Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV (Deluxe Edition)

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Led Zeppelin IV (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:

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The quintessential Rock Album.

Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Led Zeppelin albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album from Led Zeppelin.


5 stars, since it contains 4th LZ's album, but if you already own any descent version of it, the bonus material is just a novelty for the curious. The original album was a finished product, and the remastering in the 90’s made them sound cleared. End of Story. The Box sets in the early 90’s were nice, especially the 1st one since it was packaged so well with a full LP sized box, and amazing liner notes. The remastered CDs that followed with the original Album sequences were a “no brainer" also. These “Deluxe” editions on the other hand are as stupid as the inverted album covers.


I'm only going to do a review on the alternate versions of each song. Not the actual song. 1. Black Dog (Basic Track With Guitar Overdubs): 6/10; It's Black Dog, everyone loves Black Dog. This version is meh. I personally don't like it because of the echo on Roberts Voice. The echo is really loud and really delayed. When the song is about to go into the main riff it's still echoing. There is also added vocals on Roberts "Oh yeah" parts which is alright. The guitar doesn't really sound different from the original. 2. Rock and Roll (Alternate Mix): 9/10; This version really sounds like Rock and Roll. The guitar sounds better and louder in this mix. At the beginning the overdubbed part on Jimmy's guitar is added later which gives it that rock and roll feel and about 7 seconds into the vocals, they get lowered so it can focus on the guitar which I think is a good idea. You still can hear Robert but the guitar is driving the song forward. 3. The Battle of Evermore (Mandolin/Guitar Mix From Headley Grange): 4/10; Don't get me the wrong. The guitar and mandolin sound amazing in this version. They sound more crispy but I think song was a duet for Robert and Sandy. Without their lyrics this song drags and gets boring. 4. Stairway to Heaven (Sunset Sound Mix): 10/10; I never though Stairway to Heaven could be any better but they found a way. Okay... At the beginning, the recorder is softer and the guitar/vocals were given a slight echo. It's not like Black Dogs echo but it slight. Then it switches from the electric guitar. In the original the recorder would play while Jimmy switches from acoustic guitar but not in this one. Everything goes quiet. When he strikes his guitar it always gives me goosebumps. When the 12 string guitar is added this sounds more lively and well it's hard to describe. The guitar is more beautiful in this one. Also John Paul Jones piano raises a little in this version. Then John Bonham strikes on those drums which has an echo on them too, everything sounds perfect. The drums aren't as loud, everything is blending into each other which is perfect. I thought I would never say this but I the guitar solo is better than ever. The little fanfare before it sounds more crispy and up in your face. It's telling you this is going to be epic. Then the guitar solo hits and just wow... The guitar sounds too beautiful. Everything is coming together. John Paul Jones piano is louder and you hear a lot more things than the original. But the guitar solo just soars! It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Then Robert comes back in and this is the only complaint I have, the riff is changed. I loved the simple riff in the original and they change it. There are new vocals of Robert which is nice. Then there's a new ending with the guitar which doesn't make it so rushed. Over all this song is equal to the original unlike the others. 5. Misty Mountain Hop (Alternate Mix): 8/10; The only really things that are changed in this song is Roberts voice is lowered or higher and the drums sound different. It also somewhat sounds like Robert overdubbed his vocals a lot on this one. 6. Four Sticks (Alternate Mix): 7/10; This song doesn't get mention a lot which is wired. The songs great! This version kind of helps it. The guitar, bass, and drums are a little muted which gives it a harder feeling than the original. 7. Going to California (Guitar/Mandolin Mix): 10/10; This song is the better version without Roberts vocals. Without Roberts vocals this song sound completely new. It sound beautiful. John Paul Jones mandolin sounds great in this. This some is a relaxing song. 8. When the Levee Breaks (Alternate UK Mix in Progress): 9/10; This mostly focuses on the guitar. The guitar sounds like it's in a whole new key. In some parts the guitar will echo, get louder or softer. Also the lyrics are raised.


I can’t tell the difference between some of the songs so I give these songs 5 stars. It might be a good idea to release some material new to the public. Thanks


Thank u monster brand headphones (DNA or beats) & Jimmy Page. These remasteres are the greatest. Glad some people stil care bout our ears.


These remasters are all great. Really updates the Led Zep experience for a new gen. I’m old school, so I’ve heard these tracks a million times. I dig the bonus material. There’s a new feel or colour to some of it like Four Sticks (bonus version). IV is least impressive for its bonus content. Led Zeppelin I was the best so far.

al kirk

Led-Zeppelin is my favorite band, so i was excited about this unreleased material, and i absolutely hate to give them 1 star. I went to buy it, and was disappointed to find out i would have to purchase the entire original album. But what stopped me from doing so is i listened to a few tracks and could not tell a difference, and there must be a reason behind them not releasing it originally.


Get the Led out - if you have a good stereo system in a room with good acoustics - you can clearly hear the remastering touches of Jimmy Page--bottom is eavier and you can hear the tom tom's twang on Bonzo's beat


It looks like most of the bad reviews are prior to the release date. Everyone who downloaded this is happy!


Thanks Jimmy Page for this remastered classic rock ! I have the complete collection and this is essential for all Zeppelin fans !


I am so disappointed in these releases. Unless you have the money Page and Plant have supporting some high-end music system, the average user can not tell the difference. So that leaves us with the 2 CD. It is almost impossible to tell the difference from the original. What we want is some un-released material. You are telling me after all those creative years together, Key to the Highway / Trouble In Mind is the only un-heard song to be released so far? That song is classic Zep, but nothing else? I can not believe these guys only recorded the songs that were released on each album — and nothing more. Hopefully Jimmy can find some unreleased material for the last few albums. Even an acoustic version of All My Love, or live version of Tea For One would make the purchase worth it. God, I would even buy it if Jimmy & Robert re-recorded a new blues version of Achilles Last Stand — how cool would that be! Anything different, but the same songs on the 2nd CD.


I know all us zep fans want live versions and bootlegs and whatnot, but it you haven't gotten the physical copy like i hadn't, this is a great release. I actually prefer the alternate take of when the levee breaks, 5 stars for the original if nothing else


You might suspect with the recording times that with most of the remixes may be pretty close to the release versions. So it is really interesting to listen carefully to hear how subtle the differences are. Particularly with Stairway to Heaven, the Sunset Mix is so close that many won’t hear much of a difference. I have listened to this piece hundreds of times and as far as I can tell they may have used the voice track exactly the same for both mixes. But the guitar track mixing has some real differences and those gorgeous bass notes that sort of peak out from behind the beats in the turnaround parts are not as full and creamy as original. I wonder how they sat around fiddling and trying to decide. While interesting, I have to say I think history proves they chose the right mix in 1974.

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…but I ain’t buyin’ this. Sorry Jimmy. Next.

Chad Barker

If you are let down with these new releases your not a true Led-Head period!!! Thank you Jimmy for your continued creativity and innovation...wooohoooo! Go Jimmy!!!

Gaius Julius Caesar

This is just a ploy to get people who already purchased these albums to purchase them once again. The bonus material is completely unimpressive. All these alternate versions and mixes are virtually indistinguishable from the original album version. There is very little new here.


It out finally I love getting these Deluxe Edition album.


Sure it would be nice to Dream there is a secret reservoir of unheard Songs with new Guitar licks of mystical magic - but apparently there aren't. The Sound Quality is fantastic and I take what there is to get.


i have been waiting for this to come out for such a long time, and it was worth it!!!


LOVE the alt. mixes❗️❗️❗️


Jimmy page and Co. Have done it again... Awesome!


HERES WHAT THEY NEED TO RELEASE! A GREATEST LIVE HITS ALBUM FROM THERE TOURS Ex. Dazed and Confused 2-14-75 Uniondale, NY or Sick Again live Dallas, TX 3-5-75 that would be excellent! But thanks for the new stuff Jimmy!!!


I dont think this was a cash grab - I think Jimmy wanted to remaster the LZ studio catalog one last time his way - Lets face it I dont know who will control the music but all 4 members probably wont b around in 20 years to oversee the next remastering


I am very excited, the sound quality on the first three remasters BLEW me away. Seriously I do not understand the negative reviews, the sound quality is so much better than the previous CDs. I did buy them as Cds, and plan to do that with this album and houses of the holy as well. If somebody feels its a rip off for buying an album they already have, then hey don’t buy it, but let the REAL Led Zeppelin fans enjoy the work that Jimmy put into these deluxe editions. I have all the albums and am replacing them with the deluxe versions, they are well worth the money!

Roger's Here

The bonus material on all these Deluxe editions is poor. Are there no unreleased songs out there? What about “Hey, Hey, What Can I do”? The fact that this popular song isn’t here is a huge credibility blow to these editions.

Topcat Bottom Rat

This album is a legend. A centerpiece of rock and roll. Each song is a classic. Black Dog's heavy metal groove with Robert's bluesy howl. Rock and Roll's hard rock drive and energy from John Bonham's unforgettable drumming. The Battle of Evermore is a beautiful folk rock masterpiece. Stairway to Heaven. Enough said. And the rest are all necessary songs to make this album complete because of what the band experimented with in each. This album is so important to rock that it is a staple part of every rock fan's diet. Don't complain about the companion audio and don't give a low rating because it is very nice to hear these recordings because of the insight it gives to the recording and possibilities of what the songs could be when they were recording them. Can't wait for this to come out!


These editions are very poor!! No good extra trcks, no video, no booklet!!! no iTunes LP… Useless, only for to steal money at fans! Go home Jimmy Page!


Why can't the tracks be previewed. At least give me a reason why I might want to buy ANOTHER version of this album.


This is better than a live addition because these songs and the era has already been done over several time live both in official releases and bootlegs. I'd take alternates any day (and wish they did this for Zep I, not a live show that's already out there on bootleg)


Everyone of these 5 remaster "deluxe edition" releases other than Led Zeppelin I has given us crap for the "bonus" disc. Basically rehashed, incomplete, raw outtakes - with no new songs other little doodle crap & NO LIVE material.....I mean C'MON 1972-1974 was the peak of their live career, and we cant get a F'N live show companion disc on Led Zeppelin IV or HOTH?!?! Even the LEd Zeppelin I bonus live disc from Paris didnt sound anywhere near as good as the previous very few live releases they have put out....my favorite Led Zeppelin album is Physical Graffiti, they are just nuts if they don't include a live companion disc form the 1975 Tour...this is dissappointing

Yvng Phvrvoh

Come on how many times is this album gonna be re-released

Noah Scott

Excited to hear the songs remastered and never heard out takes

kyle butler

Come on. The bonus disc is basically the same as the original album. No unreleased gems or maybe a live disc. Disappointing.