Lizzo - Cuz I Love You (Super Deluxe)

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Cuz I Love You (Super Deluxe) Tracklist:


I didn’t buy the album when it came out but since I can now I decided to go with this version. Great lyrics and I love how much this album makes me feel.

si da guy

The rest is terrible sooo trash🤾‍♂️🗑


I’m so sick of people being rude just to be rude. She is an artist. If you don’t like what she creates, guess what? You don’t have to listen. You don’t get to tear people down because you don’t like the way they look. I guarantee if we held a mirror up to all these one star reviewers (not the legit few) we would see a slew of ugly, both inside and out. Get a hobby. Maybe create some music since you all think you would do a better job.

Cutie Fry

It’s a decent bop

Danielle Cornelissen

I am here scrolling through these reviews and I am CRYING in the inside you guys just need to back off if you are gonna hate!! If you have time to be here and write a review of how bad and her music is then why are you here if you don’t like the music back off and find a different artist to like!! And not hate on like you bad b**** JUST STOP AND BACK OFF SHOW SOME RESPECT!! I am giving you a 5 star review you deserve it after how hard you worked!! Keep up you good work Lizzo and be yourself!! Love ya girlie!! AND THATS WHAT I HAD TO SAY PERIOD!! So if you are a hater and still reading this LEAVE JUST LEAVE!! Bye now

Bender B Bender

Reviews that “don’t like her voice” are written by people with no imagination. Get it gurl and let the haters hate all the way back to their hateful homes 😘


Does she cause earthquakes

Lady 5

Horrible horrible horrible


Love this!


Was not fond of this album. Not my cup of tea.


I’d like to preface this by saying: don’t be put off by the low rating on this album; there’s some sort of weird hate campaign going on in the reviews. So I (being late to the party as usual) discovered Lizzo about 3 days ago. I wish I’d had her music in my life years ago!!! This album is fantastic; I absolutely love it ❤️ Every song is fearless - some are raw expressions of emotion; others energizing and uplifting; all beautiful. Listening to her music is helping me regain the confidence I lost years ago in an abusive relationship and have been aching for ever since. It’s empowering and healing for me. Thank you, Lizzo ❤️❤️❤️ Also, haters leaving 1-star reviews: f right off. You clearly have not listened to this if you’re claiming “she can’t sing.” Since you pulled those low-effort reviews out of your a**, go ahead and shove them back in there.


Lizzo!! This album motivates me in all I do!! Love her!!!


Why does everyone be hating on Lizzo! She is an amazing music artist who is also a person with feelings to ok!! All of you hatters need to back off. I was reading comments and I saw some making fun of her body. THIS IS NOT OK!!!! I mean, Seriously?!? How LOW can you people get?!?! If you have any problems with Lizzo that aren’t constructive criticism (I know that sounds lame but stay with me) I think you better re-think your life. No one needs your crap here ok!

pretty boiii

Ugh. You guys are idiots. Free will and all, just sometimes you go talkin’ trash. And when it’s at that level, Mama’s gon get ya.🔥🔥🔥😜


Such a great album! Every song!

cletus bear

Truth hurts is maybe one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my life. She's just kinda talking/making up sounds in the song. Strongly suggest finding something else


Lizzo’s music is a beautiful celebration of life itself and it’s depth is incredible. It disappoints me to see some of the “reviews” on iTunes. I have Spotify and could listen to this album for free, but I came here to download it. I highly recommend this album~ you should give it a listen and judge it for yourself before believing those negative (*cough-fatphobic-cough*) reviews. 😘 Here’s to hoping the world is changing and begins to accept artists of all shapes and sizes. It should be about the music, not the image. 🌻

Cutie Pie Girl 2009

200th, that is sad. you're a wonderful, creative singer. If anybody doesn't like this, you can leave or just leave the negative thoughts to yourself so you wouldn't make Lizzo feel bad about herself. Right? YEAH RIGHT, we know that Lizzo has a lot of weight but that does not matter, she is beautiful the way she is.


Just ignore anything below 4 stars in these comments. Obviously some disgruntled nobodys trying to ruin an artist..but, you know you like this. You've heard the buy the's just beyond amazing.


I love her CD. It's have truth to it, it's cutural, and nationally common. We are only human and I'm proud that she's singing it out loud and expressing many situations that young to old adults either not taught at home or wasn't ever taught at all to love yourself, your body, and most importantly dream big! She did and look where she is today. Yes! saddly hearing the truth from someone else can be a little embarrassing but if you are a leader and or a listerner you will adapt to greatness. "I'm just saying." Peace and Love, VB


Very creative go Lizzo


Her music is very good! I love her voice so much!


I love this album. A variety of songs that are so good I don’t have to skip any. I think the only reason her rating is so low is because people are superficial. Her looks shouldn’t have anything to do with this album review. Apple should really have a better review process!!!


If you guys don’t like her music don’t listen to it and it’s nice you’re taking time out of your day to write that comment also if you think it’s so easy then you go write your own music.


The music is fun and relatable. I don’t care what gossip is trending about her making ppl upset and giving her work less stars. This was a fun album.


This woman has more talent than most ever artist out there now. Apple should moderate the reviews. I will admit I hate the swearing and raunchy lyrics I grew up on pure love of Earth Wind and Fire but she does not deserve the garbage reviews


Anyone who gives this a bad review is obviously living in a hate filled bubble. Get out and experience life and stop with the Trump’s America BS You are missing out!

Precordial Thump

I don’t want to hate and I wonSt. Water me is decent and I do like Good as Hell. I do think she could improve her voice and maybe ITunes can make a clean version?!?!? So to even the odds, it’s okay.


The people that are telling that she then why are you listen to her and I don’t care what y’all say and she doesn’t care no hater stop her




Please stop cussing mostly kids listen to pop. Make it appropriate for the children.

the tree master

I like the Minnesota Vikings reference. Hahaha! Lizzo is smart. I like that she is plus size and not afraid to shake it! I Stan her. Joshua Simowski


Lizzo is AMAZING

Easily the best album of 2019, and it should have won multiple Grammys.


Its crazy to see people give a review on a album based on how they feel about the artist and NOT the content. The album isn't legendary artwork but its NOT one star BAD; its "just" good. Lizzo sould feel honored that people, who cleary dont like her, will spend time to review her album. Why? becuase shes big? or becuase one antic? Miley Cyrus has pulled more antics and people still don't go this hard. GET A LIFE.


Keep doing it ma!


I love you music and I don’t care what other people say cuz I like it 🤣🤣🤣

Diego R jr


man u red devil

shut up lizzo shut up lizzo


I tried to like her music, I just think it is a mess. Her sound is horrible, but I think many like her because her lyrics can be relatable.




Trash music


Listened to her music, and my ears bled. I wish I was joking


Don worry gurl u ain’t a fat f#ck Ur music is great


Overrated thanks to Payola! Atlantic Records should be penalized this is ridiculous!


She not talented


Nice voice crack lizzo. Oh. Which one? ...good point.


She’s having a stroke! Also, my ears are bleeding from the sheer screeching excuse for music.