Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist

℗ 2012  2012 Macklemore, LLC.

The Heist Tracklist:

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Macklemore is a 🐐this whole album is pure 🔥

Trust and Us


Ed Hominem

The only heist here is how this sonic leprosy beat Kendrick Lamar

Caylee Fite

I love all these songs and some are beautiful some are intense but in all the songs are just great


ESO es may bueno




Macklemore is the only acception. The heist is my favorite rap album and tbh the only one I like


I love this album and every song on here!!


Almost every song on this is amazing. Macklemore talks about how people tell him that his music is poetry, and he denies it. He shouldn't, because it is. Also, mad props to Ryan Lewis. You're a great music maker, bro.


You will not regret buying this piece of art because Macklemore is one of (if not the only one) the only rappers around that out out true and meaningful music that isn't focused on sex and drugs. 10/10 Definitely my favorite artist.


This is what they ought to be teaching in school. Real itT.


Macklemore whoever you had playing trumpet for you GIVE THAT GUY A COOKIE


Rap is not a genre I generally enjoy, but dang, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are like none other.

Mr. Only Extreme

but this is amazing!!

ella haggerty❤️💚💜💙

this is the best album on iTunes without a doubt. Ben and Ryan are very talented it won't get better than this


Any person who thinks Macklemore is bad are you sure about that.Who do you like R5 One direction?I hate them. Hey people if someone doesn't like Macklemore atleast he doesn't discriminate women.HAHAHAHAHA FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE R5 Or ONE DIRECTION.Why do you don't like Macklemore


Love the song, but there is an unknown crackle at the beginning of Thriftshop. Its kinda annoying. Rate is not for the whole album, btw i just bought thriftshop...

My god yay

The best song or songs ever my fav!

Quis J

This is not a good album. It sounds like a kiddie album produced by Disney Channel.


Wrong genre should be pop

NOVA 626

I hardly listen to rap, but this song, along with Cant Hold Us, are my favorite songs. This song was the song of my 2013 8th grade year and it brings our group together. LONG LIVE THRIFTSHOPS!


That you hear the top hits and like, so you decide to buy the album. Then you hear the rest of the songs, and they're almost all masterpieces. I honestly only don't like 2 songs oon the album, and that's comparing it to the superiority of The Heist. Last album I bought on iTunes was Recovery, and this was a flawless choice for me to get back into buying albums. Get it, don't regret it


I'm really listening to this and it's not a bad album but is this a hip-hop album? This is more pop than anything else.


Same Love brings me to tears like so few songs do. It is not because I am gay, but my uncle "is". Like Macklemore says, God loves ALL his children. I am not particularly a fan of Macklemore, but this song is suprisingly sentimental. I will listen to the sample again. You have the right to love the same sex. There should be no laws forbidding gay marriage. It is your own choice and decision. Hooray Macklemore, because I never sreamed you could sing the kind of song like Same Love.


I've been listening for a year straight still doesn't get old


amazing well thought out LYRICS and beats to go along. quite moving. and this is the first review i've ever taken the time to submit.

Boy that likes girls

Macklemore did it again with another good album with catchy lyrics I almost know all his songs been to a Concert that was a part of the Heist tour sounds just as good live wish I could meet him and I would recommend it and I'm not part of the fans that just knows thrift shop this album is a 5 star and he is representing are home town Washington


The album is awesome get it now!


Truly my favorite album. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are musical geniuses.


everything on this album is perfect. every song and lyric written in these songs have and say a message. when i listen to music i look for a good possitive message and this definately has a huge influence on me and where i want to go in life. Macklemore to me has been a great influence on my life because of the messages he puts out in his music. Macklemore definately has a good flow on this album as well as a great message. :) i do suggest to people to buy this album. it is amazing.


Honestly this is the best album I've ever listened to in my life. I know I'm young, so that's not saying much- but I really love this. I first heard of Macklemore by his song "Thrift Shop." I thought it was funny, and wanted to see what else Ben and Ryan have done. To my surprise he had a lot of serious music- music about his battles with drugs, his friends' battles, growing up differently than the kids around him, and much more. To my delight there are a lot of songs that you can listen to when you just "want to have fun." Three of my favorite songs are "Gold," "Can't Hold Us," and "Thin Line." Ben uses a lot of art references in this album and I love that when I don't understand something and look it up- I learn something new (like in his song "Ten Thousand Hours). This is the first rap album that I can truly say I enjoy from start to end. No skipping tracks; nothing like that. I'm not one who likes a lot of cursing- but after listening to this album I can really say that I enjoy the explicit version more than the edited. You can hear Ben's emotion in the tracks. Not to forget- Ryan does an amazing time at producing. He produced a lot of Ben's old music, too, and those are definitely worth giving a listen. A lot of my favorite tracks from Ben/Macklemore were made several years ago. I can't get enough of Ben- I had to go back and listen to his mixtapes from early on. I love how real Ben is.. no objectifying women, no glorifying sex all over the place, no glorifying drugs.. it's all emotion. Whether it's him being goofy or telling the story of something he's been through- it's all real. He's real. And for that, I am rooting for him.

Bowser jjkr

Great album

Infinit helio

This is the new rap style…Mixes of music combined into a rap. Truly beautiful ,


Great artist! He has turned rap/hip-hop into an actual art. Great job!


Thin Line is like the best ever!!!


This album is awesome!! Highly recomended. Love Cant Hold Us, Wing$, and My Oh My.


Not rap


Awesome album, the entire thing!!!!!

Justin Z172

Good album overall


Macklemore makes other "rappers" look stupid lol. Macklemore raps about real stuff. Now about how good his life is and how many girls he bangs. He raps about REALITY. Eminem and Macklemore are the best. PERIOD.


I LOOOOVE this album...nuff said. My favorites were the popular ones..."can't hold us", and "thrift shop"...but once I actually listened to the album I realized this guy is unlike any other rapper...he speaks and raps from the heart, from his past. I like that. This is a great album and definitely one of my favorites. Btw.."neon cathedral" and "make the money" are my new favorite songs on this album. :P

Colten c.

My ears bleed.


thrift shop and can't hold us are great


The heist is so good I love almost all of the songs and the rap is also very good. I don't listen to rap very much but his songs are so good that I listen to them all the time.


Looks like a good mix of music so ill just buy it


great songs


Like I said in my previous review, this album saved my life. Macklemore, thank you!!!!!!!! But, don't forget about Ryan Lewis!!!!!! This freaking genius is AMAZING at what he does!!!!!! He should get more credit than he does!!!!!!!!!! He's the whole backbone for this album!!!!! Thank you both for letting this girl live. Especially because of "Otherside" and "Starting Over". When I heard starting over I just about cried. I wanted to hold this horrible weight FOR my guardian angel!!!!! Why do people so amazing and talented and... TRUE have to go through so much pain?!?!?! I want to say I'm sorry for u having to go through that!!!!!!! YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I would give absolutely ANYTHING to just hug u both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you both and I hope u have to never go through so much pain again!! ❤❤❤☺

I'm get annoyed here!!!

I respect macklemore so much for not rapping about drugs and sex and twerking but rapping about important matters like being gay and obsession over an non living item. The fact that he doesn't give a two birds about what any one thinks is amazing. He is so talented and I really like him as an artist for rapping the truth and not that he wants girls to shake their but for him.