Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall

℗ 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

Tickets To My Downfall Tracklist:


Everyone keeps trying to hate when an artist tries to expand and grow/ experiment with what their music is. People have many sides and grow and change with life album was solid keep doing you man!


First of all I like pop punk, and never liked MGKs music before. That being said most of the songs are embarrassingly short. I have trouble even calling them songs because there is not enough content there. As a pop punk fan most of the content on this album is extremely generic sounding. It’s good generic but it’s definitely for people who are new to pop punk. The best song by far is forget me too although even that is generic and is barely long enough. It needs 1 more verse.


Mark my words there will be a shift in music after trippie redd drops his deluxe for pegaus


Is it me? Or does MGK get autocorrected to ‘Mom’ all the time? 6-7 killer tracks here, nice job. Post-punk-rock = starter drug for Ramones, Oasis, NIN and other greats.


Amazing album mgk is so great it’s so stupid I’m reading some of these comments and people are still talking about the Eminem crap who cares he makes very good music!


I’ve been a fan of MGK since his first album “Laced Up” as well as his early internet songs, but I’m amazed by the quality of his work, after Hotel Diablo he proven himself as a great artist, and he continued his work this year.


This is the best album I have purchased in a long time. I cannot stopppppp. 🤘


This just proves that MGK can literally do anything. He’s a real artist with real skill. This album rocks hard

Redin Bieber

Really really so awesome album 💿


I think this is a very beautiful artistic goal he had set as a dream of his the minute he wanted to be a musical genius and get famous. He did it for himself before all else and he most definitely deserves that in his life especially with how harsh and cruel this world is to someone in the business. I will always stay true to MGK no matter what. Just do you Colson


I love this album so much. I always have it on repeat. I love the new direction he’s going with his music.


It’s just that good!


Can honestly say I never knew a single MGK song before this. Was introduced to this album yesterday and it’s been on repeat since. Loving the new alt/pop punk album! It suits him and I love all the songs! Brings me back to some very happy times.

I Am HaVoCk

Back to the 90s


After years of mumble rap and hollow alt-Synth-pop topping the charts, someone finally comes out with a rock record that has muscle to it... I never thought it I would a rapper though. As someone obsessed with punk rock in my teens, I instantly loved this right away. MCK absolutely pulls off modern pop punk. It sounds like a rapper singing with like, Neck Deep or something, but the doesn’t seem out of place if anything, it feels perfectly natural. Also, Travis Barker’s drumming is amazing, as usual. If this tops the charts and opens the door for more music like this break through the fog, I’d not complain at all.


This entire album feels so genuine and heart felt. Every day that I listen through, a different song vibes with me in a whole new way. Definitely a born rockstar. Respect 🖤


After putting Em in his place, he decided to switch up....Megan definitely put him on top for good!

Avry Couture

Have to admit I wasn’t a fan of rap albums but this album pulls at my punk loving heart strings. It’s been on repeat since release. My little kids love it had to buy clean version for them.


For everyone saying he “switched genres”... It’s called being versatile and outrageously talented. Stop putting him in a box. Enjoy the music and calm down. He got y’all big mad for no reason. Anyways, this album is a testament to his hard work and his creative mind. Travis Barker went crazy on this and what they created from this album is going to go down in history. I haven’t listened to anything else since this was released. 🤘🏻

Weeden Brew

Went from being a great artist to sounding like everyone else on the radio now. I’m on board with changing- you can’t stay the same and expect people to keep listening, but you can’t be a clone of every other garbage sounding song out today. This album is unlistenable.... will be the old MGK albums from here on out. Has been going downhill for a couple of years now.


To all you young punk fans out there, don’t listen to this crap! Listen to Sex Pistols, The Clash, Joy Division, Dead Kennedy’s, The Smiths, and (early) Green Day! Trust me, they’re better than this wannabe Eminem. 😂😂


makes me wanna scream, makes me wanna cry, makes me wanna dance around in my underwear, makes me smile. Colson did amazing, so proud

Pear nuts

Best blink 182 album since Tom left


Just effin great !


You took a shot at Eminem and it backfired miserably now you have to make trashy alternative music


It’s jr high all over again 🤘🏼

blackbear 🔥



This is where MGK belongs. His music and talents are shown best here. I love this. I play this album nonstop. All I listen to

Steve Goodrich

.....just cheesy

me yes it's me

all i know is this is a terrible cover. Please dont cover any Op Ivy songs. (i accidentally previewed the song) makes me want to fish out my worn out tapes decks. also, blink 182 was the end of punk.


This is a solid Pop-Punk album. I’m extremely impressed. I was never a fan of MGK, wasn’t a fan of the whole Angry Rap thing he was doing, but this is solid. I feel like this is what he was meant to do all along. Honestly, it’s a solid 4, but I needed to balance out the unnecessary hate it was getting. Keep it up, mate! I’m looking forward to what you have in store for the future.


Great album. Love this style for Mgk


Really love your collaborations (all of them even the ones from years back), everyone is supporting your dreams & goals, its always a team effort in this business.....and I’ve got your songs/dreams/thoughts on repeat, I can’t listen 👂🏻 💕 enough, bravo 👏🏼 I think you’ve always had multiple sides, don’t listen to ANY negativity - u keep doing what you do best, focus, keep your eyes on the overall goal whatever that is for you, your family, and remember life is always about reinvention, you’re killing it Mr. Baker (and your entire team as well). I love Travis on the drums, there is a very special sound when you two collaborate together 💗 I don’t leave comments often maybe 4 my entire life seriously!! I don’t do social media, you don’t know me, but I think you’re great 👍🏼 and people need to leave all the stupid beef 🥩 in the past, and I would love ❤️ to see you on more award shows, etc., I think 🤔 they might be scared to take a chance on you, but I know you would be great and it’s time you get the respect, payment is due! Keep it up Kellz -Xo Brooke - supportive friend from FL!


Obsessed with whole album.


all the eminem stans still pressed😍 keep going colson. loving the pop-punk stuff.


Great to see him showcase his talent outside of rap. ❤️


He’s left rap because he can’t keep up with Eminem. Eminem is always going to be better than him.


I like it I am open to the alternative genre tho. I understand the bad reviews but I disagree completely. Also that priceeee that's awesome to see a album made cheaper like this.


Great change, bring back the punk and he succeeded.


I’ve been a fan of MGK for about 2 years now. Of course I had heard “Bad Things” on the radio when it blew up but I never took interest. After looking deeper into his story and getting more into his music I caught myself playing at least one of his songs a day. I think “The Break Up” was the first one I really bopped to. Whenever he released his album Hotel Diablo I instantly knew that he was going to become one of my favorite artists. That album had so many emotions and stories to tell that it just kept giving. The way MGK expresses his past and the harder more personal issues he’s faced in his life makes me enjoy his music even more. After hearing that he was going to be making a pop-punk album I knew he wasn’t going to fail. When he first released “why are you here” in 2019 I had been opened up to a whole new side of MGK I never thought possible. Eventually, single after single after single the songs just continued to get better and make me more excited for the release of Tickets to my Downfall. This album is full of those emotions and stories just like Hotel Diablo was but this time now that I know who MGK is more in depth I feel as though I could connect to it more. Overall an amazing piece of work for MGK. I’m glad he decided to branch out and try new things out even though that can be intimidating.


Awesome album! Happy to see mgk finally do a punk rock album🤘🏼

jd carper



Miss his old stuff


Totally a different sound, but still awesome


That certain gern nay say quoi...An unfortunate miss.

Eddie swag

Always will be below the pit of trash rappers🤢


this is soo dookie 🤢🤢🤢 bro go listen to Mark Lee


Worst album ever don’t buy this BS this is straight up dookie it made me want to throw up

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