Journey - Look Into the Future

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Look Into the Future Tracklist:


In my truck in high school. This, along with AC/DC Powerage, UFO Lights Out, The Cars first album, Hagar Musical Chairs, Tom Petty and the HB's first album, etc. Takes me back.


Sure--- a few stinkers, but overall a great LP.


i grew up with steve perrys Journey and loved them.. i only discovered these original lineup albums recently and GOOD GOD what have i been missing ?? This is the kind of music i get out of bed for.. my production at work has doubled since i have been blasting these early albums on my playlists.. Steve Perry Journey put out some great music and i wont take that away from them but this and their self titled first album are hands down some of the best rock cd's i own...


Bought the album when it first came out. It sounds just as good today as it did back then. The journey with Perry is just pure bubblegum. This album is when they Rocked out.

Super really awesome epicness

I think a mistake many people in the 2 seperate Journey camps make is assuming that you can not simply love both bands, just differently. Perry and Rolie are both good singers in their own ways, in the conventional way Perry may be the better singer, but his voice with its remarkable range is better for belting out Arena Rock Gold. That is fine, but he could not pull off Progressive rock vocals like Rolie can. The genre doesnt demand a huge range, it demands a breathy, ethereal tone that fits the genres style of music, which is a type of voice that Rolie has in bundles, could Rolie sing Perry era songs, probably not. Each of the 2 singers sounds very talented and well suited to his respective genre. Now to this album in particular. It represents a new direction in the Rolie era. They were making a commercially viable strand of Progressive Rock, perfectly mixing art and hooks. Unlike Perry era songs which, despite the continued talent of the musicians, were primarily carried by the vocals, this album blends vocals with all the other instruments. Schon's guitar is just as an important part. The singers keyboards show much, the drumming is superb, and the bass, as per the Valory usual, is spot on. Vocals are just one of the many instruments, and it suits the album well. It mixes perfectly Hard Rock and Prog Rock, nobody thinks they are selling out, but they can still move units. This album is a must have.

Gina bina 456

I find it odd to hear that Perry wouldn't be the favored singer...he made Journey with his great vocals. No one can carry a tune close to his and the proof is on the radio now. They play mostly Perry songs because that's what people want to hear. I saw the new Journey in concert and was disappointed by the singer's poor vocals. Oh well.


Look into the Future was the second of 2 and a half extrodinary albums of progressive, expansive, cutting edge music released by a group of musicians who got their pedigrees at an early age with differing artists. Greg Rollie and Neal Schon spent their youth with no less than Carlos Santana, Ross Valory cut his teeth with the Steve Miller band, and Ansley Dunbar was a sought after studio drummer who also toured with David Bowie in his hayday. Thet met as a group and formed in San Francisco, but formed an allegiance with Detroit early on because of the warm reception they recieved at some very early shows in their careers by the discerning but appreciative Detroit rock n' roll affecianados. To some, including myself, with the first 2 albums they had ventured into almost mythical status with their incredible musicianship and dedication to making music that was pure and from the soul. It's easy to get lost in the amazing guitar gymnastics of Neal Schon and sometimes haunting vocals of Gregg Rollie, but one should take time to fully appreciate the equally fine work displayed by Ross Valory and the driving force of Ansley Dunbar. Journey made all of the people who wished bands like Yes would occaisionally break-out and play some harder edge material very, very happy. Journey set out to prove progressive rock n' roll could satisfy even hard core rock fans, and succeded with a bang. Any rock fan who appreciates music for the music and not the trappings you owe it to yourself to listen to Journeys first 2 LP's, they were ahead of their time then and their still a glimpse of what music can be when done right.


Then it took you six years to graduate. Because this awesome record was released in 76. Stop doing drugs.


Listened to this album in high school in a red 59 Chevy. Says it was released in 1976, but I graduated in 73.


This is great music.


I'm sorry but this is my favorite Journey album. I saw the band perform when this album came out at a local Jr College and I was hooked from there on! The raw power of Neil's guitar and the great vocals by Greg are what made Journey a great band way before Steve Perry. I love the music and albums after Steve Perry joined the band but nothing will ever compare or eclipse this album. I sometimes wish that they would try to bring back some of that sound. I hear it every once and awhile on certain songs but it will never have this great raw sound.

Drummer Al

The musical talents of these guys put them in a league by themselves. They were insane live as well. This CD is great, and the drumming of Aynsley Dunbar, the most under rated drummer, really stands out.


Once again, the music snobs who think themselves "purists" put down what Journey became in favor of how they started out. Fine, if you like old Journey and don't like what they became - I like some bands better before they were commercially successful, but to say old Jouney was far more talented and that the old singer is better than Perry is bunk. Perry has 10x the vocal range of Greg Rolie (IMO). And let's face it, most Journey fans liked newer Journey better and I think for good reason. What I'm tired of are the self-proclaimed purist snobs who put down bands when they find commercial success. I think there's an argument for saying both sides of Journey were good - but they're completely different. Different fan base, but there's no lack of talent.


One of the first ALBUMS I ever bought. From Neils searing guitar riffs, to Ross' solid bottom end, Gregs vocals and the amazing talent as he tickles the ivorys, and of course one if the best drummers you'll ever find in Anslie Dunbar. One of my faves is their take on the Beatles, "Its all too much". Journey newbies, take the trip. Enjoy the ride, and dump that [email protected] Perry.

I love music 77

Look into the future the best. Who needs Steve Perry when you got Greg Rolie at vocals.


the official itunes review for this album couldn't have possibly been written by anyone with good musical taste, this album along with the self titled album are two of the great obscure rock albums of the seventees. im gonna leave leave you is phenomenal and could carry the album but doesn't have to. i strongly suggest this album be re reviewed by itunes, but most importantly that you listen to it.


Don't believe the condescending and dismissive official review provided by iTunes. This album contains some of the best hard/progressive music of the '70s, and is FAR better than the tripe Journey would descend into with the addition of Steve Perry. Greg Rollie's vocals are strong and filled with personality, the rhythm section is tight and creative, and Niel Schon is at the top of his game. They've definitely carved out a sound here that sets them apart from just about anyone else at the time. If you're a fan of the harder side of 70's prog (especially with a fusion flair), this album is well worth your money.


Look Into the Future is such an epic song. I love the progressive version of Journey, but I love all works of Neal Schon, including Hardline and the new Journey lineup.


In all fairness to Greg Rolie he was no doubt a talented singer but just like Genesis when Peter Gabriel left the band and Phil Collins well, you know the rest. I had this album on 8-track if that is any indication how old it is. The band showcased their ability and they did it without straying very far from their San Francisco roots.(This band,s members started out with Carlos Santana).


It,s a good album with just a couple so so songs but every time i play it i get a smile on my face.


I was fortunate enough to see these guys at Winterland pre-Steve Perry so I'll always have a soft spot for this lineup. The first three albums were good then and many tunes have held up well 30 years later. It's easy to dog Perry and musically, rightfully so, but he also made Neil and Ross a ton of cash by taking this band on a Pop Rock "Journey". Of the three before Perry, I've always liked Next but this is good too. It's All Too Much still sounds fresh. Dig deep enough and you can find live recordings of She Makes Me Feel Alright and You're on Your Own.


I've always loved and will always think of Journey as pre what's his name. What's his name really is not the legacy of Journey.


some weak tracks but the whole of it still rocks and neal shines on this 1 before steve steals the spotlight get the title track an u'll c what i mean !! a good listen !


This is kind of a lost CD by them but great guitar work and pretty strong lyrically. I love the song "Look into the future". Definately worth buying!


Long before the commercial tripe, Journey made a enduring statement for progressive rock. This second of three seminal albums serves to remind us that Journey used to be a great band. Neal's guitar work is astounding and the tunes with Greg singing were super. Whoever changed this lineup was definitely shortsighted and shallow.


The first two albums by these guys didn't make the money that defined their careers, but there is some really great music here. I heartily recommend buying the album, but if that's too much, then spend a buck to buy "It's All Too Much". Neal Schon's solo roughly 90 seconds into the song is one of the best pieces of guitar work I have ever heard. 30 years later it's still a place holder for me among the all time great "dump the truck" jobs, up there with Clapton, Page, Beck, Hendrix, et al.


Hard, bluesy, progressive rock. An excellent album. Journey's later poppy music is a far cry from this, Journey at their very best.


Any fan of guitar solos should have the title track. The album as a whole is representative of where music was at the time, and certainly sounds dated now. But "Look Into The Future" (the song) features a lot of great Neal Schon work that you need to hear. He was fresh out of Santana at the time, and you hear traces of Carlos, but it's all Neal, and it's great. Fabulous stuff, I never get tired of it.


Wow, the musicianship in this album is incredible. Many Journey fans may say that its not as good without Steve, but if you look past that and take time to listen to the album, it is truely great work. I would recommend it to any fan of rock in general.


Long before Steve Perry and the power pop hits everyone knows, Journey was the pinnacle of progressive '70s rock. Look Into The Future was their second album, released in 1976. This album is a little more accessible than the first (which is brilliant in its own right). The title track is an absolute anthem, an 8-minute masterpiece. The musicianship on this record is outstanding, especially the incredible drumming of Aynsley Dunbar. And I just adore the vocals of keyboardist Gregg Rolie who also sang on the first four Santana albums. I had the privelege of seeing this group in 1978 (pre-Perry) and was absolutely blown away.