Santana - La Flaca (feat. Juanes)

℗ 2014 RCA Records & Sony Music Latin

La Flaca (feat. Juanes) - Single Tracklist:

Mónica Abigail

I don't care much for the lyrics themselves but you just can't go wrong with Santana and Juanes. I'm sure they could make the "ABC's" a hit! Thanks iTunese for the freebie.


I love Santana but this song is not very good. For me, it’s a bit boring and certainly not his best. Won’t be downloading this one. Thanks anyway!

Eliana A. Perez

Excelente que el tema ya se pueda descargar gratis, de verdad que la calidad de itunes es inigualable, me encanta.


Thank you. It isn't the best I've ever heard from Santana but thanks for posting something that strikes home with a more broad audience. I can dig it!


Carlos Santana has not been relevent for at least 20 years. Same riffs same mediocre singer types. If you like same sameyness and mediocre crap from old dues - here is your tune. Is it any coincidence that Juanes sounds like a latin Matchbox 20 singer on here?


I love Santana and Juanes but like the original version of this song a lot better than this remake. Sounds a bit too overdone.

Ocean 56

Santana is just great. Can't see anything wrong with the master of Latin! I've seen him several times. He never looses control, so cool on stage.


Carkos Santana is back friom selling perfume. He is still one of the world's greatest rock guitarists. This song rocks.

Cowboys 77

This song is really good, Santana has done it again.


The original version by Jarabe de Palo is waaaaayy better than this.


Es una versión dulce de la canción famosa por Jarabe de Palo. ¡Gracias iTunes por el reglalo gratis!


Best cover of this song!!!


Some of these singles….. Sometimes I question iTunes. Nothing about this song really stands out as it had a rather boring sound… Not the best. :/


You can’t go wrong with this man playing guitar. A real song by a real artist.

electronic eel

Loved the original from the 1990s, and the Santana update is even better still. Muy bien and muchas gracias, itunes!

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