Pink Floyd - London 1966/1967 - EP

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London 1966/1967 - EP Tracklist:

Diblin' Dablin' Dave

This EP, with recordings taken from 1966/67 sessions for the soundtrack of the movie "Tonite Let's All Make Love in London" (or something like that, it has a very long title), has a version of Interstellar Overdrive that is approximately seven minutes longer than the studio version. In addition, it has a 12 minute instrumental known as "Nick's Boogie.' The Interstellar Overdrive far exceeds the studio version, in my opinion. Nick's Boogie is not that bad of a song, but it isn't very good either. A regular LP that costs $10 is usually around 40 minutes, and this is the same amount of money for about 10 minutes less. I don't think Itunes will ever fix it though, due to the fact that it has been this way since 2007, so if you are a Pink Floyd completist or an early year psychedelic Syd Barrett fan, I will recommend this. But although most people won't even find this, it is not a very good starting point for new fans. Try Wish You Were Here or Dark Side of the Moon.


Anything with Syd on it is worth every penny. Those of you who don't think so are probably too young to understand. He was the true "artist" in that band. The true creative talent went out the door with him. They know it too!


I dont care how many songs there are, but theres NO WAY Im parting with $10 for less than thirty minutes of music, no matter how good it is!


but more psychedelic song so much seventies this incredible shame that belonged to this generation uviera been great experience that time and that music did not woo me two veses thought when buying this masterpiece of pink floyd no doubt this band is the best progressive rock


Its just 2 songs! i don't know why itunes would charge that much. Oh, and in interstellar overdrive,its supposed to be full LENGTH version not full lengh version

who cares itunes

This was the last album to complete my floyd collection. Like it but like i said, save it tell your desperate for floyd materiel.

Old Time Rocker Of Music

Ok every one who is complaining about it being 10 dollors for 2 songs think about this most of pink floyds other stuff is like one huge song kinda like this album but intstead of nameing each song they simplfied it so plz stop crying and listen to it and understand that it is only 10 min shorter then most normal albums by differnt bands but this one just rocks more.


Blabber blubber ink pow Read my eye Blabber Blubber ink pow

that cool guy

Okay... The first thing you are noticing is the price. I don't know WHY in **** they are charging 10 dollars for two songs, but it's here, and i suppose there is nothing else to say about that. Download it from some other site like amazon music. it is seven dollars there to my understanding, and ALMOST worth every penny. First of all, I know you are thinking, "Hey this is only two songs! whats the deal?" Well, maybe if the length has not swayed you yet, let me say this. Pink Floyd has gone on to do better work. I am not saying this is not amazing, but if you are just getting into Pink Floyd it is best to start out with more comercial work. Now, Secondly, I must add in, this is NOT A LIVE ALBUM. This is the sessions they did in early Floyd time. It is a very important time in music. And I must say this is more of a glimpse in time for Floyd history, and not for the music. It is very much an epic rather than an album, and will please most hardcore floyd fans.


I love early floyd and this is why. Great Suff. I would try to get this on CD if you can, it loaded with extras and video and it was only $2 more.


Why charge $10 for 2 songs?! I don't care how long the songs are.

Where is the real music

Go to E music. I paid 0.25 for each track


its pink floyd. u can't put a price on them.


Experimental Play that is. Worth every penny if you're in to the whole psychedelic sound. I know I am.

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