NF - Mansion

℗ 2015 Capitol CMG Label Group

Mansion Tracklist:

by peachy love

Me and my mom hate each other and we never get along and I’m just a kid 😭😥and it totally relates to my life and I’m giving five stars ✨ for your work and voice and talent and pls I’m going to talk to my counselor about the problem okie😁😔💔😥😭😩I’m paralyzed where are my fellings I’m lost in it kills me inside


Okay so I’m 9 and your music is the best my favorite singer is you and I love how can you leave us but I like all of your songs thanks 👍🏻

kids rule adolts drool

mansion is my all time favorite song! <3

just life i think

Personally all 59 of us enjoy this album and all the songs in it. Manly because some of us are going through the same situation. As the leader of the wolf gang 26 I would like to thank NF for providing only the best of songs to my pack. Once more thank you and we hope you continue making us feel better with your songs. — wolf gang 26🐺


I love paralyze and I like nightcore’s version better so could you add their version to this store?

Trust and Us


pretty boiii

Oh my gosh mansion sums me up


I don’t know how I missed this... I found NF through the search and have been a fan ever since


i love this album sooo much this album tells a great story i thank God for creating a rapper that’s keeping it REAL


He’s the best rapper and music artist because he doesn’t talk about sex or money he talks about actual feelings and it makes me feel better that he can understand what I’m going through and I find it good that he doesn’t curse! Best artist / rapper in my opinion


what was i gonna say... oh yeah FIRE!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I'm so annoyed!

I can tell that he believes in Christ but because of other albums I can also tell that he is struggling with believing in Christ because of everything that he has been through. I’m not saying anything bad at all about him because I know it hasn’t to be very though for him.




I was first introduced to NF from “The Search” album. Now I’m listening through what I missed. Incredible album



comment now



That’s how I feel inside


I love his music, every song reminds me I’m not alone in the world. Nearly each song gives me a reality check, and reminds me to live every day to the fullest! ✝️🔥


Can you hold me- so good


One of the best extended metaphors I’ve ever heard.


Not feeling it




This is my first ever review I've EVER placed on I-Tunes. As a lover of 80/90s rap, I was blown away listening to this young man's lyrics and message in all his songs! Refreshing restart of rap music. All the rest these days is regurgitated and meanlingless trash!!!


Great album but why did the reviews disappear?



So relatable and has gotten me through a lot of moments. 1st song I heard back when it was new was mansion and it’s still one of my favorite songs to this day.


NF IS THE BOSS! he is honest, deep, and real.


Why isn’t there a six star option? NF’s stuff is fire.


Love paralyzed!!!❤️


NF 💪🏻🔥🎙💯


I love how there’s only five starts no one has put a 1,2,3 or 4 stars. NF fans are so understanding it’s kinda sad, I mean a lot of this world has gone through what NF has too, if not worse. NF has grown over the past few years, he’s the first ever christen rapper that’s ever made it on a pop station. NF has given us courage and strength to do what we need to do. I personally have never been to a concert but I do have an Alexa that I can listen to him on, and what I do is I go crazy and I don’t know why. But I don’t go crazy and do drugs and stuff like that I go crazy and start calling out all of my sins and start poring my heart out to god, and I don’t know about you but I give everything to him(god) and that’s what we all should do. NF once said, I give everything to you, God, not just a little bit, take it from me I’m nothing but a hypocrite. And that’s the truth we should give it all to him not just a little bit cause we are just hypocrites.

NF is AWSOME!!!!!😎

This is amazing to I love it


He’s still going to blow up muahahahahahaha


Mansion is the best introduction to NF we could possibly have gotten.


NF is so underrated


amazing album


This just life changing. When I listened to this song,all my feelings just felt weird and I didn’t know that it could just change my everything and it made me think-I should Never be ashamed or hateful to made me think that NO ONE can bring me down or hurt me.and because of this song it made me who I am now. -your lovingly known Mrs.Cox


As some one who survived various forms of abuse this put to words the anger, resentment, and fury I felt. Who is this person? I just bought an album and I dont even know who the artist is.


NF is the best rapper hands down. In my opinion he’s better than Eminem and he’s real life proof that you don’t have to curse to make a good rap song. He is a lyrical genius. Good job NF. 😃💓🔥

NITRO the Rapper

Best thing I’ve heard

Eli Richter

This is the first of his many great albums


The amount of work put into this by him is insane. Give him a listen

Truth Lewis

Amazing album and artist! Heard his EP not too long after he released it, and I fell in love with his music instantly!


First NF album I listened to! To see him grow in his music is amazing! Always good and always has that real talk in it! KEEP GOING NEVER STOP


Never duplicated! All original!


Keep it up NF!


I’m so proud, everything he releases is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

Shantel drew bieber

This whole album is amazing! I relate to face it so much🖤


This music is so good 😩😩😩