Green Day - Kerplunk (Bonus Track Version)

℗ 1992 Green Day, Inc.

Kerplunk (Bonus Track Version) Tracklist:


star wars fan75251

Best tracks are welcome to paradise and who wrote haulden caulfield. The rest is ok but I quite like the sweet children E.P. Included as well so overall check it out.


I liked; Android 2000 light years away Christie road She Welcome to paradise


Best F***ing album ever. Screw rap. 90s all the way.



J GX 1838

Best albums ever


Really. No album comes close

Gamezer girl

I love green day. Kerplunk is my favorite album. It's just got a great 90's sound that I love. No one knows is my favorite song; lyrics are good, catchy sound, it's awesome. Also for some reason I love the album cover. Buy no one knows without even thinking about it then buy the whole album, then buy every green day songs ever made.


this album is just amazing ok


Aside from American idiot and Dookie this is by far my favorite. Welcome to paradise is a bit different than on dookie but it's still pretty cool. If you're strapped for cash my advice get 2000 light years or Christy Road. Very cool album.


I love green day I have every albums. I especially like this one its great


You can deffinatly see where Green Day got some of their ideas in dookie. One of my lies starts in the same style as Having a blast with the same backwards dun nun nu nun nun nu nun. and longview with 2000 light years away. Kerplunk is in my mind their second greatest next to Dookie. Personally I like the older stuff even tho I'm 10 American idiot is good but I like the older stuff. This is the good stuff guys! ( just a side note. Did anyone notice that part of Christe Rd souns like Smells like teen sprit?)


This is one of my favorite albums Green Day has ever made. My favorite tracks are probably Strangeland and Welcome to Paradise.Don’t hurt me, I like the original on Kerplunk! better than the re-record on Dookie. But anyway, a must buy. My favorite after Insomniac.


This album has lots of great songs on it. For example: 2000 light years away, one of my lies and Christine road. But also has some not 2 good songs, since everything sounds THE SAME!!


2000 Lite Years Away, One of My Lies, My Generation (Cover), Welcome to Paradise, are my favorites from this album.


I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got this when I was just starting out as a Green Day fan because it had pretty good ratings, and good comments. It is STILL my FAVORITE!!!!!! I love all of the songs on this album. And they never seem to get old either. If you are considering getting this album because you luv Green Day, JUST GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS ALBUM IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

More than 1 but Less than 2

It's Before Green Day had truly struck stardom. It's a goldmine of Green Day.

Flagle bagel

How is it that none of these songs made the greatest hits album

green day fan128

this is a true underground punk album, before green day was mainstream. sounds great and really punky, buy it.


As a 27 year old female and 15 year fan of dookie/nimrod, I sadly just now discovered Kerplunk. It's a fantastic album and it really does bring out my inner teenage angst. I never get sick of listening to it, and wish I had discovered it back when I was in junior high school-I would have related so much. Great music that will never get old.


Genre is alternative? Lolwut?

someone named Alex

Does the title explain my love for green day and how intense this album is enough??

george hunt

cwH.I.M. u idiot this is not ther first album!!!!!!! its ther second!!!!! get your facts strait b4 u write a review stupid!!!! anyway i LLLLOOOOOVVVEEEE this album green day is the best band in the friken universe keep it up!!!!!!!!! u guys havnt made a single song i havnt liked yet!!!!!!!!! :D


There young when they made this and prob stoned half of the time, ok so sweet children was a song when they where sweet children, when they where like 15, but still awsome song, welcome to paradise was on dookie just because Billie wanted people to get to love it since it was a amazing song, but Christie road is posibly one of there best songs ever, but there's also who wrote Holden caulfield witch is pretty good song witch he wrote because he thought him and Holden had alot in common, but I got to admit smoothed out sloppy hours was a much better album even though kerplunk did have it's own way of sounding good, overral perfect, also try the bands pinhead gunpowder witch has Billie in it, rancid, the offspring, blink 182 oh and also my generations version by them is way better than the original that's sung by the who, and also operation ivys knowledge, just admit it guys green day is a perfect band and stop making them look bad just cuz they "sold out"

Green Day fan 4 ever!!

💚I love this album!💚


This album is worth every penny you buy it with. Catchy tunes, meaningful lyrics, and a certain uniqueness that you can't find anywhere else, no matter how hard you try. This album consists of some of the best obscure Green Day songs, such as "2000 Lightyears Away" "80" and "Who Wrote Holden Caulfield" and also has the original version of the beloved song "Welcome to Paradise" (And to be honest, this version is much better). Here you have lyrics that can relate to anyone who is having doubts about someone, even theirselves, along with a few love songs. There's even a cover of The Who's "My Generation". The only thing I can find wrong with this CD is the lyrics can be repetitive at times, repeating the chorus a few times within the 2 or 3 minutes of the song, but that is easily overlooked with the amazing intrumentals this album has to offer. This could very well be the best Green Day album!


green day is great and this album shows why. catchy tunes, great lyrics and full of energy. exactly what i love


This album is a solid album. I can barely listen to it anymore though, Green Day hurts my ears, after American Idiot I just can't stand BJA's strange punk-popness anymore. If you don't already have it, get this album, its a real banger.

Davidados Vegas

I'll give it five cause all the songs are great, but the last few songs sound quality isnt great, but thats the only thing, other than that buy it


This is by far the best album that green day has ever wrote. They even did it without a record deal or any studio money. That should be enough to show everybody how much talent green day has.


Great album Totally messed up my generation(stole it from the who)


Awesome lyrics


Awesome album

Kayley Lovegood

I have to admit, the old sound of Green Day is over powering everytime I listen to it, but that one song "2,000 Lightyears Away" gets me everytime for some reason. I"ve loved it ever sense I learned that Billie Joe wrote it for his wife before they were married because he couldn't stand to be away from her. Nothing says true love like a song....


In the cd, there is a creepy story about some girl who kills her parents. Apperantly, green day thinks this is funny, so they put it in the cd case. It's horrible. If you hav to buy it, buy it on itunes. The music is horrible too. green day SUUUXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!


I don't know how anyone can listen to Kerplunk! and 21st Century Breakdown and say with any degree on certainty that 21CB is better. Buy Kerplunk! Please.


This album is more than i cAn ever ask for. It is heaven. All of the songs are absolutely perfect. Fav songs: private ale, words i might have ate, who wrote holden caufield, 2000 light years away.

Krash Kola Jinxx

not my favorite but deffinetly worth listening to! christie road!!!


I am a huge Green Day fan, ( I have all of their songs) but this is my favorite album by far. I love this era and sound and the songs are amazing!


What can I say about 'Kerplunk!'? Green Day started becoming popular because of this album. I can tell, because there are really superb tracks on this album! All of them, from beginning to end are great tracks! Great buy, I recommend this to the Average 'Green Day' fan who doesn't know their past, to start with this!

sid brownie

Best album ever from Green Day. Best take of Welcome to Paradise, the Dookie take is too clean. 80 is my absolute favorite song ever I love everything about it. Buy the cd though then you get the liner notes. On the middle spread of the liner notes is a story about Laurie L. a girl who killed her parents to go on Green Days '90 tour and got arrested after like three shows. I dont know if it's actually true but it's pretty trippy. I'd also like to point out that Sweet Children, Best Thing in Town, Strangeland and My Generation are actually from an older EP called Sweet Children and was recorded with orrigonal drummer Al Sobrante.


this an 1039 smoothed are the best Green Day albums!

Mr. Critic.

This album is NOT their best... but it is still very amazing... anyone notice how all the songs but two have almost the exact same drum line?


I realize that Billie Joe strayed away form louder guitar sounds in the early albums to (avoid sounding corny" (pardon the paraphrased quote), but the near silent guitar and base line makes the album's sound as a whole sound very hollow.


After listening to more of the album, I like it better than before. My favorite is Christie Road, and I recommend One For the Razorbacks, 2000 Light Years Away, and Dominated Love Slave. The rest is ok but you should still listen to it all. Great job Green Day.


This is one of Green Day's most raw, punk, melodic, acoustic, passionate albums EVER. Being the first album with Tre on drums, you can tell that he knew what he was doing and wanted to show Billie and Mike. Billie's electric guitar has that tone that can only be heard on their old albums, and Mike played bass like he always has. While everything sounds unrefined and rough, the intent is there, and if you are a punk fan, you won't mind it. Seriously one of the best Green Day albums as a whole. Buy it and you will not regret it.


Green Day's music is soooooo good!! I'm addicted to their songs and Billie! They are just AMAZING! You will not regret buying their songs. Buy it. Buy all of their albums. Buy All their songs and love it!


I own every green day song in the itunes store and evry song thats floating around online and this is definetly my fav Green day album before 04

Sir laffsalot

Not their best but better than shenanigans and nimrod and warning


This is a great album the coolest thing about it though is that i didn't even thought this existed, and that welcome to paradise was remade for the album dookie which is also awesome. GREAT ALBUM