Mac Miller - Circles (Deluxe)

℗ 2020 Warner Records Inc.

Circles (Deluxe) Tracklist:

Jakobe mcBoy

🙏rip mac


Thanks for the music. Once a day I arise. Once a day I fall asleep with you. 🙏

Jay Lara

Why is it cheaper to buy the non deluxe version then individually by the bonus two tracks from the deluxe?





link is sweet----

Never was a big fan of this guys music. Just sounds boring and unintellectual. This is obviously a cash grab and really isn’t hip-hop. Glad he and juice world are dead. Less trash polluting the hip hop genre


A quick money grab like X


You cooked a mean dish,thank you👊🏾


Obviously a money grab So stupid

Larry Price2019

Jamming Nonstop


RIP Mac. You saved a lot of people with your music. Rest in paradise.


I don’t rlly know this is but I heard he’s popular and his music is definilty not hip hop RIP but I don’t rlly like his music

blake fife

He sees life from a completely different perspective since we first heard Mac in his young days. Give this a listen if you're a real fan and have been since 2009.


Not really a Hip-Hop album but Mac coming back is awesome!!! 2 bonus songs push this over to top rating for me. Listening to this, in hindsight, really just shows his torment, its a mad world. RIP MAC.

Brandon Hile

Nothing worth listening to.


Just listened to this album. Absolute trash . Why was this guy popular?


Love the 2 new tracks!!


Why does every song sound the same and why are people producing his music when hes dead let the poor guy rest!


But where’s the bars?


I have always loved your music and your non-conformist style! This album is the most refreshing in a sea of trap crap! Greatly appreciative of your originality and your insistence on being a lovely stand-out!


My favorites are circles, complicated, HAND ME DOWNS, woods, and surf. Read/listen to his lyrics. And yes he is dead R.I.P. MAC MILLER. The media is still coming out with albums for Prince and MJ so give this a chance if you love Mac. NO HATE. It’s a unique mix of songs about taking it day by day. ❤️love you Mac 💋😙😇 🥰 His mom and his producer had songs that Mac Miller had already worked on. So this is the Deluxe. The album is beautiful


I feel so blessed to be able to have this music


RIP :(


glad his parents wanted us to listen to the magic he wanted to share w us all. for everyone saying it’s a money grab, do some research, the album is beautiful get your head up and enjoy it.

Carl Crofton

Really good, legend


Not that good


Go Mac 🙏🏼🙏🏼


First off Mac Miller is a dope artist r.i.p but this album is 90 % singing with a splash of rapping although it’s a dope project but it’s a r&b album


Rest Easy Mac We Miss You


rest in paradise mac🤍 this album is so beautiful, everyone needs to give this album a chance it just hits the soul differently🥺


Miss you buddy


I thought he died


Pretty pretty good 🤩

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