Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin (Deluxe Edition)

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Led Zeppelin (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:

Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Led Zeppelin albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album from Led Zeppelin.


I’ve been a Studio musician for over 30 years. Guitar, piano, harmonica. Most of the reviews here don’t understand that nothing is as good as the vinyl albums to those that really have a good ear for music. The needle wiggling in the groove of an album produced a sound wave that worked with our eardrums perfectly. Digital representation of that sound wave in various parts re-created a sound wave with mini straight lines in it, and some people’s brains can hear the difference. I know I can. This music sounds way better Than the other Led Zeppelin iTunes or CDs! NOT THE ALBUMS! Bottom line; if you are a fan of Led Zeppelin, but the album first, and then buy the songs on iTunes from the other albums. If you have a decent here for music, you will notice the The difference; the depth or richness of this particular mastering. If you’re a musician, or someone that spent a lot of time with you eyes closed headphones on, or at parties concentrated on the music more than you did conversations around you, THIS IS FOR YOU! If Music is it more important to you than anything else, then don’t buy it!

Les Nessman19

It's great to hear white summer / black mountainside (there's a great version found on the Complete BBC Sessions) and Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown, as these are obviously alterations to the studio versions. You really hear how great they are. You would be doing yourself a disservice not listening to them live (check How the West Was Won album too).


Why when I pop this disc into my computer to download it to my computer. The artwork for the 4th album shows up and when I go to the correct the error, I can't. What gives?

Alexander D. Great

Is not the point of the rating system. One star for the commenters? really? My 5 star review is to reverse the effect of the one star review which was not sbout the music. I get the point, I love physical media and have a thorough understanding of how it improves the sound, but I'm not an ITunes hater either...

Russell Berryman

If you can’t tell the difference your ears are shot (and thats a possibility for many) or you have a earwax buildup from hell. Because my 60 year old ears can hear things I never heard before!!!! Thanks Jimmy!!!!


The bonus disc is the greatest album I have ever heard. The live versions of I can't quit you baby and You shook me are my favorite songs in the universe. If only they had laid that energy to album instead of becoming a pop band :/ GREATEST BAND EVER HEAVIEST BAND EVER


Let me preface my review by saying I'm NOT a Zeppelin fan. As soon as I completed my LP/tape collection as a teen, I couldn’t stand them anymore. The only album I would listen to was In Through the Out Door, and even that was sporadic at best. I’ve always admired John Paul Jones and John Bonham, but the songwriting no longer appealed to me. In an effort to hear some of Bonham’s playing again, I checked out the remasters on iTunes. I know they can't compare to the CD or LP versions, especially with high-end audio equipment, but I generally listen to music with headphones, PC speakers, or my crappy in-car system streaming via Bluetooth. The remasters sound great across all my devices, and Deluxe Edition of LZ1 sounds brighter and broader than the older remastered version. To rate the album for an iTunes remaster using average to low-end devices, I give the deluxe edition 5 stars. As for a Zeppelin album . . . I can’t put my finger on it, but LZ1 has become the only Zeppelin release that I can listen to from the first track to the last. Every other album has a few songs I like, but I’m hesitant to buy any of them as a collection (I may eventually get In Through the Out Door and Houses of the Holy, but only the deluxe editions when they’re released). There’s a unique flow and a consistency in the songwriting to LZ1 that I can’t feel in the other albums. It’s become my favorite Zeppelin album, and one of my favorite albums of all time. I give it 5 stars easily. As for the extra tracks . . . I knew I would never listen to them, so I went super-stingy and saved an extra $2 by only purchasing the main tracks. I can’t speak for them or give them a rating, but there’s certainly a lot of live material for fans. If you haven’t picked up the album since the 90s in a digital format and don’t plan on using a high-end audio system, I’d definitely recommend the deluxe version in full. If, however, you’ve bought a remastered version of the album, especially on CD and/or LP, don’t bother with the iTunes version. In fact, you can knock my score down 2-3 stars, because the iTunes version will seriously disappoint you. “Mastered for iTunes” does not mean it works well on every system, and it doesn’t guarantee the best sound. From my experience, it seems to be meant for more casual music lovers like me, who are mired in the Apple ecosystem, listen to music on smaller devices, and don’t want to bother with converting music from high-end versions to nearly lossless formats. One word of warning: you can get the same version on CD for a cheaper price, but that’s true of pretty much all iTunes releases.


These editions are very poor!! No good extra trcks, no video, no booklet!!! no iTunes LP… Useless, only for to steal money at fans! Go home Jimmy Page!


I am a huge Zep fan and have every album in vinyl and CD along with bootlegs, box sets, etc. The original Remastered series was horrible, Mothership was even worse with over-driven distortion and just plain loud. This time they FINALLY got it right! I picked up the Super Box Set and even the lousy Apple Lossless sounds great. There is much more depth in the music and bass that I have never heard before in any of the other versions. If you are a Led Zeppelin fan, do yourself a favor and pick up these new remasters … you will NOT be disappointed!

Me in Phoenix

This is an excellent new remaster of a truly classic album. I had the original ...but this new release is worth buying regardless.

Led Zeppelin III

This is Led Zeppelin I there first album...Obiously and it's a classic album. With songs like Dazed And Confused, Good Times Bad Times, Babe I'm gonna Leave you, Your Time is Gonna come, and Black Mountain Side. It's a fantastic album and I believe you should buy this and rate it. Enjoy the music!


I have done a lot of reading on Mastered for iTunes brand trying to figure out the significance. This set of releases is marked as remastered AND MFI, I downloaded Dazed and Confused to compare it to the original CD release, that I burned to my iTunes Library. I have to say that I was not able to hear any measurable difference that would cause me to download these as a replacement to the original releases. If you want the extra content that is a different story, I’m not a LZ completest, so I was just hoping for improved sound quality, which I did not get.


I can't hear any significant difference from the previous CD release of this album. If you don't have it, this is def. the way to get it, since the companion live disc is good. But don't come looking for any earth shattering remastered revelations.

darkstar 96

If you dont own this album i'd say this is a super sweet deal. if you do own it, its a good live album. If you look at the other two albums they repackaged this one is the best of the three bonus material wise i think.

Saul Villalobos

I dont care what people say about the album not needing to be remastered (again) its [email protected]%$ing awesome and always will be. The bonus material is simply amazing. So sit back shut your mouth and crank it all the way up to 11, speakers blown, and everything! \m/


The one star is for the reivewers. Anyone buying here is completely missing the point. This remastering was done for better sound! The CDs, Vinyl and/or the Hi-Res (not available here) are what you need. For High-Res either buy the Super Deluxe package or go to HD Tracks dot com. I've seen people questioning whether or not the the remaining albums will get remastered. If you spend 10 seconds on Google, you will not only find the answer is yes, but you will find out what has been done and why. And PLEASE... Stop reviewing the band or the album, review the PRODUCT (which is the remastering) . We all know the band and the album is good. Add something useful other than "OMG this is fav band ever! Awesome Album"

[email protected]

That suks. Jimmy expect you to buy a CD? Lol. Why doesn't itunes offer the entire package?


Each time Led Zeppelin puts out new music, it just shows why Led Zeppelin is the greatest rock band of all time. This is a must buy album.


Of this concert. I'd rather have alternates of GTBT and CB and others than another live show that can just be released on its own. Especially since there's already a boot in great quality of this same show out there. Better than nothing but disappointed.


How many more times…… must I buy the same old song. Vinyl, 8track, Cassette, Cd, after CD, after CD…. MP3….AAC How's about a version for Garageband and or Logic Jimmy? Let us create our own remixes!!! Fan remixes!!! you can own the songs and pay the remix artist a percentage. Imagine the possibilities…. Just ask Trent Reznor………..


I wanna see Baby Come On Home added to this album.


The Gods are back!

Awesome Dude 427

I'm so excited that they're releasing new deluxe albums! It's also a really good deal, 17 songs for 14 bucks, even though they're all live ones.


I and II were issued as "Deluxe Editions" in '69, and III was issued in '70. What else could they have done to make these any more "Deluxe"? It would be nice if they released more information...Let's go with Door #3...


Just to me seems like a cash-grab for the record company.


How can people rate and review an album that hasn’t been released yet? Who knows what the quality will be like? Or if it a “must have” if you already own the original album? Pretty strange…… I have to rate it so I’ll give it a “3” pending actually hearing it….


Zeppelin "I"-"IV" are THE 4 GREATEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME. It's just too bad they haven't mentioned whether or not they are going to be re-mastering "IV" - "In Through The Out Door". Only "I" - "III" at this point.


greatest ever time for greatness

ListenUp (~)\(~)

Led's deut album. Mixed in 1968. Released on January 12, 1968. Zep 1 changed the music world overnight. Jimmy had assembled the perfect banc. & together, Jimmy, John Paul, Robert & John crated what would become hard rock. an entirely new sensation. I'm not sure why we're getting a new release, again. But if it's newer & improved, bravo. if you've never heard this album, check it out. it's probably the most ground breaking debut album ever. & the thing is, it sounds as fresh today as it did forty-six years ago. So CRANK UP THE VOLUME & GET THE LED OUT!

Topcat Bottom Rat

This is my favorite band ever and even though I can't pick a favorite album, I do like this one in particular! Definitely worth every cent to anyone thinking of buying it!


Some excellent music to Pre-Order. Finally!!


still dont know the reason for re releasing, but at least this has better bonus material than the deluxe edition of led zeppelin 2...


Can't Get Enough Of LED ZEPPELIN,! I am looking forward to what he does with the soundtrack album The Song Remains The Same. The Greatest Live Album Ever! I Can't Wait either,.