Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

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Bleeding Love - Single Tracklist:


Neat song


You cut me a banana

My munchkins

I loved this song when I first heard it on YouTube sent from a friend and I love to hear it many times again


This song tells a life story and when u listen to it u can't help but just sing your heart out u have to by this song it is the best in the entire world😛

Danny girl O9 29 77

Yes the song bleedin love was cool Came out . It's been over played to much on radio . It's one of song it should hit wounder . Geez . I was the song was sang by someone with really feelin . Christina A and Gwen stefani would made song sound better with feeling . And Mariah c too . With mrs L sing part bleeding love She should sang with feelin like she got her heart broken . You it's love song or break up song


This has been my 3rd favorite song ever since I heard it the first time. It's so amazing, Leona's best (and only song I know) 😂😂 10/10

Matt Magix

Jesse McCartney's orginal version and instrumentals was better. This one is too slowed down and made me wanna sleep zzz. But she can sing but I feel that this song was ment to be sung by a male vocalist. But that's my opinion.

Dancer of dance central 2013

Love this song it's a great choice it's my dance solo I'm 10


She is a great dinger and I love this song. She is really talented.


Jesse McCartney actually wrote the song and gave it to Lewis when she won so he deserves some credit too!!!


this song is life.



Livin' Large

Gorgeous voice, lyrics and song.

HP1 fan

Great song even in 2012!!!

Gorda 12345

I love the song bleeding love that is my favorite song from her

Connor Gissing

One of the biggest songs ever and always will be! And won't be long til' GLASSHEART comes out, Leona said she'll releaes it at the end of summer!!!


great song but poor music quality. the base sounds too far and her voice is not amplified.. seems more like it was recorded from cd to phone :(


This sing play in an episode of True Blood!

Mrs.Niall Horan

This was song is like so brill and amazing


Best song ever

Big bob321

Wow, this song is AWESOME!!!!!


One night me and my mom were in the car and this song was on and i kept telling her to turn it up,and all of sudden me and my mom were both singing to this song!!!


I luved this song so much that i actually sang it at my schools talent show.


Liked it


leona where are u????u are my hero!!!! your song bleeding love inspired me ,u inspired me! please come back!!!!!!!!!! love your greatest fan EVER, kimberly


Leona has such a strong and clear voice! In the middle of the song, when she starts hitting those higher notes, her voice is still clear and strong! Very impressive!

I luv u Teddy

I rlly like this song. She's an awesome singer. Luvv itt :)

DKW 96

This song is good , all you people who talk trash about her STOP !!!

Rogue 07

4 years later and it's still a hit!!


The performance on the show was AWESOME!!!!


yup2!!! datz the one!!!!

Lumpy space princess 200000

I happen to looooooooove this song!!!and to xxem!nemxx!!maybe YOUR unemotional scratch that your to very not emotional!now go away with yo bad self


This explains me, thank you SO much Leona. I love your music. Thank you for explaining my life into song, I have been searching, and finally have found my place. Thank you. The others who don't respect your music, either can't relate, or can't read good music. You are awesome!

John Barcelon

I love the song and the lyrics "Jesse McCartney" do a graet job on the Lyrics'


its a nice song with a nice beat. she is so talented and this is one of her best songs!

Alex Durham

I like it... But i wont listen to it over and over again. Once is enough.

Skhool girl

This song is so emotional that it makes me cry everytime I listen to it!




This song is like slow pop but is great. It is about being in love. It makes me smile and I can feel the beet.

Mercedes lover

She's hot but most of her songs are too slow for my taste, her best song was it'll all get better in time.

Zebra Lover 98

I really like this song and I think anyone who buys this song will too!!!

Kayla & Sarah

I love this song! It's really great! It's totally worth buying. The only thing I don't like about it is the way she pronounces "bleeding".


I loved this song the very first time I heard it on the radio.104.5 The Cat!!




If you don't like her, why do you make nasty comments?

Silverwings Icloud

I have always loved this song, and always will!!!!!!!!


bleeding love really sets a person on fire and you definatly think that your inside knowing how it feels when really you're on the out side


So someone thought up the phrase "bleeding love" and Leona sings it over and over until my ears are bleeding. Good voice, but not much of a song.


this song is sooo addictive!!! no wonder its tje fastest selling album in the uk. great great record! very beautiful song and leona's drop dead gorgeous! can't get sick of it. i listen to it repeatedly every night.


leona lewis is AWESOME!! this song is soooo my favorite from leona!! she rocks!

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