Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin (Remastered)

℗ 1969 Atlantic Recording Corporation, a Warner Music Group Company. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company.

Led Zeppelin (Remastered) Tracklist:

Zuben Elgenubi

I love led zeppelin


Rock and roll has many roots, going back many decades. This album is the birth of rock and roll as I know it. This is where the electric guitar and drums as well as those bluesy emotional felt vocals reached in and grabbed your soul. There was no other complete sound like this before. They wanted this band to be called “The Yardbirds” but thankfully it wasn’t, only because this band was different, taking the sound and soul to another level and influencing what was to come to be known as Hard Rock, Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal. Many were influenced by the Beatles but this album and the band started a whole new sound that still lives today.

Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Led Zeppelin albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album from Led Zeppelin.

Tony game man

This is my favorite Led zepplien album. Full of guitar solos and great singing, it started to shape the rock we know today. My Favorite Led Zepplien Album.

The Joelest

This starts the voyage of Led Zeppelin's fantastic discography. They may sound like heavier blues songs, which they are.

Seven Cities Blues

We are all waiting for the new yardbirds album at the time and we got a Jeff beck truth rip off. However I wore it out in the summer of 69.


Listened to this growing up and am not disappointed as I revisit it. Hoping a brand new generation is enjoying the masterpieces of Led Zeppelin.


Led Zepellin I was released 50 years ago today! That puts it all into perspective. A blockbuster album. Right after it was released I saw them in SF at the Carousel Ballroom (Fillmore West) It turned into a Honda dealership and now turned into condos.


This guy sounds like josh kitzka


Talk about a killer debut album. Hello. if this 1969 debut album from Zepplin isn't epic, I dont know what is. Too many song to mention, but, good times, bad times, all i have to say.and then there was Zeppline II, come on. Wished i could have saw them live ! Long live L.D. and this album, along with at least 3 or 4 of there others. So 60's and 70's for sure, I fyou didn't know what rock n' roll was then, u certaintly knew after these 4 blokes blew the roof of the rock n rolll scence.


Try not to overdose on this initial collaboration by the greatest rock musicians ever to take the stage. Everybody knows about the creative genius of Page as well as his pioneering guitar style, Plant’s skyscraping vocals, and Bonham’s howitzeresque power and precision on drums. But I am of the mind that John Paul Jones is the greatest rock bassist of all time as well. Hard Rock gets no better than these four. And it has rarely been as good from any other source.


I don’t know why I still buying albums on iTunes when I have a premium subscription with Spotify, but Zeppelin is Zeppelin.


I just bought Led Zeppelin 1, 2, 3 because, oh well, you know. The recordings are very low fidelity.

Black Biscuit

Led Zeppelin exploded onto the rock and roll music scene in 1969, carried aloft by the hard charging, relentless blues power of their first album. All of the sounds and skills that would come to define rock's greatest band trace their roots to this album, which is a cry from the soul of four virtuoso musicians preparing to embark on a conquest of the world.


This band's first album proves to be one of the greatest albums

Dude with the shades

Definitely my favorite album out of all of there albums. My favorite band as well too bad rap and country is the only thing people listen to


For our listening pleasure, Jimmy Page has decided to remaster the Led Zeppelin catalog, beginning back in 2014 with the first three albums, all being released, on June 3rd. Page has also dug through his archives and included an extra disc of bonus material for each album. I'm glad he did, because I've been meaning to replace my scratched-up, worn-out CD for awhile now, and a nice new remaster hits the spot. Out of the three, Zeppelin I probably has the widest appeal, and may end up being the most sought-after. For one, it has some of the most popular, well-known, revered songs of Zeppelin's career, including "Good Times, Bad Times," "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You," "Dazed and Confused," and "Communication Breakdown," among others. I don't know any Zep fan who has anything but praise for these classics, and the rest of the album, too, for that matter. These four men, Plant, Page, Jones, and Bonham, had a truly special kind of magic than shines through on this album, which has to be up there as one of the greatest debut albums ever, regardless of genre. I'm entirely pleased with the remaster, and I'm sure it's going to get worn out in short order. As good as the album is, the real treat of this deluxe edition is the bonus disc. For many years, audio of Zeppelin's 1969 show in Paris has been floating around, and was considered a treasured chronicle of the band in its early days. Now, Page has decided to release it officially, and the sound is fantastic. I've been listening to it up against the sound of the older bootleg, and I think it's far superior. It's way more listenable, cleaning up much of the noise and muddiness from what's been available up to now. The drums are much improved, with a far more clear snare sound and the cymbals way more under control. Plant's voice is more even in spots, correcting some of the faded vocals from the old audio. The remaster for Zeppelin II and III both have studio rough cuts, backing tracks, and alternate takes, which are great for the rabid Zeppelin fanatic, but the average fan will probably appreciate this deluxe edition the most, with the classic debut album and a brilliant live show from a young, hungry Zep from '69. This is a great job by Page, and a good time to replace your old copy of Led Zeppelin I.


One of the best ever

Fan of the Duke

Not only one of the greatest dabut albums, but one of the greatest albums in general of all time. My personal favorite of Led Zeppelin's library and IMO their best album. If you're not familiar with Led Zeppelin's work or haven't listened to them before, listen to this!


Unbelivable debut album !!!!


The best intro on a LP ever ! (Good times Bad times)


Led Zeppelins debut Album is arguably one of the greatest recordings in rock history. The more improved Dazed And Confused from the Yardbirds Little Games album give the band an identity. With the backwards echoed driven You Shook Me to their cover of Howlin Wolfs How Many More Times. A true classic if you ever want to listen to!


Led Zeppelin busted onto the rock scene with this amazing first album and didn't stop here. Every single song is awesome, from the bluesy rock sounds of Babe I'm Gonna Leave You and I Can't Quit You Baby to the rockin Communication Breakdown and How Many More Times. Plant showcases his vocals on every song! Enjoy!!

Hey it's Owen

I love Led Zeppelin, my favorite songs are in this album 11/10 would buy. I never get tired of listening to Led Zeppelin. So buy it and enjoy!! P.S really good songs for summer


As a teenager enthralled by the social ferment of the late 60s, this album made my summer. I played it every night on my Panasonic portable LP player, at the beach, as I and my friends passed the peace pipe. By the end of that summer, I had played this album so many times, the needle had cut ruts into the album! What an incredible debut album to introduce us to the world class voice of Robert Plant and virtuoso guitar of Jimmy Page.




Love Led Zeppelin 1


This album is pure genius...the creativity and level of musicianship is incredible. Every song on here deserves a listen, even the not so well known ones; the bluesy strut of "I can't quit you baby" or the thumping hard rock of "how many more times". As a guitar player, I can tell you jimmy page is one of the greatest ever. And as a 16 year old surrounded by the mindless [email protected]# they call music today, I can tell you this album is worth every penny...hammer of the gods.


This album blows Jimmy Buffet out of the water. Go Zepp!


Where do you begin. This is one of the most important hard rock albums of all time. It kicked off the career of the greatest hard rock band of them all. The most bluesy of the Zepplin albums. Hard and solid. Listen and love it.

the REAL tc

One of the greatest albums of rock music ever produced. If you haven't heard it, get out from under the rock and get it now.


Crisp and not watered down like most of them. Amazing sound quality on the few tracks I downloaded.


Hard rock and classic rock, that's Led Zeppelin. There was Rock-n-Roll music before Led Zeppelin, but this band defined "hard rock". Heavy Metal rock would come a few years later, but would never compare, to the hard rock genre created by Zeppelin. Don't get me started on the post-2000 trash music of today!


This album is so classic. It's like all the songs just had to be that way. If you've somehow never heard this music you need to do so.


Just trying to get this up to 5 stars

Jim MC9876

This album was just the start. It is brilliant! Led Zeppelin brought something very new in the late 60s to the music scene. Jimmy Page has to be created with the forming of the band. Although there are some published reports contradictory to this point, per TV interviews with Page and Jones, the band members themselves have said that they got together first, and then brought Plant and finally Bonham into the band. They were not a Yardbird’s renamed Led Zeppelin although Jimmy Page had last played with the Yardbirds. He and John Paul Jones decided what the band would be and what their music would be. Fortunately their label, Atlantic Records, played along and took the risk. They certainly got a fantastic return on that risk, but then again Jimmy Page was a known commodity. They knew they had something special because he was the number 1 recording sessions player in London prior to the Yardbirds, and on top of it the Yardbirds were wildly successful, though energy wise, they were burnt out at the end and they all need a break. But I think this is one aspect that gets overlooked so often, and that is, is what was going on behind the scenes? There was a lot of risk on the record labels part. For Atlantic Record to allow Led Zeppelin to have complete control and produce this album the way the did was a major departure from the norm. And frankly, another label might have screwed this up big time. So it was a deal made in heaven, with Led Zeppelin playing like devils, and what came out of this band was some of the sweetest music ever made! And where did it all lead to? Stairway to Heaven baby! I saw Led Zeppelin in the Yale Bowl in New Haven, CT when they first toured in America in 1970. Close to 100K people strong, the place was packed. I’m not sure any other band had a draw like this. I think they set the standard for super groups. With regard to their music, each of these guys were brilliant. No one sang like Plant, no one had the energy to pound the drums like Bonham, John Paul Jones could seemingly play any instrument he wanted with complete control and lastly there are very few people who could write and play guitar with Jimmy Page. Like most artists, they credited their music to have influenced by so many before them, manly the blues, but they went were no one had gone before, and have contributed to the music of many bands that came on the stage after their, sadly short run of what, 12 years or so? Name another band that dis-banded because one of the band members passed away! Sadly, after John Bonham passed away, Led Zeppelin broke up. I believe the remaining 3 only played together only one last time when John Bonham’s son joined RP, JPJ, and Jimmy. And that had to be special and emotional for all.. 20 million people tried to buy tickets for that concert. Does that tell you something? This Led Zeppelin album is a must have, as are the rest of them! Enjoy!


But, since Paige's ego keeps him from giving credit where it is CLEARLY due 1 star. I'll give my money to Willie Dixon, howlin wolf, gatemouth, and lightnin Hopkins (to name only a few). I hope Paige comes back to earth before everyone he STOLE from passes on. Yes, I said stole because to be "influenced" you need to acknowledge that you had a teacher. The stones, Jeff beck, and Jimi Hendrix appreciated and acknowledged with grace why can't led zep? Get some humility Paige, truth is you aren't anything next to Clapton, beck, Hendrix, gatton, holdsworth, Richards, etc etc etc etc etc etc....

ListenUp (~)\(~)

This is the One!


A sound unlike anyone else. American blues mixed with British Rock. A soulful voice such as Plant with jimmy Paige playing on the guitar. It's hard to imagine these guys recorded a debut album as good as this and in just 36 studio hours.


Just a great album from this band. Back when it was released in 1969, it received poor reviews and thank god people appreciate this album more now. Production for all albums are great! Just a great album! 1. Good Times Bad Times: 10/10; A great opener to an awesome album! 2. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You: 10/10; This is just a great traditional! Good job to Page and Plant for arranging this. 3. You Shook Me: 10/10; This is a great cover that should be looked at more. 4. Dazed And Confused: 10/10; A great song/jam everyone knows. If you haven't listened to this yet, you must be living under a rock. 5. Your Time Is Gonna Come: 8.25/10; The weakest song off this, it's good don't get me wrong, but the guitars are out of tune. 6. Black Mountain Side: 9.5/10; A great instrumental, that's what an acoustic song should sound like, but too short. 7. Communication Breakdown: 10/10; An underrated gem! The best song off this album period. Probably one of their best. 8. I Can't Quit You Baby: 10/10; Similar to "Dazed And Confused" with that feel and another great cover! 9. How Many More Times: 10/10; A great jam! Interesting fact: When Robert Plant heard the playback to this in the studio, he had an orgasm. Nuff said. Overall rating of the album: 10/10; Just a great, classic album! Great songs, great musicianship, great production, great album, recommended to every rock fan! Recommended Tracks: Uh, ALL OF THEM!!


A sonic orgasm from beginning to end, Zep’s first album introduces a bit of everything that would define all their subsequent work: hard blues nirvana, acoustic folk shading, masterful songwriting and impeccable musicianship. Truly, the Hammer of the Gods.


Is there anything better? Really? This album turned typical blues songs on their ear, made them original, loud and full of energy and passion. This is where Hard Rock began…a debut that launched and defined a genre of rock…and in its wake we have 1000s of bands and guitarists who will look to this album as inspiration on how to give birth to something truly inspiring.




Sounds as good or better than when I first heard it 44 years ago!!!!!


...tha hasn't already been said about this album? It's a classic. It marked the debut of my favorite rock band of all-time.


Robert Plant has been quoted as saying he had an orgasm in the recording studio when he first heard the play back of 'How Many More Times'. Enough said.


If you think you've heard the best of Led Zeppelin; all that follows was born of this....

Zepp freak

So good!

Bob the builder 12

Greatest band of all time. Love every second of this album