this song does not change my mind about that. All of her songs have some sort of meaning to it, and this definitely does, too. So this song for sure gets a good rating from me.


Sounds like a Steven universe song

melanie is better then billie

All the best people are crazy

Jay Bookr

This song is different in its own way, but it sounds too familiar to her other songs. Fire Drill, Alphabet Boy, and Piggyback all have the same flow and beat to it if you listen closely. There is no deep sounds and rhythms sonically and really a disappointment as I had high hopes for this one.


It’s really catchy and fun and I personally would personally listen to it on a daily basis


after school is coming for the wigs

m a d d i e.

such an amazing song 10/10 would listen to again


🔥🔥 amazing


Amazing love you Mel UWU


Once again mel delivers a bop of the century

Maya Boguslavsky

I heard this song yesterday in frankfurt !! It was amazing and she sung it at her concert . I’m in love 💕💕💕

Sebastian Carrera Garcia

Omg yessss!!! Love the beat! 😩❤️❤️ love you melanie!

Urinal Boy

You introduced me to the legendary artist Tierra Whack, got me obsessed with her, then COLLABORATE WITH HER?! MELANIE LET ME BREATHE GET OFF MY NECK, but don’t get off my neck pls


Featured artist had good bars, but had no cares while making this. Melanie is good though. Would’ve changed who she collabed with .


Best song ever


Love love love!!!!!




I really enjoy this song but it’s entire soundtrack is a copycat of fire drill. That’s the complaint but I really do like the song

goooooo thru

Your music is amazing went through this too in art a couple years ago!!!

[email protected]

I love that she finally collabed with someone and their part makes the song better. ❤️

k-12 septmber y

Anything you can do I can do better !!




i love it sm

Slithery little snakey snake

Melanie has once again created a beautiful song with a clever message and it’s absolutely stunning 💓✨ I’ve been a fan for so long and appreciate every body of work she releases 💕 can’t wait for her upcoming ep 💘


this is on PERIODT


ah i love melanie so much! every song is so amazing and this one is no exception !


mel is growing so much💖i love this song🥰😩


I’m so happy I absolutely adore Melanie's style and the messages in her songs. she puts 100% into everything she does and it really shows. I’m so proud of her

worst app ive ever had

It’s great

cassidy cowatch 🤪🤩

she snapped with this one wbk