Ben Folds - Live In Dallas (10/23/08) - EP

Live In Dallas (10/23/08) - EP Tracklist:


I've been kicking myself for not going to his concert. Now I'm kicking myself even more! He's such an amazing artist.


I went to this concert, and since then, every concert I've been to - even fabulous musicians I love - have not come close to comparing.

Matty J!

Not regretting the money I spent on this because Ben is the S*#T!!! However... the recording quality is only slightly better than that of some hippie at a Dead show. I have seen Ben half a dozen times live and I don't ever recall the audio being this bad. It kind of takes away from the performance because there are so many things that are just too wrong, and I know the show in Dallas must have been great. Worth the $4 but could have been better.


my uncle works for him best concert from backstage

Rob The Moose

I was at this concert. So awesome!! I also met Ben after the concert. Very awesome.


One of the best shows Ive ever seen. Highly recommend seeing him because even though the live recordings are very good, you dont get to experience the showmanship and stage antics hes so brilliant with.


This was an incredible show, hands down!! It's amazing how quickly he got these up on iTunes, and i can't wait to listen for myself screaming in the recordings :)


I'm losing my faith in Ben Folds. I never thought I'd say it, but he's lost his pride. As if the album wasnt bad enough he's now peddling clips from all his shows. What's next? "Way to normal...Ben practices in the shower, an iTunes original" ??


1. Way to normal has had its lyrics updated a littel bit, and me likey. 2. Brainwashed is a perosnal favorite and he did very well here (Du...) 3. Effington was an effing good rendition. 4. Annie waits was kinda weak at points (may be my speakers...) a good track, but sadly the weakest of the 5 (thus the 4 stars and not 5.) 5. You to thank was awesome really. Ben has some fun with it and changes the lyrics a little and the last minute is to die for i say.


I was at this concert! and he was amazing! This was my 4th time seeing him, and I think it was my favorite. I highly recommend you buy this.


At the show, he's a must see. Buy anything he releases u won't be dissapointed

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