Prince - Live at The Aladdin Las Vegas Sampler - EP

℗ 2020 NPG Records, Inc. Manufactured and Distributed by Legacy Recordings

Live at The Aladdin Las Vegas Sampler - EP Tracklist:


He ROCKED this Joint


Great live performance of Prince in his element!! Love it and a must for true Prince fans.


This is great music, but it’s just sad. I can recommend someone to be a mediator who could facilitate a solution where all various interests get their reasonable share of the proceeds and at the same time give dignity and respect to the music.


This is just a sample of Prince and what he did best which was performing live! Prince fans it’s a must have for music fans go get it!!!


So, this review is based on the DVD audio I already had. The performances are excellent and this EP is a nice intro for those who don’t have it. However, this is a lazy release by the Prince Estate. Why not release all of the audio from the entire show? The truncated video release was puzzling from the get-go, I’ve always wished it was an entire show, or an entire show plus the pre-show rehearsals a lot of us were able to attend on that tour! Yes, we have the One Nite Alone set, but that isn’t a complete show either, it is selections from several shows. If they’ve got all these archives why so paltry on the releases? His final Piano & a Microphone shows are known to be recorded, why were they not released already? Missed opportunities and ‘selling what’s already been sold’ is the bulk of the Prince Estate... “all that glitters ain’t gold” 5 stars for the performance 1 2 stars for the lazy release.... I made digital audio of this entire DVD and it’s bonus material for portable listening almost 20 years ago! It’s a full CDs worth!

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