Ben Folds & Nick Hornby - Lonely Avenue (Deluxe Version)

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Lonely Avenue (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


What a tragically beautiful song. It really is moving and tells quite a story.


Ben, This is a great album and I have enjoyed listening to your music for a while now. Don't listen to all these haters who don't like the music because it's too "different". It's great. keep up the great work.


I'm more than impressed, people hating against this album listen to the lyrics to Working Day, it's about how people just don't forgive him for being Ben Folds and not Ben Folds Five. the bands far gone and doing their own thing, and Ben is packing serious punches on this album. Levi Johnson's Blues, Doc Pomus, Claire's Ninth, and From Above are instant hooks. Songs like Picture Window and Belinda are softer and have deeper meaning when you listen to the beauty of it. For Ben Folds, a man that has written i think 8 albums of original material, he's still got it. you will not be dissapointed in buying this album

Babylon Reviewer

I'm surprised that so many people don't like this album.'s different from his other records. And sure "Way to Normal" wasn't his best.....(but I still think it was great). But I really think this is ONE of his best albums. Lyrics are genius (Nick Hornby). The first song, "Working Day", I first heard, and I said "Oh No!". Then I listened to it again, and again....and again. Then I realized the genius behind. I still don't what it is. But it's great. "Picture Window" is probably my favorite song off the album. It's one of Ben Folds' best songs. And Nick Hornby was a genius for writing the lyrics. And Paul Buckmaster's parts are awesome. "Levi Johnston's Blues" is also a great song. The music and melody is amazing. And Paul Buckmaster's parts are amazing. Makes it sound like it should be in a James Bond movie. Doc Pomus is also a great song. The lyrics are amazing. "Your Dogs" is probably one of my favorite songs off the album. I think everybody can relate. Oh those dogs.......The lyrics are genius....but the song wouldn't be good with out the melody that Ben put to it. Practical Amanda is just a beautiful song. Claire's Ninth has a great story behind it. I love the lyrics. Password is also one of the best songs on this album. It's genius. The lyrics are great. From Above is a Ben Folds classic pop song. Saskia Hamilton is probably one of the worst on this album, but is still a great song. I just think it's a little too much. Belinda is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! The lyrics are the most amazing thing I've heard. Who else could think of that idea for lyrics? The melody is perfect. Goes perfect with the lyrics. Couldn't hear any other way. I CAN'T GET "THINGS YOU THINK" OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT THOUGH!!!!!!! IT'S AMAZING!!!!! Makes me laugh every time I hear it. Nick Hornby is awesome. This album also proves that lyrics don't always constantly have to rhyme!!!!! That's the genius behind this album.


I really really really want to download the cover Ben Folds did of Ke$ha's "Sleazy." I would buy it in a heartbeat!! PLEASE!


I'm a huge Ben Folds fan but this album is sad compared to his earlier music. What is with this electronic stuff? Not loving this album, especially knowing how awesome he once was.

App Vuer

My favorite author + my favorite musician = my favorite CD. Thanks Ben for another great one. Best of all his records!!!!!!


None of the songs are labeled explicit but many of them should be. I was pretty disappointed about that.


Another Great Album! I am a huge Ben Folds fan and this album definitely holds it's own. I understand why some people don't like this album, b/c it has a different sound than previous albums. His music never lacks the soulfulness though. Quality stuff, you can't go wrong with Ben Folds.


This took balls. You made a huge leap as a composer taking on such a co-write as this, knowing it could blow up in your face, but you nailed it.. I'm a songwriter too, and have tried to stretch myself artistically, but you my friend have balls. Great big Ben Folds Balls. Masterful.

Stevie Bugs

The melodies on this CD stays with me thanks to Folds, but too many words!! My God you can tell Ben must of had a hard time fitting those "words" into the song! Also, 99% of the listeners don't know who the hell Edie Gorme is!


This new album is a very different sounding ben folds, I personally love the new album, but nothing will beat rockin the suburbs album


I am a huge Ben Folfs fan and when I heard that Ben was going to be writing songs to Nick Hornby's lyrics, I was unsure and a bit disappointed that Ben's next album wasn't going to truly be made up of his own songs. Even after listening to it for the first few times, the thought that Ben was singing someone else's song kept running though my head. There were a few tracks that I immediately liked- From Above, Saskia Hamilton, Belinda, and the chorus to Levi Johnston's Blues. However, I found myself liking the album as a whole more and more with each listen. The lyrics to each song tell stories that only Nick Hornby could create. I now truly love this album and highly recommend it to you if you are a fan of Ben's previous work. If you don't like it at first, give it a chance. Listen to it a few more times and maybe you'll come around to loving it as I did.


I wish I could tell customers what songs are the must haves, but it seems everyday that that changes for me. The greatest part of this album is how DIFFERENT every song is (i guess i can't say that for the alternative 'picture window'), but how it's still got the unique ben folds attitude. One song that seems to be under the radar - Belinda. Hoooly crap. Imagine you having to sing a song about a mistake you made that broke your heart, over and over again, just because ignorant fans enjoy the tune. I wonder how many artists have to deal with that for every concert they have? Along with "Things You Think", those songs are pure genius. Great album, but don't retire yet, Ben.


this album is for sure one of the better ones. i love the lyrics and the humor. great job guys!


Ben Folds and Nick Hornby are two of my favorite artists and to have them collaborate seemed fortuitous. On my first listen I was not all that enamored and was a little disappointed which is not unlike the feeling that I had when I first listened to the The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner (now one of my favorite). Disappointed, i thought I would give it one more liste no see if there was anything there and that is when it happened, it all clicked. on each subsequent listen, i become more enamored with the music and the lyrics are just what one would expect from Nick. What a great pair.

Josh Estep

This album is amazing.


Ben Folds does it again. Bringing characters to life in short bursts of musical genius. He could make reading a phone book into a great song to listen to over and over. Belinda is smart and beautifully delivered in his snarky style, definately my favorite. Download the album and you won't be dissapointed if you like good, smart music.


There's an alarming trend that has cropped up with Ben's albums beginning with Way to Normal and continuing on this record. Some albums don't resonate at first and require multiple listenings to develop an attachment to them. Other albums form an attachment to begin with and only deepen as you listen more. Unfortunately, this album falls in the former category. This has never been the case for me personally with any of Ben's albums prior to Way to Normal. While this has struck more of a chord, it doesn't measure up still. I feel like I have to reason away and legitimize liking his records now, and that wasn't the case before. I do not like that feeling.


I think it's one of his best albums, frankly. The music is fantastic, and while you would expect more from Nick Hornby, he was good at writing this album. I rated it 5 Stars because it sounds good, and even if it's different than his early stuff, that's the same with most great artists.


Ben Folds is brilliant and has written some of the most beautiful ballads ever recorded. The first three Ben Folds Five records were ALL great and he has some major works on some of his solo stuff including: Give Judy My Notice, Learn To Live With What You Are, Late, Wandering, Landed, Annie Waits, Gone and The Luckiest. However, this album as well as his last one, Way To Normal, are just terrible (with the exception of the song Kylie From Connecticut). The lyrics are awful and they seem forced into the music. It's trite and at times just plain infantile. Having said that, Ben Folds is a musical force to be reckoned with and will eventually come around to making more extremely moving, sublime music, if not in the form of whole albums then in nuggets of gold here and there. With all the magic he's given us in the past, he is entitled to make mistakes like these last two albums as well as a few more.


There's some pretty good song on here that are pretty catchy. It's not a bad album but I was hoping for a little better. But Ben is great and I'm not losing faith in him. Nick Hornby wrote some good lyrics as well. Cool idea, and good album.


ok. great dude. im a big hornby fan, but geez. ben. my gosh. please revert back to the days of Rockin the suburbs and figure out what you did right there. that was easily the best album i've ever heard. if i may be so bold. i would say that if this wasn't ben folds and Nick Hornby that none of us would have listened to this album and thought it was great. i LOVE Ben Folds but he's got to get it back together. Maybe i'm just hte odd man out though. everyone else seems to like it. as for me its not cutting it. for me this is the musical quality equivalent of Halo 3.

ben's jammin

I've just finished listening to Things that You Think for the twentieth time in a row. Ben Folds is a God, and Ben Folds and Nick Hornby just may save humanity from itself.


Dear Ben, You were once my favorite musician. My absolute #1. I loved every single song from the first Ben Folds Five album up through Songs For Silverman. EVERY SINGLE SONG. And then something happened starting on Way To Normal and now in full bloom on this album. Your songs started to sound forced with you either trying to sound like an angsty teen again and failing or you added new sounds and synths to hide the fact that the underlying music wasn't as strong. The songs drag and don't develop anywhere interesting. That's what I loved about Songs For Silverman. I thought you aged well and found a sound that was still you, but reflected your age and still had really well developed thru-composed songs. Way To Normal still had a few really good songs, but overall it wasn't strong. This new album after 10+ listens does absolutely nothing for me and I'm worried you'll never be the same. I cant believe I hate one of your albums. The music is boring, forced, and....not the Ben I've come to love for the previous 15 years. Please come back to me Ben.


I really can't stand this album. I like a few songs but the majority feel like something he was forced to sing along with. Trying to just finish a record contract maybe. Reminds me of some of the artists at the local coffee shop. A little bit of creativity in a lot of songs, but not the complete package. I had been waiting for some new songs and album, but this wasn't what i was waiting to hear.


This "electroniced up", if that's an expression, album is not my favorite style. I gave Way to Normal a shot, and after listening a few times it grew on me. Lonely Avenue sounded similar in some respects. But when it boils down to it, I miss just Ben and the piano. His regular trio of piano, bass & drums are plenty for me. I would say this album had enough to satisfy me, but I wasn't over the moon. Bring back the basics. Too much musical tweaking leaves the album and my ears feeling overworked! That's just my opinion though, to each his/her own. :)


i love this album soooo much! the lyrics are really fantastic. you'd think it was ben's at first because of all the swearing (hahaha), but it is just a bit different than his usual style, which makes it that much better. i preordered this on his siteyl, so i'm really excited to hear it on vinyl. amazing album!!!


...but I'm still not convinced that Ben Folds has creating anything "arresting" since his days with the Five. Hornby's lyrics help to create some stellar ballads and some uptempo tunes that might be well suited for musical theater.


not good ben, you're old stuff was much better

klix works

the recording is done well does not excite me .. these should be .99 songs everyone let them know used to be $1.29 was for the "blockbusters" someone is getting greedy..


wow. Ben did it again. way better than way to normal. more catchy tracks and good lyrics from nick hornby. picture window is amazing and the pop version rocks too. ever since i got the single from above, i couldn't wait to get the whole album. nice work ben and nick!


This latest incarnation of Ben's style is bright, varied and to my delight, reminds me of Andy Partridge and XTC! Smart Music!!


I dunno, I like most of the arrangements, but many of the lyrics feel forced and unnatural. I really want to like it, but it just doesn't feel like a Folds album. My first impression of the album is that it was treated like a homework assignment... that was turned in late... for half credit. I won't be too quick to judge though. I'll give it a couple of weeks of listening, and adjust my review accordingly.

Mole's Elbow

This is an enjoyable album with some interesting lyrical twists. Hornby compliments Folds nicely, but, surprisingly, the biting satire, the rich, literary elements, and the subtle self-righteousness that has always defined Folds' lyrics is still there. It feels like his writing. That said, Folds' decisions, musically, are a little disappointing. Not that it isn't well written, but it feels repetitive, electronic, even over mixed, sometimes. It's difficult for artists to age gracefully, to mellow their music, but the great ones do, or they disappear. Folds is fighting it. Where he could be dipping his pen into the melancholy reflections that he started in Songs for Silverman, he's pushing for that Supersunnyspeedgraphic "offness." Where he could be embracing the acoustic jazz sounds that he so brilliantly employs on stage, he is condensing his music into electronic bytes and non-dynamic mixes. The best that can be said is that this album does exactly what it set out to do: provide a distinctive feel, a complete album, if you will. but unfortunately, it's still no more than a "Lonely Avenue."


This is one of Ben's better albums. Much better than his Way To Normal album which wasn't particular my favorite of his. Nick Hornby wrote wonderful lyrics that touch you instantly. Ben adds wonderful music and does a fantastic job. Superb.


I was hesitant on first listen to the opening track, but really cannot stop listening to the full album over and over at this point ("Oh...the cd has ended again?...have to start it over"). Simply brilliant, lush songs, with humorous, sometimes seemingly idiotic lyrics that on subsequent listening really open up to give you that down home "pot roast-done-well" feeling. Great lyrics don't have to use big fancy words. Simple words used exceedingly well make just as big an impact...and that is what I am seeing here, a few listens in. MY only complaint is the use of the nanna-nanna-boo-boo chorus structure in some of the songs. Our music is more and more two note riffs for choruses that is simply boring. Done well, as Ben does, it sounds ok, but I like to think he is sending us a musical message by being musically ironic/satirical when we get to the chorus anthem on Levi.


Like all Ben Folds projects I have purchased in the past this album didn't go over well with me' upon initial listen...I miss the French Horn from the earlier leaked release of 'Picture Window' but the stringed arrangement is quickly becoming a favorite. I don't know the nomenclature to label such a phenomena ...let's call it the 'Songs for Silverman' effect until we can think up something better...Purchase the tracks!You will be glad you did. -Th


I love this album. I have already listened to it around 6 times all the way through in the past day and a half and I still can't get enough. Even though he didn't write the lyrics it still feels like something Folds would create himself. Every song is a vivid short. Buy it!!

Spektor Fan

Nothing is bad when it involves Ben Folds. NOTHING. Including this album.


"Belinda" has bass guitar licks that sound like they were pulled right out of Elton John's "Country Comfort," and the chorused vocal lines remind me of "Someone Saved My Life Tonight." The whole album is wonderful, but "Belinda" is definitely the standout track for me.


I went into this thinking it would be like his collaboration with William Shatner, but this is SO much better!! Download it, listen to it, then grab the LPs and do it all over again, a classic from both Folds and Hornby


I've always been a big Ben fan and supporter. After an album (Way to Normal) where I thought he went away from his true identity as an artist, 'Lonely Avenue' is an absolute success. The collaboration with Hornsby's lyrics and Ben Folds' instrumentals is an epic success, and I defy anyone to say otherwise. A cross between 'Naked Baby Photos' and 'Songs for Silverman,' Lonely Avenue is definitely a must have for any Ben Folds fan.


Second album in a row that has only one song that I want to listen to again! Come on, Ben!!!


Heard the profile of this CD on NPR this morning and had to check it out. Well worth the listen, wonderful vocals with thoughtful lyrics. Love this collaboration.


Exceedingly brilliant. Folds manages to strike a balance across the board. Snarky, yet genuine; funny, yet smart. Hornsby's lyrics and Fold's melody resembles the magic produced between Elton and Taupin.


Heard snips of "Belinda" and "Picture Window" when Ben played with the Boston Pops and have been looking forward to this since. I Love the rest, I love the duo, I love Ben.


Its a great album. I love the songs "Picture Window", "Levi Johnston's Blues" ,Your Dogs" ,and "Belinda." Its definitely Ben's best album since 'Songs for Silverman.' And Ben, if your reading this, I love the song Belinda, but I really like the end to it. I mean, after the 50 second pause. I love the old classic rock beat that you created. I wish that you would extend that into a song. Its quite awesome.

b sLuG

Honestly this is a great album. You can tell Ben didn't write the lyrics, but Claire's Ninth and Picture Window sound like songs he would've wrote. It really is a great album to add to your library.

Two-Headed Girl

Ben Folds is amazing. So is Nick Hornby. Both of them together is like one big supernova of awesome. Yeah, this album's not perfect, but it's still easy to love.

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