Matisyahu - Light (Bonus Track Version)

℗ 2009 Sony Music Entertainment

Light (Bonus Track Version) Tracklist:

Jah Asa Tibs

This is not reggae. Do not be fooled. This singer has no knowledge of King Selassie. Ethiopia is absent from his lyrics. Riddims are trash.


I thought it was awesome!😀

Brian Dost

Amazing blend of Reggae and philosophy of today's world!!!!


I'd never heard of this artist before, but I heard "One Day" at Starbucks and went to buy it immediately. I like it a lot! Will listen to the rest of his stuff on Spotify 😊


i remember westboro baptist church making a parody of "one day"...

Knail 1234 ggg

Please I beg you make more songs like One day so up lifting....I pray then I listen to this song and it really helps me with what I'm going through!


I love Matisyahu so much! One Day makes me think of God and I like that.


Amazing voice "one day is the best sone ever!"


This bus my favorite song and I love it so much the meaning is great and it's a song that makes you so happy and at peace


This song just inspires me to do something


Another great album where Matisyahu has grown and still gets his message across. I enjoy this album.

Fred Fisher

Awesome it gives great spirt to me

young sethington

One day is my new favorite song. It seems very heartfelt and its perfectly put together. Matisyahu is an amazing artist and his uplifting music is some of the best I've ever heard. Totally worth the money.

King Rdz

I don't exactly like that kind of music. 'Cause I that kind of people get high and everything. But your album. I s the most inspiring thing I've got ever heard In my live. Thanks!!!!!!

Razberry girl 7428

This is a really inspirational and uplifting song. A 5th and 6th grade chorus sang this at my school, and it sounded awesome.

meh soso

great album capped off by one day.extremely deep and inspirational


This artist is the most genuine and heartfelt artist I've come across. I love the lyrics the instrumentals... Love!


Soooooo good


All of it's great. Save the Akon part. Didn't think Matisyahu would ever go there.


i'm not impressed with the version of this song with Akon. I thought it would be different and it sounds the same from the clip that you can listen to without purchasing it.


This is awsome everone who thinks its bad dont no raggae or music so giv a 0 of a 👏




I only bought One Day remix with Akon... but the overall album isnt half bad.

Love the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day there WILL BE NO MORE FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad to know that so many people really want to make a change in our world. One day. One day there will be no more fighting and we will all live in peace and our children will play no matter what. So for all of you who want to make a difference in our world, let's, as a team, make that dream come true. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " why can't we all get along?" I mean really? why not?

Schweet Meatz

I went with my gut instinct and purchased without listening first. I was wrong. "one day" was the reason I bought the entire album. No comparison to Youth.


I'm an 11 ur old kid and believe it or not, dis is totes boss. I totes get it


this album is absolute garbage stick with previous albums and live at stubbs vol II if you are a true matisyahu and reggae fan. i love matis but this album is a no go

Hoogly boogly

One day isn't just a song- its what will happen

I heart justinbieber

The song "One Day" is the most inspirational song that I have heard!!! It is amazing! Matisyahu is an awesome singer!


One Day: one of the few songs nowadays that has a good message. not about being in a club, etc...


I love the song "one day" everybody can really relate to it good or bad times


I've loved his previous albums, you know, back when he played reggae music. Of all the current artists out there, I least expected Matis to sell out. This album is pop music and not even very good pop music. I wish I had not wasted my money on this garbage. I hope he gets back to his roots and makes more reggae music in the future. Until then I will not buy anymore of his lame pop garbage.


i love Matis but he sold out on his new album hes a reggae rapper not a pop artist


It doesn't matter what religon you are Matiyahu has great and meaningful music!!!!! Follow him on twitter!!!!


I am only 11 and I get it.I don't usually write reviews but one day is so meaningful. Remember stop with the fighting stop with the pain and no more wars.

HP1 fan

Love all the songs especially "one day" check that song out!!!!!


Matisyahu is amazing! I am going to see him in concer tomorrow!



Steven foxy

He is the most versatile and talented artist I've ever seen in my life .every single album of he's deserves 5 stars and thats final.


I like the version without Akon more.

Mister bisquit

One day is officially my favorite reggae song ever!

YMCMB 4evr

My 10th grade math teacher tawt this guy.


Bob Marley and Matisyahu. If your looking for true heartfelt reggae songs this album is the place to be. This album and Marley's Legend Remastered are a must for all music and Reggqe lovers alike.


Why do people buy an artist's second major studio album and complain that he doesn't sound the same anymore? Is there some elitist pleasure to be found in that? What industry-free independent music scene do you exclusively consume music from? In concert, he incorporates songs from Youth and Light and they all sound fantastic. There's just nothing else quite like it. This album is certainly not some commercial sell-out. See Matisyahu live and you'll find that these songs mesh perfectly with older songs to create an incredibly unique sound coming from one of the most sincere artists you can find.

Jack Prince

With Akon It's one of the greatest song that I ever hear....


..........What a bunch of rasclot, the top albums in the reggae section homepage makes me sick....There are sooooooooooo many REAL RASTA ROOTS albums out there and these guys are 3rd...Someone needs to do the whole thing over..... Here are some : None of these on top list......WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Burning Spear, The Gladiators, Culture, Dennis Brown, Israel Vibes, Ijahman Levi, Abyssinians, MIDNITE,

Tikki Bird

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you rate a song 6 stars?

Captain Super

One of the best albums I've purchased in the past ten years. It continues to lift my spirits in the worst of times with it's wicked beats and mind-blowing lyrics.

Reggae Fan 007

Why is this guy in the reggae section?? Seriously, every time I browse this section I can't believe they put "matisyahoo" in this category!! All fans of this dude's not so great vibes should advocate for a better artist category.


Worth 99 cents. One day

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