Lil Wyte - Doubt Me Now

℗ 2003 Hypnotize Minds

Doubt Me Now Tracklist:


Buy the whole album! Still bumpin in 2019 all day every day


Song still bangs 🤘🏾


If you like down south gritty rap this is one of the better albums of all time. Album hits hard, but is great from start to finish.

Arik Smith

I love this album from beginning to end. I just wish all of his albums was like this and he wasn't so underrated. I've been listening to this since it came out and it never gets old. He's better than most of these new rappers out here nowadays.


The album is raw and perfect. Beats and lyrics just fit right in.


You will only like this album if you live in a trailer park and never want to do better in life.


One of the best albums to have a party too. But at the same time, awesome songs to chill and blaze too. Perfect team.


One of the dopest rap albums ever. Mafia


Classic album


And for all the haters saying oxy contin is dangerous no crap he even said in an interview he did it 1 time.


This dude is raw, and they really need to get him back in the studio's! All Day long Pimpin!

Dr.Haze of Haze-Houze

Instant classic - inspires me still 2 this day- anybody who listens to this and doesn't like it shows they don't know anything about the underground - produced from DJ-Paul & Juicy-J it's a instant classic no doubt- LiL Wyte will for ever remain Tha most rawest cracker in Tha rap game and his label Wyte music shows it - BUY THIS if you into real non fake art - Dr.'s orders


Hypnotized minds Is mostly hype


This dude jus definitly made the worst rappers list and yes i listened to the whole album and nope sorry anyone can make a club banger look at soulja boy and seriously i dono how this dude made it this far but hey Lil B's still rappin so i dono... Call this haten or watever you but this is coming from a REAL hip hop head.....

Mix Master Mayo

Worst talking ever! Seriously? This dud does not have any flow or originality what so ever. These white dudes need to give up trying to rap period. Actually, all this rap coming out lately blows.


Who listens to this ? I would not listen to GARBAGE for free!!!


Good stuff

John Hannah

SO UNDERATED!!!!!! Somehow he needs to get promoted better!

The awesome430

Ha ha ha oxy cotton was funny but that's about the only one I liked out of the whole thing

Bodybuilding All-Star

Lil Wyte is a great talent, and a very smart artist. Not only is the album great from begining to end, but the hardest hitting song on the CD, "Oxycotton" hits at what is mainstream and part of real life for many americans. Oxycotton use has risen dramatically over the past 10 years and hes capitilized on it. So call him a drug addict or bad influence, all i see is a great rapper.


dam wyte u got alot of talent my favorite song is ten toes tall and acid so far keep up the work


yep yep yep its cool if youre a drug addict


I'm sorry but I can't take this dude seriously...hahahhaha


Lil Wyte is by far the most underrate MC in the game..... all 4 of his albums are absolutly sick as fu*k..... he puts it down for us pill poppers in every album! Oxy Cotton parts 1 & 2 are a must have..... i own every c.d. this dude has put out , and evryone has my 12's bumpin so hard and highs ringin loud..... How can u go wrong with DJ Paul producin your shlt? Mad props Wyte!!! U got a true fan and cant wait for your 5th to drop!


I listen to oxy cotton and acid all the time. When I'm in my car, you best bet I'm bumpin to him. One of the better rappers of today an he calls himself a cracker... Bahahahah!! Love it! This song constantly plays when my friends and i are smokin. Lmao.

hey linnie

i'm surprised he isn't more popular.


my smokin song is the best 1 on this album. Overall good beats on this album.


the raping tells a stroy and with deep beats and fast ones it sounds great


this album deserves a grammy.


i think he was going for Oxy Contin. he's annoying and Oxy Contin is dangerous and stupid if you don't need it.


dont compare this guy to 50 cent.... lil wyte has a lot more talent imo... idk im just likin this guy way more than 50... and this guy is pretty good for being white... no racism intended.. great lyrical skills =)


This record is like 50 Cent's, "Get Rich or Die Tryin." The whole album is hot.

what uppppp

this guy is a great rapper i dont see y people dont buy his $h1t he should get more credit for his work

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