Lady Gaga - The Fame

℗ 2014 Interscope Records

The Fame Tracklist:

slow pig

I mean I like it my fav is lovegame and poker face




EVERY song on here could be a single. Pure perfect pop. Catchy hooks, melodies, visuals. So innovative and changed pop music forever.

Trust and Us



I’ve been listening to poker face since I was a baby and I still love it! A couple of years ago the finale for my dance recital was just dance and I had so much fun! I hope Gaga reads this because I. Absolutely. Love. Her!!! Thank you for your great music Gaga!


I don’t like the beat

kbpcoolawsome323 _YT

Hey Gaga I gave you a 5 stars because your vocals are so amazing like a artist and I love you since forever I don’t have a favorite song because I love them all including stupid love that came out I wanna said it keep on going your style! 😀


I love all of your songs and some are on just dance it was amazing I hope everyone in the world loves your songs the most😃😄


READ THIS In "just dance" it sounds like "got to pee ok!!" In stead of "got to be ok" lol sorry if I made the song you loved into a bad one.

I'm Not Sarcastic

And thus Gaga was born, The Fame Has Released! One of the best albums of the 2000’s From 80’s Vibes, To The Early 2000’s Time! The Fame Has it all! I give this record a solid 8/10!



Kiwi Cake 1600

nothing tops gagas work, and nothing ever will. it’s 2020 and gaga is still #1

Drake Techmaker

I got this on a CD at a flea market and burned it onto my computer and phone. Nine of the fourteen songs on this album are in my favorites playlist which is something a lot of my albums don’t do. Gaga made like half the songs I would hear on the radio when I was little! The only reason I took a star off is because it isn’t perfect and there are a few songs that I didn’t love as much as some of the others. However there are other songs on here that I’m shocked i never heard before. Overall great album and I’d recommend it to anybody that likes Lady Gaga or pop similar to hers.



Høw Šhøćkîñg

You sing like an angel! But you just had to make YOURE voice sound like Shit because you wanna be a performer why? WHY!?


Lady Gaga is one of my favorite pop artists. It started with hearing “Just Dance” on the radio one day, and it like to never got it out of my head. Then,just yesterday, I heard Poker Face on the same radio station and got that one too! Also my favorite band ever is Queen and when I found out she got her stage name from the song “Radio Ga Ga” I loved her even more!



Josue Galvez

Unos de los Mejores álbumes del siglo❤️


This is my song right here I love it I even have the ringtone


Blame it on Weird Al!


I really don’t like lady Gaga but her song just dance is very good 👌🏻


The best Debut Album ever!


The most amazing pop album to date. Gaga is truly iconic and a superstar. I’d say these are her best songs, but every song she puts out is her best song. Each one is better than the last! 5/5 recommend! Best song to dance to: Just Dance Best song to dramatically lip sync to: Poker Face or Paparazzi Best song to cry to: Brown Eyes You’re welcome 😉😂

Vannessa diamonds

This album is so iconic! Gaga did THAT!


Became a little Monster after hearing this album back in 2009 <3


Gaga’s debut album is definitely a pop masterpiece with many artistic layers. Amazing!




Best ever






Dale Bazio should sue Gaga for every last dime. Gaga stole her look and career!


One of the best debut albums ever, love HER


‘The Fame’ by Lady Gaga is one of the best debut albums of all time!

Music Album of Lady Gaga:

Poker Face / Speechless / Your Song (feat. Elton John) [Live from the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards] - Single
Poker Face / Speechless / Your Song feat. Elton John [Live from the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards] - Single (2010)