Kenny G - Ultimate Kenny G

℗ 2003 RCA/JIVE Label Group, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

Ultimate Kenny G Tracklist:


Amazing music great saxophone 🎷 player thank you very much appreciate you I will always love you forever but I don’t have really anymore money because my disability income has been hurt plus I can’t drive anymore because of my seizures disorder and nerve disorder if you still care about me you have to come to my home town in keithville Louisiana near Shreveport Louisiana I am really sorry about it all because I am really deeply in love with you and very much I am home alone but I don’t have anymore money because of my bills here I am on ssi and ssdi because of my seizures disorder


We live in a time where everyone needs a label. You have to be branded this or that. How about just listen and if you like it, great. If not, move on. There’s plenty of music out there for everyone. Personally, Kenny G puts me in a calm mood. I like his melodies. I like the way he plays. If you don’t, try something else! What a world... smh

Bobby Bee

I guess if you gotta have him this one is the ULTIMATE! KG is such easy-listening (that's what I call it not Jazz just EASY LISTENING.....Grab it!


Classic smooth jazz. My moms favorite. Songbird and Silhouette bring back childhood days.

Jacob Sartorius' mom

If you think this guy is even decent check out anything by john Coltrane or any true saxophonist


Please don't false advertise...


If you're looking for Jazz music, go hang out at The House of Blues, this is Kenny G playing like Kenny G. If you don't like his music, don't buy it, but don't leave bad reviews simply because you're not a fan. No one is forcing you to listen. And for those of you bashing his talent, you're crazy, this guy is a master of his art and probably one of the best out there. The Soprano Saxophone was off the radar till he brought it back into popularly. Go be a hater somewhere else.


The best of the best on jazz music 💯💯💯💯💯

Doc Barta

Kenny G. is a great saxophonist and the idiots that critize him on that cannot play a note on the saxophone. I do agree that to place him in the Jazz category he probably belongs in easy listening jazz. Again it is your definition of Jazz. But since he has sold millions of copies of his albums, I think it is safe to say , he doesn't have to listen to negative people. The reason I gave him 4 STARS is because , there were some better songs left off and I do not like a couple of his songs. But still good easy listening!


Rude, negative reviewers need something more positive and effective to do. I'm all for constructive criticism but am so saddened by others needs to rip others apart needlessly. Yes I like him or no I'm not a fan with maybe an explanation as to why is helpful to others. There is a bible verse about the log in your own eye when you point out something in another. We all are people. Have some respect. At least for yourself.

Cure the best

Kenny g is very talented and his music is inspirational ❤️ you are my idol 😃


This song is so boring it makes me want to shave my grandmas back man👽


He sounds great. We used the Wedding Song in our wedding video 20 yrs. ago.


I hope none of you that are bashing on Kenny g honestly consider yourself musicians, Kenny g is one of if not the best saxophone player in the world, I've heard him play flight of the bumblebee effortlessly, he could school any of you, period.


10/10, cri everytime


... and it should be free for those who thinks it is.


The sound tracks are great. I can't understand why anyone would give it a poor rating. You just can't please everyone.


How this can possibly be considered in the jazz category simply reflects the lack of genuine understanding of a true American music form.


I guess zombies and trolls don't enjoy relaxing music. Haha


Just plain awful. Like it if you want. But don't kid yourself.

Mateos cool

There's literally no actual feeling to his songs! Musicians know, this "music" is pure crap!


I don't listen to Jazz very often but when I do I think Kenny G especially the song Songbird. I find his music very soothing, it easily calms me down especially when I need to sleep.

Boy man dude

This music relaxs me. It's perfect to lisin to when you go to sleep. Anyway TO ALL HATERS OUT THERE GO HATE SOMEONE ELSE! Kenny g your awesome please Keep making music your a legang in my world! Thank u Kenny G!


Kenny G and his ultimate album will change your life physically and mentally. The way he plays his music is just breathtaking. People consider Jazz to be dead when Kenny G is bringing it right back to life.


I know that it really isn't that "jazzy," but it is still amazing!! Really love some of the songs on this album!



William Frederick

Any jazz player or fan will tell you that this is not jazz at all. He attempts to pull off some pseudo-blues licks but he has a very limited improvisational vocabulary. This is fine if you don't know jazz but Kenny G is really painful to listen to as a jazz musician.

Kid who's in 6th grade

Only one problem buddy, your 2 year old doesn't play the saxophone. You're just jealous because you can't play like Kenny G. His music makes me feel so calm. Why don't you try playing the saxophone and putting your music on iTunes, then I'll write a bad review of you and see how you like it, so just back off and leave Kenny G alone! I guess I am an… because I bought this album. Doing drills and trills on a horn DOES make you an experienced player, because you can't do drills and trills, whatever the heck that means. Apparently you don't know good jazz music when you hear it.


If one wants to know the best way to please a woman, in a very "special way", use this for tongue and finger inspiration. WARNING: make certain that your surroundings are well protected from the resulting outflow response.


call me a hater, but this is just bad music.


Enough said...


People who say they have a two year old who plays better should get that kid recorded quick. Kenny G is the #1 selling instrumental musician of all time for a reason. His skills are solid, but more than that, his soulful style sets him apart among all of his contemporaries. Jealousy from lesser musicians doesn't make this guy untalented, it just makes others bitter.

Mr. Brian London

This is not jazz. Kenny G is not a jazz player at all. I would truly love to have him stand up on stage with a world class rhythm section and play Giant Steps or Cherokee beside Kenny Garrett. (Kenny Garrett and Kenny G are not the same person, Kenny Garrett is an actual jazz musician) and his overdub of one of the greatest jazz players who ever lived was a disgrace and an embarrassment to all the real jazz musicians. Go support real jazz. and go look up Pat Metheny's letter to Kenny G is you want a good laugh :)


Wonderful, doesn't get Amy better, if you don't enjoy this artist you just don't like this kind of music

im a music man

This was pretty pitiful. I can play sax better than this guy, and I'm a clarinetist... He seems pitchy, he doesn't do anything interesting, he's stylisticly bland. All in all I really have to question how he became so famous.


I've always liked Kenny g and find him to be very talented. Not only is he great on the saxophone but the music that plays along with him is very emotional. That being said, I'm not sure why some people on here are so bent out of shape...if u don't like him don't listen to him don't give the man 1 star, there's no denying he has talent.


This is easy listening. If that's what you're into, then go for it. Just don't try and call this jazz. As a bonus, look for what Pat Metheny said about Kenny G dubbing himself over "It's a Wonderful World" . I think he puts forth the general feeling about Kenny G among jazz musicians and lovers.


haven't even bought it yet, but i'm really thinking of it. I LOVE KG'S MUSIC

Davis Vaughn

kenny g is not Jazz. kenny g is terrorism

:;()[email protected]".,?!' favorite smooth jazz artist and I always enjoy listening to his music :)


I LOVE Kenny G


Kenny G is the reason most people hate jazz. Period.


I never gave him a chance at first but I was like since he's apart of my family I listened and he's frikkin phenomenal


This is directed at no one and needs not a response. I am only stating that Kenny G is a disgrace to saxophonists everywhere. Myself, being a saxophone student, find his mocking of legitimate art disgusting, and although seemingly...."sexy?"...he's just terrible. God.

Sound of Psychedelia

very unskilled musician, doesn't stand out from anything, doesn't sound good, boring, terrible I find it hard to believe that ANYBODY has listened to this whole album in one sitting, and thats something that may never happen. Go listen to some skilled jazz artist, not this guy!


i like the music kenny G


Kenny G's music is kinda boring. But he does have a really nice tone, I'll give him that.


All of you people who say he's bad just don't know smooth jazz. he is a icon of the music.

L Buchanan

This Man Is Unbelievable. I Think The Album Is Good, But I Would Rather For Any One To Listen To The Samples First And Then Decide On What Songs They Want. Kenny G Is In The Guiness Book Of World Record For Holding The Longest Note. 45 Minutes & 47 Seconds. Don't Be Discouraged By The Haters, They Know Nothing About Jazz. Majority of The World Knows About Kenny G.


Anyone who is a serious listener of Jazz, will not consider this Jazz. Enough said.