Brooke Candy - Living Out Loud (feat. Sia)

β„— 2016 RCA Records, a division on Sony Music Entertainment

Living Out Loud (feat. Sia) - Single Tracklist:


I don't like sia's style and this is completely indistinguishable from that. I am glad brooke left this mess behind. This was boring and disingenuous.


Living Out Loud is a pretty good song, and much better than most of the generic pop music we have today!


Great track, one for the ages.

Ralphie Cosio

Need her album already!


Sia makes this somewhat decent

Davy Munster

It's honestly how amazing these two voices go together! So amazing that finally 2 of my favorite artists collaborated together to bring this amazing piece to us! Great job ladies! A party anthem for sure! πŸ’•πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸŽΆβ€


I heard the remix first and absolutely hated it. It sounded like trash. But the original...the original is a masterpiece. It sounds so good. This is my new power anthem. I already love Sia and once again she did not disappoint. I might have to check out Brooke-I dig her style.


LOVE this new song and also a new fan of the incredible Brooke Candy!!


Brooke has blossomed and this song is just what we needed with all of the crap going on lately.


Love this song but really, Sia sang like 80% of the song... :(


Super excited for Ms. Candy's rise! Very mainstream but it's her time and I've been faithful since the moment I saw her in Genesis (Grimes). GET IT GIRRRRLLLL!


oh my i never knew she could sing. this is much better than the remix


I'm a HUGE fan of Sia and her music and just a personal fan of Brooke herself after first being exposed to her from her appearance in Genesis. I support both of them intensely. This song isn't life changing but has a super fun beat and is something cool to have blasting in your car while on the road!


Swear it was fateπŸ‘πŸ» literally just heard the remix and was blown away and was in need of the original but could not find it , 5 mins later *boom* 😦 , but kind like the remix a bit more. ❀️😘 happy to see Brooke release some new music tho