Luke Combs - What You See Is What You Get

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What You See Is What You Get Tracklist:


I think artists are starting to understand that Country songs need to be basic, yet still have a digital taste. Luke Combs is the pinnacle of this. He has a strong sound, both in voice and instrumentation, and his songs are pretty catchy. Can't wait to see 2020! For the best in country, tune in to WAUC AM 1310 FM 102.1 Wauchula FL


I’d say this is the best compliment, Luke Combs is better live. My husband and I went to see him last night, and I told him today, he’s so incredibly talented, his band is insane and after hearing him live, his recorded music doesn’t do justice! When he’s live, he has this grit and such passion behind his voice. Best concert I’ve ever been to! Thank you Luke!! As my family now refers to him as, Luke Freaking Combs!!! Ahh!


This entire album is really good, the dude can’t make a bad song .

#sucky man

Bro he is not white trash u probably like 3 years old. This man is better than u and he can sing more than u. He gets all the girls well u just sitting there in lonely ness he is the best so you don’t need to be saying he’s white trash what I just noticed that u can be white so don’t be saying that and you might be calling ur self white trash


Once again, another prime example of radio stations (not real fans) decision to make someone a star, who although"good," lacks the talent of a legitimate superstar!

Whoa Cuz

White Trash is what you get.


Cheap, and something you shouldnt waste your time on


j\Just because people don't like country music or this type of country music dosen't mean you have to hate on other people. I understand you have your opinions but not all opinons need to be shared espacially if they are trying to biring down anouther person. Just keep it to yourself and move on in life. If you dont like the music don't listen to it.


I love the new generation of country, and country just got a new chapter of awesome!!! Wish for some more topic variety, but overall pretty good!


Very good songs


You have the worst songs and all just always talking about drinking and killing people because that’s what it sounds like in your songs this is trash👎👎👎👎🦠🦠🦠so nasty


I wonder if anyone who wrote these songs has ever read a book in their life. Same garbage over and over, and the production is one step away from nickelback. Terrible music. And why can a guy in country be grotesquely obese yet the women have to have personal trainers and be half naked to get attention?

It's really cool!😋

Love love love. Luke is one of my favorite artists of all time and his songs are pure art. I always love all his songs. This album blows me away. So much talent! So much love for him!


trash. YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!!!!


Every song is so relatable. Especially “What You See Is What You Get” for me. Some songs on here also made me cry. Especially “Even Though I’m Leaving”. Keep putting out great music Luke. 👍


I purchased the entire album and it won’t let me play the last few songs! And my favorite one is better together. How can I get the last songs to play? They just say purchased.


Never before have I questioned if I paid ENOUGH for the talent and music I got! Luke Combs is awesome and this album is dynamite! 💥


You need this album!


Wooooooow!!! Look at all the little [email protected] Kane Brown fans knocking this guy! Bet all y’all Lil Nas X, FGL & Kane Brown fans would’nt know REAL country music if it slapped you in the face! 😂😂


As always, Luke brings it to the table. Absolutely love this album!


Greed kills creativity.....Luke is more interested in $$$ than challenging his musical potential. You can do better Luke.


I liked “Even Though I’m Leaving” better when it was “That's My Job” by Conway Twitty.


I wish I could put zero stars


First saw Luke at the Fayette county fair and ever since that got hooked, absolutely love his music. Great album!


He is a great country singer and he is my number one favorite country singer


One of Luke’s best. It’s worth the download, and the listen from beginning to end. Definitely some favorites, but not a bad song on the album. Keep on rollin’ Luke! 😎🤘🏼🇺🇸

Bo cottoncountry

Luke Combs is awesome. His music is real, not the poppy stuff that has been being called country for the last few years. Being a country boy myself his music speaks to me. My buddies and I love having music that fits our lifestyle.


As someone who grew up on country in the 90’s, it’s nice to hear music from a genuine song writer telling stories with their songs. There is a familiarity to Luke’s music that I look forward to hearing every time I start up my truck.


Its so great to have Luke Combs in the Country Music world...He brings back old country sounds!!!


Now these songs have some true meaning to me. I can fully realate. Those who say this is garbage im sorry, you mustnt know what youre talking about and should probably find that other side of country you were looking for. Luke Combs is the rising star re-defining what country music was meant to be about. Keep on goin Luke! youre awesome with what you do

Country is a trash can

This is the most bland, boring, uninspired genre of music. Everything sounds the same. There’s no distinction between artists except for the name. Everything else is just copy and paste. I just don’t understand, listen to something with substance.


I was skeptical of this album at first but the more I listen the more I love it!! Great album!!


Awesome music to listen to when working!🚜 🌱


The title speaks for itself! Amazing record all the way through!

a real country fan

Yes lots of songs about beer and tractors and breaks ups! Hahaha that’s the point country music is not about city lights and fine wine with theater lol. He’s doing it right or else he wouldn’t have made it in the grand ole opre so young. Love his sounds and lyrics sure lots about beer yes but it’s okay that’s what it’s supposed to be! Stop trying to put this new pop twist on everything if you want that there is a whole genre called pop you can go to and talk about the city and find dining and pretty things all you want. This guys brings back all the traditional country with a little newer stronger sound and that’s fine. Keep singing about tractors, truck, beer, guns, love and the south that’s what country music is. If your looking for the city lights and date nights and staying indoors and not being around the fire with tailgates down go to pop, hip-hop, rap and r&b, you can talk about all that there lol! I have even heard country songs that have a lyric saying how they can even start a fire, well that ain’t country lol. this is country music keep it going Luke and who ever else is involved in this! To everyone else stop hating on the old sounds of country we need it now more that ever and this guy can deliver along with a few others!!


I LOVE LUKE’s music and the fact that he is stickin to “ country” unlike MOST of the country singers now days.. KEEP IT UP LUKE❤️❤️❤️❤️

Perez H

I’m reading a lot of hate comments here. I’m Hispanic, didn’t grow up listening to country. I join the army, made some good friends and got myself an American bread girlfriend and they all like country but it was just ok to me besides Johnny Cash (that man was something else) but then I heard this man and I have to say, because of him country music won my heart and this album is amazing and Luke is a wonderful artist so thank you!!!!

the utah redneck

What you see is what you get is such a good song! Probably my favorite on the album along with many others! Keep it up!!!!! 🤠


This album is amazing! To those who are hating on all his beer songs: That’s one of the main things country is all about so… no point in stopping writing about what songs are supposed to be about. I don’t think there’s a single song by Combs I don’t like. Keep doin yo thang!


5star for sure best music you won’t regret it promise!!


Great album with everything that country is supposed to be. His last album was great but this one is a very well thought out and legitimate completely country album. SICK OF POP being marketed as country. This is great!


Probably one of the best albums a mainstream country artist has put out in a long time (along with Jon Pardi’s new album). The lyrics actually have some meaning behind them, and the sound is reminiscent of 90’s country. Plus, it’s hard to beat those pipes Luke has. Glad to see old school country is making a comeback, with Luke Combs leading the way. Hopefully, this is just the beginning.


Luke’s new album has been on repeat for over a week. Every day I find a new favorite song. It doesn’t get old. Every single song is a banger


Thank you Luke Combs for making country music great again!! You are a complete breath of fresh air in the country music world. Your songs are relatable, shows are amazing, and you go above and beyond for us fans. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Some of these comments are so mean if you don’t like his music then don’t listen. I rather listen to country music some songs now a days talk about drugs and sexual stuff I rather listen to something like Luke combs then al the othe lr crap music out there .


I’m so glad to see that not every "country" artist is singing pop with the country genre label on it! And is it just me or does anyone else want to hear him do a Christmas album


Not like the others 👎🏻


I love Luke but this album was a waste of my money. It sounds like just another pop album on the country stations. His earlier music had so much more feeling and meaning than this crap to a “beat”.


Don’t know why he is getting so much hate he’s music is real country not pop country like Dan&shay


I can relate to this music