Led Zeppelin - Mothership (Remastered)

℗ 2007 Atlantic Recording Corporation, a Warner Music Group Company.

Mothership (Remastered) Tracklist:

mr. Analyzer

I used to have it on compact disc. Which sounded great. However I agree with the people that said the version on iTunes sounds really compressed. In fact, it seems all of Led Zeppelin‘s music on iTunes sounds that way. And I’m not even much of an audio file. I really hope iTunes gets it all figured out.


Led Zeppelin is by far one of the greatest classic rock bands ever to exist. This albums got tons of their best work. I especially love Stairway to Heaven, Kashmir, Immigrant Song, and Heartbreaker. I totally recommend to any classic rock fan




It is a great album I bought it but it just disappeared and doesn’t allow me to download it without paying for it again.

Tony game man

You can’t include “Going to California”, literally the best ballad ever written? HOW?!

8-Bit Reviews

The song is Kashmir is🔥 Makes you go 🤘🤘🤘


‘Tis music sent down from the Gods! 🙏🙏🙏




Although this compilation was released in 2007, using the 1993 remasters, the version now on iTunes has been quietly updated to include songs from the 2014 and 2015 remastering of all the Zeppelin albums. The version previously available on iTunes did contain the 1993 remasters. I have it, as it was included on a digital only collection, The Complete Led Zeppelin, which is no longer available. "Nobody's Fault But Mine", for example, now clocks in at 6:28, consistent with the version found on the 2015 remaster of "Presence". The previous "Mothership" version clocked in at 6:17, which is consistent with the 1993 version of "Presence". Also, tracks 1-4, from the first album, use the 2014 remaster from that same album, as the left and right stereo channels are reversed. This was done on the entire 1993 version of the first album and not corrected until the 2014 version. Note, the 2014 version is consistent with the original vinyl and CD. Given that the iTunes version of "Mothership" now uses remasters from the 2014 and 2015 remastered versions, it is without doubt the definitive introduction to Led Zeppelin for anyone not familiar with their music. These 24 songs sound tremendous and represent the most well known Zeppelin music in the commercial sphere. Granted, those of us who have been Zeppelin fans for years know everything and regard all of it similarly.


One of my favorite albums, in fact I think this is one of the best albums, period. But this version has a serious case of compression, even the one on Youtube sounds better. I would recommend audiophiles get this album from somewhere else. But if you're just popping in some of those cheapo earbuds apple gave you- sure why not.


It’s 24 Led Zeppelin songs, enough said.




Led Zeppelin is one of (if not the best) band out there, and no one can say otherwise.

Nurk Twin

This is the only LZ song I do not have and will not DL it. Ever. There's a reason for it. Going to California? Fav tune.


I can,t believe they did not include Going to California


Pure rock and roll, I highly recommend.

The Dude 😎👍

Led Zeppelin, a band of a mix of rock and hard rock


Zeppelin IS the greatest of ALL early hard rock bands. While there are many contenders like Cream, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Blue Oyster Cult, LZ holds the title of Number One. MOTHERSHIP, while missing some important and spectacular tracks, is an excellent collection of tunes if one is trying to educate a younger listener to the roots of modern metal. Just like the older generation (of which I am one) looks to the pioneers of Rock and Roll (like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, etc) as influencing the Beatles, Stones, and The Who, Led Zeppelin shares the same relationship with bands like Metallica through Tool to Queens Of The Stone Age. This might be an incomplete representation of Zeppelin's work, but it is a very good sampling to show today's generation of metal listeners where "their" music was born.

Horror Mike

I love this album, but why won’t it show complete my album!?!


Ehh, some is boring some is gud


Song is dope


I'd bought the CDs years ago, but lost them during one move or another. Even though this is the 2nd time I've purchased the collection, it is still worth every cent! Whether you've just recently discovered LZ or if you are a lifelong diehard fan, this album will not disappoint.


Led Zeppelin has been my #1 band since I was 10 years old and I still love them. They are the definition of hard rock. Robert Plant is my favorite singer too, so lucky me. No one can say that Zeppelin is a bad band because they MADE rock genres that people love.


If you want a collection that includes all the greats,this is it. Takes me to "Doc's" fire pit, some cold brews, and the mighty ZEP. Great tunes for great times. Cheers


Quite possibly the best album of all time!


A succinct collection of Zeppelin's greatest hits? You got it right here.


This album is insanely awesome zeppelins songs will never get old rock and roll will never die


when my dad bought this album a few months ago i just started listening to it and i was hooked. best rock band of all time


I have been trying to "complete album" for weeks and all it says is "Item Being Modified, Try Again Later." Please fix!!

Waldemar Torres

Compressed piece of cr*p, get the '14 remasters on the studio albums which sound much better.

The KaJ of the year

This album sounds like it just came out last week, the remastered for iTunes version is beautiful to the ears and sounds like the old Bonham that we know