Little Big Town - Little Big Town


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Awesome music great voice best band


An amazingly beautiful song. Their harmony is exceptional.

Famous Jerry

i love all the songs on this album. i wish they still sang these songs in shows and such. ALL LBT SONGS ARE AWESOME!! :]


A note to "Sauer Mom"...I just saw LBT in concert with Carrie Underwood (in Madison, WI) and all I can say is LORDY, LORDY!! They ARE magnificent live! My husband, not a huge country fan, liked LBT more than Carrie. For anyone looking for a great group with terrific vocals, harmony and an upbeat sound, buy ALL of their albums. They remind me a bit of the old Fleetwood Mac (and heaven knows, I played "Rumours" a gazillion times in my youth....). I cannot wait for them to get back into the studio and produce a new album!!!

Born and raised in the boondocks

Ok, first heard boondocks and loved it. That song hit home, heard bring it on home and liked it. But that was it. Then my friend who hates country wanted to go see them in concert cause he loves boondocks. After listening to them, it was like whoa, in 1 hour 30 minutes, I didnt hear a song I didnt love. Dont waste my time, Firebird fly, Looking for a reason, Im with the band, MEANSTREAK just an all around unbelievable group. But now I'm kinda ticked, they have some serious high calliber songs on all their CD's, why arent they getting more air time?!?!


what about the other billion albums they have??? huh huh HUH??? PUT THEM ON ITUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks :)


Saw this group in a little coffee & wine/beer bar in Ashland, VA. They are AWESOME. Also, very friendly and nice.


ok wat happened this cd is good....but what happened to there other cds and music videos that used to be on itunes? They're gone!


I am revolted that the i tunes store does not have boondocks. The ignorance of some people is enough to make babies cry. And not only that but they don't have firebird fly which i another great and awesome tune. I am disgusted and expect change.


when is there going to be more of their vidoes like boondocks and give me a little more you.

Realtor Trish

This band is so great, especially live. I just saw them at the BJCC in B'ham and they were amazing! Their voices and music are soulful. Their cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Go Your Own Way' was as good as the orginal, if not better. I am getting ready to buy all their music.


the song boondocks is awesome

big country fan

this ablum is almost better than there new one this band knows how to make a nice melidy there better live i saw them at mohegansun and got there atagraph


This whole album is excellent. It is as good as their last album, if not better!


Best thing i have ever heard. After I heard this album, I went out and bought 25 of them just for fun. Ya baby ya ya. Base hit

Sauer Mom

I am enjoing the upbeat melodies. I am still hoping for the newer album for the holidays, or I will get it myself. They may be my new favorite. They must be great live!