Lady Gaga - Chromatica

℗ 2020 Interscope Records

Chromatica Tracklist:



Gaga is known as a great artist!!!love you




This sounds like average pop music. I don’t hear anything unique.


Is the best 🌈🌈🌈


I love her single with Ariana Grande . Rain on me is this summers anthem


I’m excited as I’ve stanned Gaga since her debut and she never disappoints. But her having Ariana, BLACKPINK & Elton John just speaks excellence. This album is about to make history. PAWS UP!


ms gaga is BACK




More of the same


I was actually excited for this but it didn’t meet my expectations, would NOT recommend.


Lady Gaga use her gift to bring a new pop thunderstorm to the earth


I can't wait for may 29


Can’t wait


Rain on me is amazing I can’t wait for the album!!!!

Chuckie Houston

I can’t wait. This album will be epic!

bolivia hye

She did THAT!!!

uippo king

This album is going to be awesome and some of you need to wait till you here the full album to put a negative since on this album ugh


... for saving pop music once again 😏😏


Amazing album, amazing talent and beyond amazing collaborations. I love this, I love the message and I love her!


The queen is back!


This is the album of the year!


best album of Gaga’s! Love it ⚔️. It’s gonna win album of the year


You never disappoint me




i was really looking foward to this song but it just isnt good


I’m literally driving to the wig shop now because as soon as the album started playing, my wig flew out of the window and I was stopped at a red light...


This Album is a Dance Hit and incredible sound and just makes you want to dance she is so talented and an amazing singer


Dope singles




She continues to soar past everyone else with her deep lyrics and attention to detail.

I❤️Calum hood

Thank Gaga for collaborate with BLACKPINK. Your album going to be really successful 🥳


Expected this to be great like her music before. Rain On Me sounds like it belongs in a children’s cartoon. Will check once the whole album drops!


Super excited. Love it


This is AMAZING!


Only Lady Gaga can come up with an album like this!


Loved Lady Gaga at one point but her music became very generic - she use to inspire but now it's the same out-dated sound, not horrible but meh - I am sure her fans are happy with these tracks....but as a fan from the start - still waiting


A little bit


..for the same hook.


so so good i love this woman

James Holley

We o it have a taste so far, but I can tell this album is gonna be a hit! Love you Gaga. 🌧⛓✌🏼💞


healing dance-floor album it’s everything


Love Gaga♥️♥️♥️

kate wittrock

Gaga did incredible on this album. Every song, every interlude is fabulous. Kudos to Blackpink, Ariana Grande, and Elton John for enhancing how incredible this album is!


The album isn't out yet, and there are only 2 tracks I can use to evaluate Gaga's next sound at the time of writing this review. I just want to preface this by saying that I love and admire Lady Gaga aka Stefani, not only as an artist, musician, actress, visionary, and LGBT icon, but also as a person -- and I'm proud to say I've been a fan since late 2008 when her debut album 'The Fame' severely changed and reinvented the sound of pop music worldwide. You know you're a certified legend in the making when your debut album manages a feat like that. The Fame Monster -- the follow-up to 'The Fame' is, to this day, Gaga's magnum opus and 'Born This Way,' the third record, certified her status as the reigning queen of Pop. Things were bound to go downhill somewhat after such flawless delivery. First signs of that happening was the underwhelming 'Artpop' back in 2013, a record that suffered from serious overhype which set it up for a major failure. Around that time, the Gaga magic started to wane, but her artistry and strong vision still kept me captivated. With 'Joanne' -- Gaga's fifth album, Gaga attempted to strike a balance between Lady Gaga the persona and Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta the human being. 'Joanne' had some fine moments, but I ultimately found the songs phony and inaunthentic, and that's a major problem I have with Gaga's recent music -- her attempts at being "raw" and "real" when it's far too obvious she's still stuck on the set of 'A Star is Born' with Bradley Cooper in her mind. In so many ways I found her more believable back in 2009 when it was just her sitting at a piano with a low budget stage setup, and a recreation of a designer outfit she made herself because she couldn't afford the real thing. And now 'Chromatica' -- an album that oozes SO MUCH ambition and potential. From its stunning lipstick-smeared rainbow colored visuals to a sound that is said to break new ground. An entire palette of sounds, actually. However, all I got from the first single "Stupid Love" was mediocrity. First and foremost, the song sounds quite dated. If someone told me the song was from 2011-2016, I'd believe it. There's nothing new or revolutionary about it -- in fact, it sounds like a Born This Way reject. "Rain on Me" is a huge improvement, and an excellant blend of great Pop and meaningful lyrics. I'm curious what the rest of the album sounds like, but I try not to get my hopes up.




Spectacular, never the same, totally unique.


Okay lemme start by saying, reading through all the different reviews made me smiles and some made me laugh, especially at the one stars. Like how do y’all think this is just noise or bad or some of you think Ariana saved Rain On Me with her vocals? I’m pretty sure the song would’ve been altered to sound different if Ari wasn’t gonna be singing in it. They made the song the the way it is BECAUSE she did a collab with Gaga. I’ve been listening to it so much through this isolated time it’s like totally revived my mental state and I feel better from it. I mean if it doesn’t vibe with you guys just be nice about saying so fr. Stop hating just to hate it’s so annoying and low of people to do that🙄. Anywho I adore Ari and Gaga’s song and totally can’t wait for the album!!! I’ve missed the fresh and happy energy feel I get when I listen to good upbeat music and I’m gettin it now so this must be a good song😏♥️♥️♥️

Music Album of Lady Gaga:

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