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Judge for yourself. I dig it he comin with the heat🔥


This is probably his best and most consistent album since "The Bad Influence." It has everything, lyrics, real life songs, hype songs, the only song I would skip is "round me" and maybe "come ride" if I'm not in the mood for it. The only complaint is that the album is so short, but still the quality of the songs makes up for that. The album gets better with every listen, "keep going" is one of his best songs yet and proves that he can rap about more than just drugs. His bars are great on this album, for a few years it seemed like he had lost his flow and his witty lyrics but with this album he seems in a better place and goes hard. If you want bangers "dumb it down" and "nan day" do the trick, and unlike his album Still Doubted bangers don't substitute the lyrics and flow. "Go Up" is a great and inspiring song, "slave to pain" is good but would be better with a third verse, and "cloud 9" is a nice chill song that you could smoke to and it gets better with every listen. This album definitely surpassed my expectations, even as a fan of Wyte I had admitted to myself in recent years that he had fallen off for a while and wasn't expecting that much, but this album proved me wrong! I just hope he will keep putting out music consistantly and not wait four more years for another album.

Top installer

Definitely not his best work . Oh well merry Christmas and take my money


Miss the flow and sound of “The one and only” and “the bad Influence”. Juicy j and Dj Paul helped craft something magical back then.


This is his best album super impressive


Pretty good


Kut Throat

Music Album of Lil Wyte:

Work (feat. Lil Wyte) - Single
Work feat. Lil Wyte - Single (2020)
I'm on Dat (feat. Lil Wyte) - Single
I'm on Dat feat. Lil Wyte - Single (2020)
Drugs (feat. Lil Wyte) - Single
Drugs feat. Lil Wyte - Single (2017)
Loud (feat. Lil Wyte) - Single
Loud feat. Lil Wyte - Single (2019)
Wall 2 Wall (feat. Lil Wyte) - Single
Wall 2 Wall feat. Lil Wyte - Single (2019)
Drugs (feat. Lil Wyte) - Single
Drugs feat. Lil Wyte - Single (2017)
Smoke Break (feat. Lil Wyte) - Single
Smoke Break feat. Lil Wyte - Single (2018)
The Recipe (feat. Lil Wyte) - Single
The Recipe feat. Lil Wyte - Single (2017)
Taking Over (feat. Lil Wyte) - Single
Taking Over feat. Lil Wyte - Single (2017)