Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas (Deluxe Anniversary Edition)

℗ This compilation (P) 2019 Sony Music Entertainment

Merry Christmas (Deluxe Anniversary Edition) Tracklist:


I’m not into Christmas music, but All I Want for Christmas is in my playlist the entire year.

J Medina Bey

This music are all songs that have been done before so there's not much thought put into it when it comes to originality SORRY COULD HAVE BEEN WAY BETTER!


But I like Apple Music better sorry


The way Mariah experiments with her gift is such a joy to experience. This album has it all. You get all of the amazing classics from the original album plus previously unreleased live performances and the best Christmas remix of all time Joy to the World Celebration Mix! Mariah’s voice and songwriting abilities are showcased throughout the album. This is hands down the best holiday album of all time. Everyone will enjoy this album. ❤️

madison JAF

This is by far my most loved holiday songs...




She is a little harmony in my point of view!!!!!

Cutie Boy

Definitely I will be a Lamb forever. Mariah Carey made it once again This album after 35 years does not disappoint us. I’m proud to be part of the best female artist of all times, Artist of the Decade, Artist of the Millenium, and now #19 Billboard Chart. This is a truly awesome and great achievement. Congrats Mimi!!!!!




She keeps going and getting up! I cry about how she inspires me when I am feeling low. I’m so grateful for her. Always.


25 years later and she’s still the queen of Christmas! Love you, MC!

Me and the dogs

After the 11th song, most of the rest does not sound or feel like Christmas. Many songs are all new reworks with mostly soul and nothing traditional or classical.


I’ve been listening to rock my whole life and I consider Mariah Carey to be the greatest and best vocalist of all time. So my playlist consists of Zeppelin, blues, Kenny Wayne, Free, CCR, Joe Bonamasssa (et al.) and...Mariah. Yup. She’s just the best! She made the brave choice to release live material on this album and it’s gorgeous. Thanks Mariah, I do and will always love you.


I’m one of the MANY ppl who is officially sick and tired of that annoying single . I even tried listening to parts of this album and was cringing extremely hard at how much yelling she did throughout the entire thing . MC fans are str8 up crazy . And how many times is she re releasing this record . She has got to be the most greedy singer of all time it’s clearly obvious it’s all about the MONEY 🤦🏽‍♂️

DJ Derek R

A great buy.

lil norma

You have what


I love Mariah and this album so much! I'm so happy she relesaed a deluxe version of this album for its 20th anniversary!


The best collection of Christmas music you will ever find by any one artist.


Love all the songs on here old and new!!! A must for any mariah fan like me


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town remix and Sugar Plum Fairy! ❤️❤️


For Mariah having a beautiful voice that he gifted wit god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a talented, beautiful, outstanding voice u have Mariah! U were gifted by Santa 🎅🏻 and blessed by God!!!


Now we get the live performances in this deluxe 25th Anniversary album doesn’t get much better than this #MerryChristmas

Thon llido

So much respect for this artist. Thank you for your music. You give xmas a whole new meaning


...she would be irrelevant. And this album flopped hard!! Lol


I can’t believe it’s the 25th anniversary of her first and second x-mad albums combined with other songs that weren’t included. You go Mimi!!! I really All I want for Christmas is you becomes her 19th number one




Classic Mariah with added unreleased audio? Yes please!!

Mr Blazer LT

I’ve had this album physically for many years before picking up a couple songs from iTunes (not sure why I bought them), and those purchases are still included with this deluxe version. Not all artists do this when releasing a deluxe version, so I'm glad this classic permits it and will pick some of these tracks up as the holiday gets closer.

Giovanni D Marrero

All of her great holiday tunes!




A classic that never gets old! ❤️

Christopher Brown Horne

It’s a 100% amazing Xmas album. All of the Christmas hits, plus so so so many bonuses. Buying this album feels like I am giving Mariah her flowers. Such amazing music.


Sick of this Christmas album , done officially


Mariah has done it again and will continue to do it becuase she is an Icon. Her Christmas album is among the best, if not THE best,. it always gets me in the holiday spirit. her vocals are amazing. her arrangements are beautiful. the live tracks on here are great to have after all this time. I love The Star as well. simply amazing.

A Z fan

I already have the first one but needed to get this one for the extra tracks which are great.... Thanks M


Can you say.... legendaric?


I am loving the new remixes and live tracks! Simply divine!

marjan dean

So so thankful for Mariah. I am so happy that she finally released her Saint John the Devine concert from 1994!! I truly wish she would have released the performance video of the concert as well... so rare!! Thank you, Mariah. You’ll always be my baby. ♥️♥️♥️

cole yeagley

This Album is so amazing!! The Queen of Christmas has been holding this for 25 YEARS!! This album is so Iconic in every way. 🎄🎄 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

HoneyB. Flyy

It just gets better every year! This Christmas album is the best! The holiday album everyone wish they could produce.


Mariah never ceases to amaze me with her vocal control, technique, runs, range, and last those angelic whistles!! She sounds amazing even into her 16th album! She is still at the top of her game, I want to see All I want for Christmas is you to go # 1 on BB hot 100! Get that 19th #1 Mariah is a stunning beauty with so much talent she deserves it! And one of the best songwriters of all time!


What a voice! My Christmas is made forever!


25 years?! Amazing. It’s not Christmas without Mariah.


Get festive, dahlings! 🎄


Her little lambs need to stop saying she wrote this alone. She co-wrote it. You guys sound like awful little monsters who ignore the fact that Goober was one of 3 who wrote Shallow 🤗


Nobody can do Christmas like Mariah just amazing!!!


Mariah Christmas always get me in a good mood..


I mean come on!!!! She’s MARIAH!!!! That was a classic that was a classic 🤷🏽‍♂️. Queen of being legendary in the 8th octave 💜🎄.


The most iconic Christmas album ever! All I want for Christmas is you will reach the number one spot on the billboard hot 100 this year!


Timeless music like the collection displayed on this album is amazing.

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