Green Day - Know Your Enemy

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Know Your Enemy - Single Tracklist:


I love that song Lights Out buy it now!!!!!!!


Its simple. Know your enemy is awsome and the other 2 songs are amazing too.


I love Know Your Enemy and Hearts Colide. I'm pretty sure I would love lights out as well. Sadly, being the vynil fan that I am, I bought this in the form of a 45 rpm single, completely ignorant of the fact that they only included two of the songs from the three track EP. Bad iTunes! Bad! Stop having more to offer than vynil records! I can't live without them!


They release eps during an album to show what the bsides are


Why are those two songs non- album tracks? I think they are some of the best songs ever made!!!


Know Your Enemy is not the best Green Day song ever written. What their best song is is debatable, but you won't find it here. What you will find is a couple of great songs that didn't make it onto 21st Century Breakdown, as well as a catchy but boring single.


Kevin1000- Good that you left. Green Day didn't need a hater like you bringing them down! >:( I admit it isn't my favorite song, and "Breakdown" certainly isn't my favorite GD album. But this is a great song, and deserves listening to! But if I had to pick a favorite song on the new album, I'd definetly pick East Jesus Nowhere! My fav GD song ever!!

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I think lights out kinda sounds like there old selves. I like it;)


This song is freaking alsome!!!!! Have to get it




Sweet non-album tracks, didn't notice them before, GO GREEN DAY!!!


Ok, I love 21 Guns, but seriously, it is getting way too popular for it's own good. Green Day also released 3 other singles. Know Your Enemy was the lead single (released April 16), East Jesus Nowhere was released as a single on October 19, and 21st Century Breakdown became a single on December 21

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This is so far from metal that its not even funny!


Best Green Day song!!!!!!!!!!! This one will NOT dishapoint you!


i really like the song "lights out" because it kina mixes the "old" green day style with the "new" green day style


No Yor Enimee!! Ha Ha. This song is rockin' and just plain old AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know your Enemy? I do! Miley Cyrus is my enemy for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Funny that the B-sides are better than the whole album. They always have been great with B-sides though. Nice to know they still have it when they want to.


ok. i already wrote a review for this song. so this is a review to defend them. to the w***e who thought it who be funny to call them "gay day"----stop being such a homophobe!!!! yes, billie joe armstrong is bisexual, but he is also a modern legend and the best songwriter since john lennon. and you are just a mindless loser who sits around on their computer all day writing nasty and hateful reviews about perfectly great music. so go save yourself and actually bother to listen to some of their stuff.


Not punk but not a bad song.


I don't know how anyone can call this punk. I guess it counts if you're 11 years old but past 12 it's repetative predictable bullhonkey.

Bobbylobonty rocks

I love know your enemy


ok--i truely looooove green day--but know your enemy is kinda weak-it says the same thing over and over again...its a AWSOME SONG--just not theyre best--it is very catchy thoe--and fun to sing along with! my personal favorite is "Lights Out"--i know it is basically the same thing as "Know Your Enemy"--but it just gets stuck in my head--and its very catchy!--and its like channeling Nimrod and Dookie--which is so very awsome! but i would so buy this is if youre a long time fan of green day---if your new---listen to Dookie-Nimrod-and American Idiot--and a few older albums---THEN buy this once your a fan of theyre music!--it will do you the best-mmkay?

Astroid Hero

Green Day is proabalbly the most sick band ever. . . and i bought "lights out" the moment it came out at hot topic. Now here comes hearts collide which is hella yes. So here is the end of my review. if you keep reading this you will end up with no futher information. This sentance is completly pointless and so is the next one. I just wrote this so i can fill up the box and make it look like i gave an actuall effort.


Ok i love tha new album BUT this song got old very quickly. But they sound NOTHING like they did before and i like that If you like green day u shuld definatley get this


Know your enemy is one of the worst songs I've ever heard. Hasn't America had enough with Green Day yet?


I love know your enemy it's awesome

greenday sucks123123

its almost safe to say this is just as bad as the jonas brothers

wolf ro

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Once again, Green Day sounds like, well, Green Day. For the last 20 years they have sounded EXACTLY the same. Here's an idea: Try something new. Maybe put a little spin on the ol' 3-piece pop punk outlet. Or, you could just sound like Dookie for the rest of your lives. Pun intended. Never was a big fan of Green Day and this is exactly why. Every time I've ever bought one of their albums, I've asked myself, "Now why did I just spend $11.99 on an album that I already had?" Not this time. I heard plenty of that same ol' Green Day sound from the 30 second previews so lovingly provided by iTunes. Thanks for saving me some cash there Jobs. Now maybe I'll go drop some dough on another pointless app for my iPhone. Or eat a cheeseburger. Either way, I won't be spending any money on ANYTHING Green Day.


where the heck is the REAL green day?


awesome! fun to listen to, any true green day fan should get this!

Rojeliio Es Caliente

The Bush Bashing was cute while he was in office, and Green Day made a phat stack of cash doing it. Its not cute anymore. They need to pick up the pieces of thier broken life and move on....


I kind of think that these are good, but i really don't think theyre that amazing.


I liked this song better the first time...when Rage Against The Machine released it. So much for originality. I guess they were banking on today's youth being too young to remember. Do yourself a favor and buy R.A.T.M.'s self-titled album iinstead.

Katester Marie XD A.O.F TWLOHA

What can i say these guys are what's going on right now. You know they've deffinately improved.Love them.


Green day is absolutely amazing. Don't listen to the ppl who say they sound like linkin park or tht they're too old. Billie Joe Armstrong is the most talented musician. His voice is beautiful and I can't wait to see them live on Tuesday night.


When it was first released, I listened to Know Your Enemy so much I acually dont like the song anymore! Lights Out is a great song, sounds like something off Dookie.


so this is what is means to go green and these songs are AMAZINGLY AMAZING. Very much like American Idiot. Love this whole EP, if you like real music click yes and but this whole EP.


ive loved this band since the 5th grade, and recently saw them in concert where they played a solid 3 hours. These 3 songs, as well as the entire 21st century breakdown album, are nothing short of amazing! This band has shown their loyal fans time and time again that their music is here to stay, and they do not dissapoint! Thanks for another awesome album, guys!


GREEN DAY IS THE BOMB! hands down!


Know your enemy is one of lamest songs they have ever written.

Bad Doberman

Green Day continues to raise the bar in punk-rock/alternative music. "Lights Out" is a must have. The bass brings back memories of Green Day's album 'Dookie' and all in all the song is amazing. Do NOT believe those reviews that say Green Day has lost it. Green Day has come back with a hit album '21st Century Breakdown' and if you have not bought it you're missing out on one of their greatest albums yet.


This album fades in comparison to the previous songs. I don't reccomend it, they've had their peak of success already.


Green day is just bad their songs are all the same they have gone way too mainstream with linkin park


I can't believe they have lights out and hearts colliode now. This is great!


Not good. Know your enemy is a Very annoying song and these guys are way too old.


HAHA! First review! No doubt this is one of the best songs on Green Day's new album. I know people think this is the weakest song on the album, but I bought this song as a single and this song helped me like the rest enough of the album to buy it when it came out. (And I am no poser, you can look at my review of 21st century breakdown and see that I like the album overall.) The song is well written, with great lines like "Silence it's the enemy, against the urgency, so rally up the demons of your soul." Now it is true that the song is repetitive, but is still catchy. As for the other songs, they are neat to listen to and I am surprised why they were not on the deluxe version of the album. I also reccomend buying the non-album tracks along with Know Your Enemy. A nice follow-up to American Idiot, Green Day! Let's hope that they release a new album soon. LONG LIVE GREEN DAY!


Not bad. However is the same Green Day sound as always. Something really new and different could and should be expected from this group by now... But nah!