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This is the last album where I would say Pink Floyd was truly a great band. Following this came some good (such as Dark Side) and some bad (such as The Wall) and some in between, but overall, nothing can capture the magic of this album and those that precede it. As an addendum, this is definitely Floyd's last album where they truly embraced prog rock, and all the albums afterward, despite still classifying as prog, don't really live up to this or their contemporaries.

Trust and Us



I saw this album performed Live at the Old Santa Monica civic auditorium in 1971 - a small 3000 seat Theater and to this day it was one of the best shows I ever saw - this the favorite of all the Pink Floyd albums -if you love The Floyd you will get this

okish good but disapointing

One of the greatest Pink Floyd recorded


Honestly, the whole album is worth buying just for Echoes.

Nm butler

I love all of the songs and Echoes is probably my favorite of all time Really good album


Awesome album


This is by far the greatest Pink Floyd album I have ever listened to. Even echoes, a 23 minute song is interesting and keeps you listening. It’s melodies are relaxing and calming making it perfect for sleep, but great for any other time. I highly recommend it to new Floyd fans.

Sound Chaser9

I cherish 'A Pillow of Winds'--it is one of my favorite songs. I had the honor of performing 'Echoes'; on stage in 1980 anjd again in the Dominican Republic in 2002. I sang lead with my friend (RIP) backing and playing guitars. I got goosebumps doing so./ 'One of these days' is a great thrash! 'Fearless' is a folk classic. Unlioke most I adore 'San Tropez'. I think it fits and is Waters before his ego outgrew the band. Seamus is a typical blues with the Seamus howling solo. All in all, I enjoy this album as much as any Floyd album. Critics say Pink came into their groove after Dark Side. I say it began with "Meddle:.


Truly one of Pink Floyd’s best albums, and hardly anyone knows about it today. It’s so peaceful and creative. However I still think “Seamus” is a little out of place.


This album is often times overlooked in their this! You will not regret it!


Will be taking this album to my grave

Pathological Koala

The person above has never listened to ummmagumma. Seriously.


Sorry but this has to be the worst Floyd album ever... with the exception of "One of These Days" all the songs are just crap. Don't waste your money seriously!

Krazi Kaskade

A precursor to what will be Meddle starts off reminding the listener Pink Floyd is a rock n' roll band. One of These Days howls from the mist. Side 1 of the album is great and Echoes is the pivatol stepping stone to Dark Side.


I have to say that it took me at least 5 or 6 years to notice the ear too. I became a Pink Floyd fan in High School and my first floyd CD was Echoes: the best of but Meddle is probably their most puzzling album cover with Saucerful and Obscured by Clouds a close second and third. there is no way that you can see the ear the first time that you see the cover. I read on a Floyd site that the Meddle cover was an ear under water but even then I could not see it. I think It's the middle part of the ear. you have to turn it sideways and open the whole picture to see it. Kind of like Alan Parsons Project's Ammonia Avenue where you have to turn it sideways and look closely at the top to see the picture of the chemical plant. But here's the funny part- My mom saw me looking at the meddle cover and she thought it was some kind of fungus! Go figure.

Crazy mix up

This is absolutely an amazing album!! Pure talent and like nothing else. Echoes is just awesome!!

Goody !

Saw them touring to promote this album. Saw them 4 more times after that. In my opinion, it's better than Dark Side.


This is one of the best Pink Floyd albums ever! The vocals are stunning. Haven't stopped listening to it since I got it.


Pink Floyd at their Zenith! This a BAND project-ALL are amazing-especially Rick & Dave!!! Beautiful vocals, and Roger at his least depressing! Can not Wait to hear Echoes in surround sound in November!!! Lovely...

pa hobbit

first Floyd album I bought in the early 70' " one of these days " and "echoes "....hell its all great....drop a hit of acid and enjoy it even more

Guy from San Pedro

This is psychedelic Pink Floyd. This is a very good album.Meddle came out 2 years before Dark Side of the Moon.Buy It, it's one of Pink Floyds greatest albums.


Been listening to Meddle since the late 1970s and it's just vintage Pink Floyd.

Dr. Jimmy/ Mr. Jim

Took me several years of thinking I had heard all of Pink Floyd's classic music, before I stumbled upon Live at Pompeii on YouTube and was rejoiced to find I hadn't heard anything yet. This album contains two tracks played on LaP, One of These Days and Echoes. Pillow of Winds is another favorite which takes you on a dream-like journey through time. These three are arguably the best on this album and greatly make up for the weaker San Tropez and out of place, Seamus, tracks. This album was released a couple of years before their launch into stardom with Dark Side of the Moon, but certainly echoes their work to come. I find it charming and alluring enough in its own right as a lesser-known gem of Pink Floyd.


This is where the experimentation stops and the music begins. Amazing album.

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