Lindemann - F & M (Deluxe)

A Vertigo Berlin release; ℗ 2019 Lindemann, under exclusive license to Universal Music GmbH

F & M (Deluxe) Tracklist:


Du bist Platz Eins Herr Lindemann 🌹fünf Sterne , gut gemacht 💎

Irons Smit

Till you are the best! Love you!💋❤️ Rammstein are great also! In new album I enjoy few songs. But for me in new album the best song is: Ach so gern (pain version) it's was fantastic ❤️💋


About 9 good songs... the first album was slightly better tho




There are some gems Steh Auff, blut, to name a few.... Till is truly a rockstar!


Hell yeah, this is one of the best albums to date 🙌🏻😎🔥💨💨💨


Same lead singer great voice definitely check out all his bands I believe he in three and this is one of them


Sounds more like Rammstein than the new Rammstein


Lindemann is on fire. Great album.


Very cool and now on German. Every one now understand KNEBEL in German!


Currently only two songs have been released, and both are 5 stars. Both songs are in German, be aware of that. I happen to speak German so it’s not an issue for me. Til, you’re the greatest!


I don’t want to nitpick, and I know the world doesn’t revolve around English speakers, BUT......I really loved the last album because I could understand it, and sing along with the hilarious vocals as I enjoyed the great riffs. This time around, I guess I’ll have to settle for just riffs.