Liam Payne - LP1

A Capitol Records Release; ℗ 2019 Hampton Records Limited, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

LP1 Tracklist:


I’m in love with your album it’s so fooking amazing keep going 💕

Anwar albarrak

So perfect soooo soooo perfect


He’s really doing so amazing throughout this whole album and when you listen to the lyrics like in remember ugh. Amazing hands down. Type of roll down the windows and reminisce on the memories ya know. Anyways buy it or at least listen and buy a couple they’re soo good! I’m really tired of him being compared to others. Do you compare Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury? No you don’t because you recognize they’re different and both so amazing. I love the out reach he’s taken on his own journey and think he’s finally starting to find himself. Keep up the amazing work!


I love it!!


Liam could do better


Liam definitely took the R&B route with this one. The singles he released are all listenable and enjoyable. Definitely makes you want to dance and the beat is good. As for the rest of the tracks on his album, every song seemed very sexual. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing, it was just too much for my liking.


It’s good but all the songs are similar to each other


Every song in this album is so amazing and memorable. The amount of love and respect I have for Liam is impossible to put into words.


these “songs” have two themes: money and s**. Not a fan. No bops. Gross


Half of these one star reviews are probably from people that didn’t even listen to the album, just say you hate Liam & go. Anyways this album is very catchy and there’s not a single song that doesn’t make me wanna dance, such an overheated album & artist!


haters: it's not like u could do any better.


Harry styles outsold

Angietorres08 Fine Line instead


tbh I don’t like rude hours or both ways, but the rest of the album is actually good

Hate the jelly updates

I think some of the songs are really catchy and good, but others are pretty bad. All the songs pretty much talk about the same thing, it feels kind of repetitive. I don’t hate it and I don’t think it deserves all the bad reviews and negative attention it’s received, but I was definitely expecting better. He has such a pretty voice but he should have had more varied songs about different topics.


liam payne has created a work of art!! if this isn't your taste, then keep your mouth shut. you can keep nasty comments to yourself and get a life, it's really not that hard 💁🏻‍♀️ buy and stream lp1

Tutus info

i think the only actual song i liked was “stack it up”, but the rest were eH.

Rubberduck Rubberduck

I preordered the album and I was excited and everything but both ways, really


This is a collision of everything worst, bad, sad and saddest. If there was ever the slightest doubt that Liam Payne was talented, well, this sad attempt of making so called music just proved the fact that he isn’t talented. He should just invest the fortune and he made from being in 1D and hang up his intent of staying in music. The record executive who green lite this car wreck should be fired. This is T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E. Of all sorts of epic portions.


I love Liam as a person and artist but this album just wasn’t it. All of the songs sound the same and we waited so long for it to come out; I expected a little more from him.

Kiki Lou Is Awesome

Every song is just BAD. Like really BAD


Much love for you Liam!!




It’s the same sings over and over. He won’t ever be Harry and he won’t even be interesting


Really proud of Liam for establishing himself as a solo artist! The songs are very catchy and he has a great voice.

str3am f1n3 l1n3

Mr. Flop is too homophobic, biphobic, and b0ring for success. Liam Payne? More like Liam Pain ouch my ears yes Kurtis thanks.

ugly phannie

We get it, you are grossly horny.


Remember is my fave and really the unsung best part of the whole album. Weekend and Live Forever were also highlights that I really enjoyed. The low vocal tones in the one verse in Tell Your Friends was also something that really surprised me when first listening and I enjoyed it. Every song is catchy, Both Ways was definitely a freaky song lol. Pretty good for a debut album, the bonus Christmas song is a treat to listen to!!


sounds so uninspired and almost as if he ran out of ideas ... also, what’s up with that random xmas song at the end?? it seems like a lackluster poke at trying to make a classy christmas song


Not even good


His voice does not fit RNB instead should do ballads like Michael bubble


bad, biophbic and just all around a no


this is pure trash i truly pity him bc he has potential yet chose to waste his talent w this album? gurl, we deserve better. where's the talent he had back in 1D when it came to writing? he lacks emotions and i feel zero connection w this. i can't believe i stanned at some point. half of his songs are from years ago and then has the nerve to sit down and record and produce lyrics as such? no ma'am no no ma'am. u can keep 'em bc we don't want them 💅🏼


very disappointed by his unoriginality and fantasy of bi people. i love one direction and love to support my boys but Liam isn’t worth it anymore. he isn’t treating people with kindness.


I have nothing against him... but there was just no creativity behind this ... the only song I actually liked and he didn’t even write was bedroom floor. Like come on you had 5 years to write some thing and this is what you came up with ... it’s just sad that his album is so superficial and what you would expect from a teenager to think about what women are like and should be treated...


Maybe the trauma from this album’s flop will give him some personality to write about next time

katelyn burrows

Love remember and hips don’t lie are my two favorite songs I’m so proud of Liam


Once 1D split, everyone had high hopes for what Liam would do in his solo pursuits. This first album comes as a disappointment to many. They're old, tired, and bland attempts at radio hits that we all have moved on from. He had so much potential but he ruined it with this sad excuse for an album. Not to mention his blatant biphobia and troubling relationship history. Maybe one day he'll get it together.


please get this man a mcdonald’s application pronto


Thank You so much for making this album, so proud of you L, all the songs are amazing nothing is wrong with 'em ❤️🖤,thanks to the producers and the writers as well for making this amazing album with ya❤️, Love you 🖤stay happy❤️.


he's gonna keep latching on to the idea of a 1D reunion because his music is a giant flop. did not even bother listening to a single one of his songs after the disaster that was strip that down and bedroom floor. look at harry and niall, both have extremely successful solo careers and don't objectify women. it took fine line 10 minutes to become the most streamed debut album from any male artist. it took LP1 about a day to be #1 trending on twitter...for being BIPHOBIC. stream fine line xoxo



macey liam's #1 fan

liam payne never seizes to amaze me each and every single time. from the r&b and slow rhythmic vibes to up-tempo bops, i literally can not get enough of this album. i don’t think there has ever been an album that i have not skipped a single song until i heard LP1. it is truly a masterpiece with a song suited for any and everyone’s taste in music. forever proud of you, liam.


this is a great introduction to who liam is as an artist!! he really shines on songs like heart meet break and weekend


Didn’t think songs could sound more generic than “Strip that down” or have more clichés but these all do! Congratulations

A confused user???

bland, boring, and biphobic. no thank you. will not be listening again.


I know he can do better, but it blows my mind why he doesn’t even tries! His voice is good, he wrote good songs for 1D in the past so how did everyone in his team thought this was an ok album?!? It has no substance they all sound the same, lyrics are mundane in ALL of the tracks. And for an album that took years in the works, half of it were released singles from years ago. I don’t understand it