Florida Georgia Line - Long Live

℗ 2020 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Long Live - Single Tracklist:


Sounds like the original FGL I fell in love with years ago. Welcome back!


Back to the roots now let’s stay there


i mean, its not as bad as the other songs, but its another one thats less than 3 minutes and its not really prime fgl


Wow sounds like all their other small town songs and only lasts 2 minutes. Weak


I really hated their last EP, This is something new and improved!!!! I loved the old FGL and they are kinda going back to their roots, love it!

Country Guy4587

Awesome song. cannot wait for the new album


One - their music has ALWAYS been trash, and now they’re headlining the TRUMP rally. Uhm take your trash personalities and trash music elsewhere. No one should support someone who is racist, xenophobic, transphobic, and anti feminist (aka trump). Absolutely disgusting.


I gotta hand it to them. BK and T Hubb had a decent country song in I Love my country. Long Live reminds me definitely of their earlier years in country. To me, this is reminiscent of songs like Cruise, Dig Your Roots, Anything Goes, Its Just What We Do, Dirt, and Confession. Also Sippin on Fire


To quote Jean Ralphio these guys are the WOOOOOOOOOOOORST


Great song all these ppl giving this song a 1-3 stars don't know country music and should just shut up


There’s nothing to this song. What happened?😴


Keep it up


These two clowns are still making music?


This song isn’t about anything. It’s just every possible small town trope (and Walmart apparently) repeated over and over again. I half expected them to thank the troops for protecting our freedom. It’s like when YouTubers use every possible, barely related keyword tag in their video description to try to make it show up on search results. Weak.

Chicken Master Bryan

Back to there original roots. Thank God

dgcxfvdzgcg hdx

Like this song reminds me of y’all’s good ole days


Another snoozefest that clocks in at UNDER 2:40 seconds. Are they even trying anymore? Bring back the old FGL. UGH.


Same melody, zero depth. Same ol same.


Brings me back to their early albums. Great campfire music


This isn’t the Florida Georgia Line I used to know from 2012-2016. Their 4th album wasn’t the best, and this new single for their 5th isn’t the best. I’m sorry :(


Long live Walmart? Really?! Pander much?


Love this song


This song is exactly like FGL’s old school sound that made me a fan. Honestly I was a bit concerned after “I Love My Country” came out (as I thought it was easily the worst song they ever recorded), but this song has me excited for what is next for FGL!