Journey - Live Into the Future (Live)

℗ 2012 Firefly Entertainment

Live Into the Future (Live) Tracklist:


I purchased this by mistake - I belong to the music club and want to see if I can be refunded. Thanks


AMMMAAAAZING cover a little known Harrison BEATLE tune.. much love to Journey!!!


Awesome music great voice big fan music thank you you have really hurt me really bad deeply because I love feel in love with you I for a while but not anymore no longer a fan of your music


I have been a huge Journey fan since mid 70's and Steve Perry. These posers since he left us, are just that - celebrity imposters. None look like Steve; not even close. One only had his range, but nowhere near his tone. The original band members left are Neil Schon, Jon Caine came later. Both awesome Journey members. Ask them honestly the differences between touring back then - I saw them sell out Candlestick. They'd be lucky to be an opening act now........


I have these on original cassette tapes and one Double LP that was never released on CD. Journey was fantastic with Gregg Rollie and others on vocals. Loved both lead guitarists. Original recordings are a must for a true Journey fan, which of course includes Steve Perry.


Omg Steve Perry come back please I have not bought anything from Journey since you left us :( please come back we miss you so much :(p


Great stuff!


Hearing a live performance of pre-Perry Journey is so great that I can stand the imperfections of the recording quality. I have a peronal disc of Journey's live performance with Steve Perry at a school for a fund raiser in or near San Jose and a concert in Hawaii from 1974 where those recording totally sucked but.the quality of music just makes the imprefections of the recording minor. I would probably go nuts if there was a perfect live recording of Journey from this time period. But so far, this is it and I am happy with it.


The sound clarity is as distinct as that cover. There is a radio broadcast of WXRT Chicago @ the Uptown Thtr which was professionally captured that I heard a week or so later w/ an actual crowd enthralled. This disc, at least, has the sonic brilliance of note by note recreations of Neal Schon's passionate attack.

Right down the Middle

This was certainly the the best period for Journey in my opinion. Unfortunately, this sounds like it was recorded on a pocket cassette tape in someones back pocket.


Pre-Perry Journey. Not a bad thing, they jam out way more in this early version of the band, still showing their ex-Santana roots, but, the recording quality could be better. pretty good song selection from their much more limited library at that point.