La Roux - Supervision

℗ 2020 Supercolour Records under exclusive license to Believe

Supervision Tracklist:


Sonically, stylistically, and aesthetically it’s the same as Trouble in Paradise, which was a much better album than this. Supervision is not bad, it’s just bland and tbh, very forgetful. None of the tracks really stick with me. Too much of the same. You can do so much better than breezy, retro pop. Try something new La Roux.


This sounds like a sophomore effort right through to production value. I've seen her live, she's fantastic, opening / playing for / with New Order at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles a few years back.... I love her first two efforts. This one seems far less inspired musically if not lyrically. Elly....are you doing OK these days?

Austin Aho

Still kicking. Get it girl ♥️


Love the retro vibe and sound of this, particularly “Automatic Driver”


This album has to be a joke. Gullible Fool is the same beat over and over and over just with different words!!!


Not only does this album sound stylistically way different and more retro than her former material, but the audio quality from a production standpoint sounds vastly inferior. There’s no snap anymore. La Roux was known for her unique candy sounding synths that really popped and cut through the mix. It was very Imogen Heap. New Age. This is... I don’t really know what this is, but at the very least, it is not the same genre.


So good to her her again! I really like her new style... love what she is doing now.. She is unique! She is fabulous ...


Holy god. I’m so excited Elly has graced us with more music again. Out of the three music video tracks, automatic driver is easily my favourite...everything I live for...that intro sound. I love it


I really liked the techno feeling she had. She sounds like everyone else now.


It has a very 80’s sound, like as if it was recorded in 1982-83. I Can’t wait


I already know this album is gonna top tier so no need to listen to everything else!

Piñata Magonia Poppy



I was excited but this first single is soooo boring.




The music video and song are adorable, so catchy! Can’t wait to hear the whole album! 🔥


Even shorter than Trouble In Paradise! but check out the track lengths- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Save for a few, almost all of them are past the 5-minute mark, that makes me happy. Elly is back, and all is well. ♫