Kem - Love Always Wins

Motown Records; ℗ 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Love Always Wins Tracklist:

C. Tibbs

Love it! There’s a lot of love, praise and worship that resonates in the soul of this music. KEM is singing about his journey and giving the Lord praise for the fullness of life and love that he has found first with God and now his lovely wife. I can hear and feel the joy!




Wow, Goosebumps! I heard “Lie to me” breatheeeee!!! luv it soooo!!! This is My inspirational vision and thought of GOD as My Husband!!! ISHE” / the lyrics so true....


Very nice.


KEM you never disappoint us! I love every song. Looking forward to hearing you sing ALL of them at your next concert!! And it’s obvious dat wifey stole your heart...cuz you bringing the “Hey Girl” like never before❤️.


My Detroit Brother you’re Creativity is always Real Soulful & Touches the heart ❤️Especially in a time where we need to be lifted up vocally and musically Kem you always come through! 🎼I’ll be putting a bunch of these tracks in my playlist your brother Keith Scott KROV-FM ❤️ & Soul Of San Antonio 👏🏽✊🏽👑


Always have been and will continue to be a Kem fan!!


Ive been waiting to hear your new music for a minute and Kem you never disappoint your fans. Your music is emotional, sensual & fun. I love that you collaborated with the talented Toni Braxton & of course Brian Culbertson. Thank you for keeping your fans happy!!!

Motown Atl.

Finally some music to get excited about. I instantly fell in love with songs "Lonely" and "Praise". Great job Kem

Bev Miller

Speechless 😶❤️🥂🍾

Brooks In DHMD

great music wins and it is about time music came back.

libra baby


Rena Morris

I love this mans music. The single with Toni Braxton is HOT HOT HOT!!!


Babbbbbby...... When I say Kem & Toni SLAMMMMM THIS NEW JOINT🔥🔥🔥 Beautiful, Soulful, Sensual Lovers kinda jam. They did this!!!!🔥👏🏽 Excellent choice for Collaboration 🌸 Love Her!! You all gotta drop another one .... Just pre-ordered Mine😉

B Jennings

This dude has successfully achieved some thing that I thought was impossible… He made me hate a song featuring Toni Braxton. I adore Miss Toni “The Living Legend” Braxton and I thought she could do no wrong but obviously I was wrong. Kem or whatever his name is gives us LIVING PROOF THAT TALENT ISN’T NEEDED TO GET A RECORD DEAL

Karlene iPhone 7

This is so soulful! I hope they make more music together! 🖤🖤


KEM is 🔥🔥🔥as always!


My homie finally blessing us again with some REAL R&B!!🔥🔥