Lizzo - Cuz I Love You (Super Deluxe)

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Cuz I Love You (Super Deluxe) Tracklist:


Listening to her sing has given me both type 1 &2 Diabetes. Everytime i hear her sing raises my blood sugar and my cholesterol levels go through the roof. Luckily ive become deaf in one ear so my Diabetes has gotten under control listening to her sugar coated shit.


WE LOVE LIZZO🥰☺️😚💞❤️🙈🥵🤪

sue Lamb

Call I like this


Lizzo is amazing, but this album has already been done. Should’ve released a new album and added the songs as “bonus tracks”. There’s no point for this album to be re-re-released. It especially gets annoying for the fans that already have the album.


she’s Not A Good Singer she’s Just A Fat Cow




Why you guys haters? 🙁


Who the hell watches this s$&t


Lizzo is one of my all time favorite artists to watch perform & although I am new to Lizzo, I have seen thousands of artists perform. I was embarrassingly late to hearing about Lizzo. For a long time I would keep up with all the top new music, but after I hit my thirties, I slowly began to exist in my own musical bubble. Until I saw her perform on SNL, I hadn’t listened to her music, although I had definitely heard of her. (I readily admit that I might be the last human on Earth to discover Lizzo, seeing how even my 65-year old mom told me she had been dancing to Lizzo in her Zumba class for “quite a awhile” when I saw her first perform). Since then, I have sought her music out and listened and watched her perform multiple times. I admire her even more as a person though (already admired her as an artist) after listening to her interviews. I hope she that over the next decade she becomes an icon! So, I saw this received was only 3 stars. I read only a few of the reviews, and gathered that this may be a new album containing mostly previously released hits off a previous album(s), if so then that might be the reason why it has only 3 stars, because how else would this be only 3 stars? I don’t think she is necessarily an acquired taste. Her voice is undoubtably strong, she has great vocals. I think that her music and her performances are amazing. Someone may not like who she is or her style of music, but her music doesn’t remotely qualify as trash. I am 40 and have heard plenty of one-hit-wonders and over-hyped garage bands, and she is not in either of those categories. Lizzo knows what she is doing, both on the stage and in her music. She is very much a professional artist.


F#ck you fat useless pig

Gta master:)

Trash 🤢

Faris Alkayyali

She is so ungrateful, and always begs people to stream and buy her music. Whether or not it’s good. Her personality destroys any chance that I would’ve actually listened to this album, besides the overplayed and overhyped singles.

Popular gusy

I will be listening to the rest of the album soon


So many haters. Love this ❤️❤️❤️


Never will be


Yassssss yasss

ypur biggest fan

You so great


I love this song!! It speaks truth about some men that aren’t ready to be a man yet they always wanna still rely on the woman to care for their every needs yet they don’t want to right by their woman... POWER to you LIZZO!!!

Lei Indiana

Music is instantaneously the relevance of the circumstances, Lizzo is a positive role model promoting bodily acceptance, maturity, and a range of expansive topics, women presidents, body issues, infidelity, breakups, hookups and many topics that are multi expansive she does well providing to inspire, we need to take her reference of being proud for who you are, to not shame others when you do it is a lack of You're awareness & insecurity for yourselves. Go Lizzo!


Lizzo’s songs are amazing!!!😊😊. But some people are being very biased against her songs iTunes should be checking people’s reviews.because of the people who are sending hate to her.this is very true!!😧 I hope this changes!! I have this


Most of her songs are amazing because she has a beautiful voice and all of her songs have a great storie to tell


She is just not worth it. Bye bye


Can't stand her and her music, not talented at all. Waste of a listen. Trying to work off her body shaming image which is a little bit of a turn off. Hope she gets help for her weight problem too.


This is pop music?




how do yall like this


I love Lizzo but she just added two already released songs and deleted Cuz I love you deluxe

3kids to get to sleep

Love ur voice!!!!


LAMOO wut is dis mess


Ppl giving this 1 star just because she released her album again obviously don’t understand how music works. No need to rate it so low because of your own naive ness. It’s still a rock solid album Lizzo release a Super Mega Ultra Ultimate Immaculate Conception Part 4 Deluxe Platinum version.

amariah giddensak

Stop hating


Best song ever


talented but highkey overrated

Lucas Curtin

Sister snapped


You go Lizzo 🎤you’re sending a message through your songs and being an advocate for people who may look different. She’s not telling everyone to eat up! We are all humans and we come in all forms no matter who we are. Don’t judge, spread love. If you watched the Grammys, see what she said during her speech. We lost a legend, his daughter, and other families that are affected forever by this unthinkable tragedy. They were all different. 🙏 we all need to be nice to one another. Try it, you may be surprised by what you get back. I don’t think people get these messages through artists. And they should learn because they have a platform to help change. And change is a good thing. Now for the super deluxe, why not? She wants all her big hits on one album. Good as hell was on an EP, and she decided to add it and rather Ariana Grande version duo to her Cuz I Love You Grammy nominated album. I think it’s great👍





Darth Yukon

Lizzo is bringing back hip hop.


verry inaproprate


The overweight population. It’s not body shaming, it’s fact. You’re unhealthy, the human body was not meant to be fat. But of course, if you want to think you’re beautiful while your arteries clog, that’s on you. Don’t let this artist get you killed. Get healthy.

Halle Zebrowski

I don’t get the hype


Crap music


Lazy songs with lazy lyrics on a lazy release just for attention. She just needs a hug and someone to tell her stop it.


Not much more to say than that!


Cash grab combined with lizzo? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t recommend this at all


stop trying to promote 3 year old songs


Honestly her voice is basic as hell and doesn’t even sound good when she tries to hit some notes. I mean, there are plenty of good singers out there who doesn’t have as much recognition as she does