Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV (Remastered)

℗ 1971 Atlantic Recording Corporation, a Warner Music Group Company. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company.

Led Zeppelin IV (Remastered) Tracklist:

Trust and Us



Absolute gold! A classic rock must-have

Beatle Boy John

To me, Led Zeppelin IV showcased the band at the height of their musical prowess. My favorite songs from this album are Black Dog, When the Levee Breaks, and (of course!) Stairway to Heaven.


Woah............. this is the very bet album of All time mixing Hard Rock Blues and Folk this is a masterpiece. JPJones kills it. Bohnam is on Fire. Plnts volcal’s have never been so raw. Jimmy Page. The master. And talk about Stairway to Heaven!


If you had to only own one album then this is it. From Black Dog to the mellow beautiful Going to California ...all the songs send you on an emotional journey.

Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Led Zeppelin albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album from Led Zeppelin.


Quite possibly the best album of all time. Here are my track rankings. Black Dog- 10/10- Great guitar work, great vocal work, and a catchy singable chorus Rock and Roll- 10/10- Fun song with great riff and chorus you never will forget Battle of Evermore- 10/10- Nice acoustic track with a mandolin playing with it in the background Stairway to Heaven- 20/10- Best song on the album, fantastic guitar work by Jimmy Page and beautiful keyboard work by John Paul Jones. And don’t even get me started on Plant’s vocals Misty Mountain Hop- 10/10- The keyboard and guitar go together in this song, and it sounds awesome Four Sticks- 9/10- A cool drum beat that requires four sticks to play, but other than that, it’s not that special Going to California- 10/10- A pretty ballad with great vocals by Plant When the Levee Breaks- 15/10- Second best song on the album, awesome guitar work and the famous echoey drum beat In total, this album is amazing.

Tony game man

This is the album that made Hendrix cry. This is the album that changed history. BEST ROCK ALBUM EVER!!!

Seven Cities Blues

Ok I don’t share the same enthusiasm as many however this album has stair way to heaven .. bam nuff said..


Just keeping the ratings up for this awesome band

Rock Revolution

Life changing album


Truly a gift from God(s). A flawless masterpiece that remains untouched from the sands of time.


Absolutely incredible. I have a vinyl record of this album from the 70’s, and i’m 14. Every song is great, incredible vocals and instrumentation. Love love love it

Veronica Long Island Ny

This brings me way back I grow up with this music wow I am buying the whole Album this is a master Piece I thought I had this on my iPad I was surprised I missed putting it on my iPad this whole album is going on my iPad Stairway to heaven is a classic this Album is pure genius I love this album


My brother gave me this for my 11th birthday when it came out . We listened to it over and over . I still have it ! My daughters love “when the levee breaks “ me too of course . But my favorite has always been Going to California and Rock and Roll , Black Dog. Led Zep was even better in concert. We thought 10$ tickets were really expensive! Love hearing this album again. Never had s favorite Zep album, just my favorite at the moment . We always tried to figure out what the album cover and symbols meant. Still don’t know . I’m biased but the album sounds better than iTunes .

The Rocker XXX

My musical bible!!!!!!


Really good album- personal favorite is "Going to California"


Top 3 Greatest Rock Albums #1 Who’s Next #2 THIS ALBUM #3 Abbey Road Top 2 Greatest Rock Songs #1 Won’t Get Fooled Again #2 Stairway to Heaven (THIS ALBUM) Top 3 Greatest Rock Groups #1 The Beatles #2 The Rolling Stones #3 Led Zeppelin


I like how movies are now using older music for their movies, especially marvel with guardians of the galaxy, and Thor ragnarok uses the immigrant song👍👍👍


The Zeitgeist hit with an unrelenting force! There is no rival to this masterpiece! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Crazy mix up

My favorite LED Zeppelin album by far

HM Dave

The absolute greatest classic rock album in history.


Indeed one of the most important rock albums ever


I know this is one of the greatest Rock albums of all time, but I don't always agree with the "Top this.." "Top that..." polls, but this album's place & position, I will never question.


This band always release is my demons and soothes my soul! Rock on!!

D mosher

The best album ever made 😎


I'm a bit bugged right now. Just purchased this album. Sat back, ready to enjoy some of my favorite tunes from the greatest band. Tracks are starting off part ways into the songs, start and stop, or stop all together even though there is a "play" prompt! What gives?! Can't listen this way! Please fix!

Fritter man

Not a doubt one of the best songs of all time.

Carson Cagle 324

This is the best and stairway to heaven is awesome!!!


Every song on this album starts late and ends about three quarters of the way through the song

Pass on this



Does not get any better than this album. If you are a fan of music you have to get this one. Once you have you will want ever other Zep album. Enjoy!


Music does not get much better than this. I have listened to this album from start to finish a hundred times and could do it a million more. Each song is amazing and somehow, sounds just as good as the last time you listen to it. 5/5, easily. There's a reason this album is certified Diamond.


Unarguably in the top 5 albums of all time.


This album rocks! Especially when the levee breaks!


It's like the members of Zep went to the future and found every sound that every persons ears can appreciate, and they created the album to it! If you don't own this, you're not appreciating true Rock & Roll!


Could not believe how crystal clear Stairway to Heaven is...I wish all our classics from the 60's and 70's could be remastered!

Dandellion xoxo

In Jesus holy name!


One of my first rock albums . It's right up there as one of the best


When someone asks me "what's your favorite band?" It's a no brainier because the answer is led Zeppelin. Their music just brings much joy to my ears. I am absolutely obsessed with them (even though I'm only 14). I wonder how it was like seeing them in concert when they were younger. Gosh I was born in the wrong decade!


This album will rock your socks off! The first time I heard Going to California and Plant sang, "Seems that the wrath of the Gods got a punch on the nose and it's starting to flow; I think I might be sinking. Throw me a line if I reach it in time, I'll meet you up there where the path runs straight and high," I knew this would be one my favorite songs! I've listened to just that part a zillion times. Stairway to Heaven is a huge classic but not the only classic on this album. Black Dog is one of their best and rates in my top ten LZ songs!

kyle ciarrocchi

this is talent, try giving your ears the pleasure of listening to them


Abosolutely astonishing.


Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands and I recommend this album to anyone who likes classic rock. If rock music isn't your favorite, give it a listen anyway. It's really good.


Oh Yea Oh Yea Oh Yea It's Gooooooooooooooooood


This album is a trip. One of the best albums to get high and listen to. The vibes really go through you


Without a doubt one of the Best Rock & Roll songs ever written and played.


All of zeps albums are masterpieces and I'd have to say that my favorite album is the one I'm listening to. At the same time, there is something about this one that is special; it's lack of title, it's awesome cover, and it's music. If you want a definitive album, this is it. Featuring hard rock(black dog), roaring blues(when the levee breaks), haunting folk(battle of evermore), and epic tunes that are uniquely zeppelin(stairway to heaven), it's a gem you can't pass up. The bands talent and creativity is mind blowing. Buy it now!!


This album is great. From the good old Classic Rock sound of "Black Dog," or to a more bluesy feel with "When the Levee Breaks." There is only 8 songs but it doesn't feel incomplete. This is a classic and it is definitely one of the best rock albums ever!

Nurk Twin

Like The Beatles or Pink Floyd, it's insane to assume anyone on the planet could successfully create a "Greatest Hits" LP for either. The same for Led Zeppelin. I became a Zeppelin fan around 1982. This is the first and favorite LP of mine. Keep the music together.....